How To Transition The 2023 Bermuda Shorts Trend From Summer To Fall

While some '90s trends still cause divisive opinions (hi, low-rise denim), others have found a spot on the fashion trends. Bermuda shorts have switched from your dad's favorite vacation garment to the must-have item in any trendsetter's closet. These shorts are the ideal summer piece since they show off your legs and avoid the uncomfortable chafing that comes with short-shorts. Bermuda shorts give a unique twist to summer looks by giving us a new length to wear. 

Although summer is coming to an end, there's no need to tuck your Bermudas away for the year. The almost knee-length short is perfect for adding something unexpected yet high-fashion to your fall styles. Wearing shorts in the cold might seem extreme, but there are more than enough ways of pulling it off, despite what the weather might hold. Transitioning your Bermuda shorts into the fall gives life to another piece in your wardrobe, making it less temporary and more worth your investment. 

Bermudas and knee-high socks

While Bermudas and knee-high socks might seem too preppy, they're the perfect combination to bring your shorts into the fall. Nothing says fall more than the back-to-school season, making it the perfect time to get a bit more preppy with your style. Add in a pair of loafers to get the perfect school-inspired look that's both modern and mature. The knee-high socks will give you enough coverage to withstand the fall weather while letting your Bermudas shine.

Boots and Bermudas

Just like knee-high socks, tall boots are ideal for your Bermuda shorts. A taller boot gives your legs warmth and coverage but still showcases your high-fashion look. This pairing also works if you opt for booties, except for the loss of coverage. Boots are a must-have for the fall, and there's no reason they can't pair with summer's favorite trend.

Coats and Bermuda shorts

As temperatures descend, you can't forget to bring your coat. While some may frown on wearing shorts with coats, it's a high-fashion combination that's unique. These street-style pieces contrast each other, but they still work beautifully. Coats and Bermudas are an unexpected fashion pairing that gives plenty of warmth and style. Practical and chic, it's an ideal solution for all your fall looks.

Leather shorts

With fall fast approaching, it's time to bring out your go-to leather pieces. Leather Bermudas are a safe way to introduce this trend into the fall. With its leather material, these Bermudas are flexible and useful for the entire season. Style them like any leggings or pants with sweaters, blazers, and long-sleeve tops. 

Casual sweater vibes

As much as we would love to rock a put-together look every day, fall is about being cozy. Graphic sweaters and sweatshirts are easy-to-wear pieces, making them a no-brainer when styling with Bermuda shorts. When pairing two casual pieces like sweaters and Bermudas, add a sleek pair of leather boots to elevate the look without compromising comfort.

Polished Bermuda look

Elevate your Bermuda shorts by pairing them with other elegant items. Style them with sleek button-ups, chic blazers, or satin blouses for a high-end look. Pick out Bermudas in solid colors and without prints for a classic 'fit. By mixing them with expensive-looking pieces, you'll embody the quiet luxury trend perfectly.

The dark denim look

There's nothing more classic than a pair of denim Bermuda shorts. They're retro-looking and serve as a base for any type of fall look you want to create. Whether you're a minimalist or maximalist, denim Bermudas will work every time. To suit the colder months, opt for darker denim and pair your shorts with garments in darker colors. 

Neutral knee pants

Fall is the time to break out your neutral color palettes. Neutral Bermudas are versatile as they style perfectly with any other colors or prints you already own, but you could also use them as a part of a neutral monochrome look. Neutral Bermudas will also serve long after the fall ends, perfect for those who want a capsule wardrobe that works year after year.

Maximalist Bermudas 'fits

Since Bermuda shorts are versatile, they serve for any style you have. Even maximalists will find the Bermuda shorts are easy-to-style pieces that serve as an ideal base to build their outfit. You can opt for a printed Bermuda short or a solid-colored short with a maximalist top. Either way, your Bermuda shorts will be ready for anything your maximalist heart desires.