Restrained White Nails Are The Perfect Transition Manicure For Summer/Fall 2023

Restrained white nails are a great option when you want a fresh new manicure that's safe yet different from your regular go-to colors. This shade is a warmer-toned white which looks amazing between the summer and fall months. This is because the calming neutral is not as stark as the classic white nail, allowing it to complement other warm tones perfectly. From Opi to Dior, this color can be found across all brands because it flatters everyone, which is hard to say about most nail polishes. Plus, those who are fans of the quiet luxury aesthetic will notice it gives the hands an understated, minimalist appeal.

There are so many ways to wear this nail color, no matter what your style is. Whether you like your nails as plain as possible, covered in rhinestones, adorned in hearts, or paired with other colors, there's a restrained white look out there for you. 

Embrace the rhinestones

For those who want to add a little bit of shine to their nails, rhinestones are the perfect way to go. Gems are a great way to have 3D nails that are simple enough for everyday wear. Where you put the rhinestones depends on personal preference, and you can add one per finger or many more.

Add interesting brown designs

While restrained white is amazing on its own, this hue also looks great with brown designs. Brown against the soft white creates a coziness out of a stunning combination. This can be done using a myriad of drawings, depending on personal preference. Come to your nail appointment with a reference photo to get the best result.

Use restrained white on one nail only

Why choose just one color for your manicure when you can choose five or more? Mixing colors with restrained white can create a funky manicure that is perfect for any season. The best way to do this is to pick other warm colors that complement the nail polish perfectly, and make the restrained white stand out by only using it on one finger. 

Use the restrained white as a design

If you're not ready to have a restrained white full set, use it to accent your manicure. The color is flattering enough to use for abstract designs and nail art on other soft colors. These look best with a neutral base shade in order for the restrained white to pop.

Add a creative sticker

If you're not into drawing designs on your nails, consider adding nail stickers to your manicure. Adding stickers to your nails adds a new graphic appeal and creates a new dimension and level of interest. Choose a black, unexpected sticker against your restrained white nails to really draw attention from the crowd.

Create a beatiful French manicure

Restrained white is the perfect way to elevate your basic French manicure. This gives a softer look to the nail while adding an old-money vibe to a classic acrylic full set. Because our real nails are not white, it also mimics a more natural appearance.

Add a heartwarming touch

Hearts are one of the cutest additions to any manicure. These simple shapes can be used once or on all 10 fingers in order to give a dazzling yet sweet appearance. To keep them from overpowering the off-white color, place the hearts on every other nail.