Stealing Sofia Richie's Style? Here's How To Do It On A Budget

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When it comes to celebrities who have mastered minimalism and quiet luxury, Sofia Richie is the poster girl. She put "less is more" in the dictionary and has proven over and over again with many of her outfits that simple is absolutely not synonymous with boring. In fact, whether it's intentional or not, the social media personality and model seems to have a formula she frequently relies on that makes every outfit she wears look incredible.

Richie has always been a style icon, but over the last year or two, she has seemingly determined and defined exactly what her personal style is. Following her stunning wedding, in which her minimal beauty and fashion looks were magnified, she's only gained more of a following. It's easy to see why. Her looks aren't fussy or over the top. They're wearable, but there is always something about them that feels a step more than just a basic outfit. 

Figuring out your personal style is no easy feat, and many people spend most of their lives trying to determine theirs. The best idea that can be drawn from what Richie wears is that she is confident in what she likes but doesn't put herself in a box. Richie comes out on top as the queen of quiet luxury, but that doesn't mean she's too scared to try a bold printed dress or red-lens sunglasses. Style is fluid, and you have permission to experiment and try new things all the time, and this celeb does. And the good news is with some pointers, ideas, and quality purchases, you can steal her style while sticking to your budget.

Choose investment pieces wisely

It would be fair to say that Sofia Richie likely has a bigger budget for updating her wardrobe than most of us. That doesn't mean your closet will be lacking style! The key is choosing what to actually spend money on and what can be a more budget-friendly alternative.

With many of Richie's outfits, there are defining details that really make the look feel whole. Not everything has to be Gucci and Chanel. For example, choose basic T-shirts and blouses, then dress them up with quality jeans or go big on accessories like belts and shoes. 

These don't need to be flashy or full of wild patterns to make an impact either. Even more minimal (but well-designed) pieces will stand out. For example, the Classic Buckle from the Coach Outlet is less than $45 but is utterly timeless and will go with nearly any outfit. If accessories are where you'd like to save money, spend your budget on an outfit or a garment that feels luxe. This could be a dress or a well-cut jacket.

Nail the tailoring and cut

It's not so much where you buy things, but how they fit. Even if you don't spend a ton on a brand-new outfit, Sofia Richie's style proves that the cut, silhouette, and fit are the most important. Every body is different, so it's important to know yourself and know what pieces look best. This comes down to experimentation and the image you want to portray.

If you find something you love that doesn't quite nail the brief in terms of size or fit, a tailor can help the perfect outfit materialize. Get comfortable with your size and how certain brands fit, and shop brands that understand your body. If you're short, for example, find a petite line that gets it right, like this stylish and affordable Slim Boy Suit Blazer from ASOS. This piece is cut specifically for this body type so that you won't be swimming in it. 

Form-fitting isn't the only example of excellent tailoring. Richie does the former well, but she also knows how to rock oversize pieces, too. There is an art to this. It's not a matter of buying a few sizes up and calling it good — it needs to work with your body just as much as tighter clothes do. Think proportionally and read up on how to style an oversized top, coat, or trousers. Much of it comes down to styling, whether it's perfectly scrunching up sleeves, contrasting looser items with tighter ones, or getting oversized picks tailored.

Go monochrome

When in doubt, go monochrome. This is a hallmark of minimalist dressing and something Sofia Richie has perfected. Sticking with one color can help an outfit look sleek, streamlined, and more put together. Just make sure the tones match up, and a faded pair of black denim doesn't mess with the rest of your midnight black garments!

One simple way of creating an all-black, all-white, or all-insert-color-of-choice OOTD is through a one-piece item. A jumpsuit, like this chic Cowl-Neck Belted Wide-Leg from Boohoo, cuts out most of the work. All you have to do now is accessorize. While shopping around for these single-color outfits, keep in mind what you already have in your closet, and if it helps, take pictures so you know that what you're investing in will work well with what's already hanging up.

Some staples worth having on hand are black pleather trousers, black skinny jeans, black straight-cut jeans, and a black T-shirt, blouse, and sweater. The cut and style are completely down to your personal tastes — and repeat the same for any other color. If just one shade feels like a lot all at once, trade out an accessory or two for a different shade or hue. This could be your shoes, a belt, jewelry, or even a pair of socks. 

Try quiet luxury

If you've yet to acquaint yourself with quiet luxury, here's the five-second low-down. Quiet luxury is wearing simple, polished outfits that look high quality, fit impeccably, and hold an air of elegance (and money). It completely swerves flashy brands, bright logos, and in-your-face patterns. In other words, it's essentially a rebranding of minimalism and Scandi chic.

