How To Make Your Widow's Peak Work For Your Hairstyle

Do you have a widow's peak? If so, you're probably well aware. It can be hard to miss that defined "V" shape that sits at the center of your hairline. Even though widow's peaks are sometimes associated with villainous characters (we're looking at you, Dracula), they're totally harmless and are really just a different type of hairline. Despite any myths you might have heard about widow's peaks or why they form, whether or not you have one boils down to genetics more than anything else, according to Healthline. However, just because a widow's peak is harmless doesn't mean that everyone who has one will like it.

While some may love their widow's peak and feel like it gives them a distinct look, others might be self-conscious about it or feel like it makes their hair harder to style. The good news is that it doesn't have to be difficult to style at all, and in many instances can be just as easy to create cute and effortless hairstyles with a widow's peak as it is for those who don't have one. From simple messy buns to center parts, widow's peak owners have tons of adorable options to explore that can allow them to either highlight their widow's peak or disguise it depending on their mood.

Try a polished bun

A simple, polished bun placed either high or low is a great look for anyone, including those with a widow's peak. It's a straightforward style that doesn't require a lot of effort and can also be customized, whether you pull all of your hair back, leave some whisps and strands out, or add an accessory or two, like barrettes or a headband. A bun with all of your hair pulled back is great for showing off a widow's peak, while adding accessories is better if you want to distract from it. 

Try a center part with natural hair

If you have a widow's peak, you might instinctively avoid center parts, even though they're trendy. Some might not like the way a widow's peak looks with a part going through the middle of it. While this is understandable, the truth is that your hair can look polished and on-trend with a center part, widow's peak or not.

Try a swooped-over side part

If you don't like the idea of parting your hair down the middle, no worries. A big, swooping side part can look great, too, especially if you can add some volume to your roots for an extra boost. With a side part, your widow's peak may not show as much and won't be displayed front and center the same way it would be with a center part, although it will still be visible, and incredibly cute. An added bonus, side parts are making a comeback, so there's no need to worry about looking dated. 

Try straight hair with a center part

Trying straight hair with a widow's peak can be a great way to channel your inner Lily Munster, or just to have fun with a laid-back look. A center part is very of the moment and can really complete the style, but you don't have to feel limited to it if you feel like a side or off-center part would look better. Another bonus — pin-straight hair is a Y2K trend making a big comeback. 

Try retro face-framing curls

Curls are always cute, and if your hair is medium length to short, a few tight face-framing curls can give off a retro/Marilyn Monroe vibe in addition to looking beyond charming with your widow's peak. This is another hairstyle where it can be a lot of fun to play with your part, too. If you don't curl your hair often, this could be a great way to step out of your comfort zone and find a new look that works for you. 

Try waves and an off-center part

If you'd like something in between stick-straight hair and tight curls, some easy waves can be a nice go-to look that's appropriate for many different situations, whether you have an event to go to or you're heading to the grocery store. An off-center part can complete the style well, but as with any other hairstyle, playing around with the placement of your part can help you find a look that works for you and your face shape.

Try a high pony

A high pony is a low-maintenance option for girlies on the go who have things to do. Not only is it an effortless style that helps keep your hair out of your way, but it can also highlight your widow's peak in a way that is truly cute. It's a great option for a variety of situations, whether you're hanging out around the house, at the gym, or going out to dinner. Also, if you want to go beyond basic, adding some volume to your pony can take it to the next level, as can adding accessories like butterfly clips or barrettes. 

Try a tight bun

A slicked back, tight bun is another nice option for those who want to showcase their widow's peak. A tight bun can be an easy hairstyle, especially if you have medium-length or long hair. Not only does it exude class and elegance, but it can also be a practical hairstyle, too. For those who love balletcore looks, this hairstyle is an absolute must. 

Try big, loose waves

Big, loose waves look really lively and can also draw some attention away from your widow's peak if that's something you want to do. Super voluminous waves are attention-getting, and they can add a lot of fun to your overall look. Plus, they're simple to do with any hair length. If you're looking for a good style to try to create with heatless options, like heatless curlers, this can be a good one to play around with. 

Try long, side-swept bangs

Long side-swept bangs can look great on anyone, no matter their face shape, or hairline type. They're elegant and versatile and can let your widow's peak peek through in a way that is completely appealing. Long bangs are also nice for those who want to try out bangs but still want to be able to tuck them out of the way easily. They can pair nicely with a variety of cuts and styles, too, whether you like long piecey layers or prefer to keep your hair one length. 

Try widow's peak-shaped bangs

If you want to take a playful and ironic approach to dealing with your widow's peak, you could always try some widow's peak-shaped bangs. Even though they may hide your actual widow's peak, they are still shaped like a widow's peak themselves. This look definitely has a punk edge, and it could be a fun witchcore style to try for Fall.

Try a tousled look

One of the easiest and most laid-back looks you can try with your widow's peak is a tousled bed-head aesthetic. Besides the fact that it's trendy and reminiscent of Y2K bed-head styles, it is simple to do and can look great on pretty much any length of hair. 

Try a short swoop

For those with shorter hair, swooping over a large section of hair from the side can be a totally cute way to style your hair in general, but also to showcase your widow's peak. This is another look that doesn't require a ton of effort but has a lot of pay-off in terms of how polished and put-together it looks.

Try disguising with bangs

Of course, if you really just don't like your widow's peak at all, even after trying lots of different styles that show it off, you can always get some bangs to disguise it. Whether you go for trendy curtain bangs, retro Bettie Page bangs, a Japanese hime cut, or some simple wispy ones, bangs can hide your widow's peak no matter how you style your hair. Beyond that, trying bangs can allow you to explore something totally new.