The key is for your outfit to look expensive without anything on it actually stating that it is (such as the aforementioned bright logo). The best part is you can emulate this vibe that Sofia Richie has perfected without spending a ton of cash. Part of this comes back to tailoring, but the other half is choosing the right materials. Cheap fabrics can look low-quality, lose shape, and fall apart more easily.

Try to find nicer fabrics — like cotton, silk, leather, suede, and wool — rather than polyester or plastic-based materials. While these fabrics don't always come affordably, keep tabs on items you love the look of and track when sales are happening. Try to shop small businesses, too, which might make smaller quantities with incredible quality. If you're searching for just one piece that'll boost this vibe, opt for this LC Lauren Conrad Suede Moto Jacket to layer over various 'fits. It's timeless and will go with everything.

Get your accessories right

Any basic outfit can be instantly transformed with a slew of good accessories. When getting dressed in the morning, your main foundational pieces are important, yes, but don't forget belts, bags, and shoes. These can make a big difference in how everything ties together, as so many of Sofia Richie's looks show.

A basic white T-shirt and cream-colored shorts feel much more polished when adding a matching belt and bag. Top it off with sunglasses, and the word "basic" goes out the window. Try to find accessories in similar colors that you already have in your wardrobe; for instance, this ivory leather belt from Urban Outfitters is perfect if white and lighter neutrals are your go-to.

Richie also shows her fashion fans that mixing and matching different tones of the same color is a risk worth taking. While you might think this blend would clash, it actually provides extra dimension. A buttermilk-toned bag, cool cream shorts, and a bright white T-shirt, for instance, all play nicely together and make it feel more like a style-forward outfit than a stiff uniform. 

Elevate athleisure looks

Even your athleisure outfits can get an upgrade with the right picks. Sofia Richie knows exactly how to take a workout class OOTD and morph it into an ensemble she can wear the rest of the day, sometimes in unexpected ways. A thin scarf, like Lujuny Long Thin Chiffon Silk-like Scarf on Amazon, isn't the first thing you'd think about packing in your gym bag. But after a sweaty session, this lightweight accessory is perfect for wrapping around your neck and heading out for a coffee.

Other options to dress up the usual leggings, tank top, and sneakers combo include a belt, sunglasses, or a cool bag. None of these will feel gross after heavy lifting (like a jacket could) and don't require you to carry a change of clothes every time. In terms of what you're already wearing, to maintain a clean and streamlined look that feels a little more stylish, play around with the running shoes you decide to wear.

This is the best way to add some fun color or texture without making the whole outfit feel wild. The major lesson? No matter how laidback your outfit is, there are always options for dressing it up or making it feel personal. Remember that you wear the clothes, not the other way around.

Establish your pair of go-to sunglasses

Want to instantly elevate a look and inject some cool factor? Know what sunglasses look best with your face shape, and always have a pair on hand. Sofia Richie likely has the coolest collection of sunglasses to choose from, but you really only need one or two pairs that you feel confident in.

Unsure where to start? Decide if you prefer the oversized look or something more proportional to your face, then explore what silhouettes look best. Some frames that always remain classic are oval, cat eye, and square. Or, for something that feels trendy but won't feel dated by next summer, opt for glasses that mix styles. These affordable Cat-Eye Sunglasses from Gap Factory are slightly oval and don't lean too heavily on one style or another.

As far as budget-friendliness goes, there are so many sunglasses out there that look designer but aren't. This accessory is one you don't have to splurge on. Because they're small and relatively fragile, they're easy to break and lose (so don't blow your savings on those Celine or Prada ones!). If you stock up on affordable but stylish sunglasses, you'll have plenty of options and many ways to change the feel of an outfit.

Don't sleep on outerwear

Jackets and coats are the polished pieces that complete any outfit, and Sofia Richie has a knack for always choosing a well-tailored and timeless outerwear item. Don't let it be an afterthought. Consider what coat you'll be draping over top of your completed outfit while you're getting dressed. This prevents the dreaded last-minute decision when you're running out the door and realize all of your coats look like they're going to hinder, not help your look. We've all been there!

Richie's penchant for quiet luxury is particularly useful in these instances. This particular style type often relies on neutral colors and palettes that blend well together. This means that no matter what she puts on, it will likely match. This is easier for cooler months, of course, but even during spring and summer, a lightweight nylon or chic dark denim jacket can be the perfect finishing touch.

Invest in a nice wool coat, like this Oversized Loose Wool Blend Coat by NA-KD, which can be more expensive, but some can be found for under $100. Another good coat to have on hand is a trench, like this Belted Twill Trench Coat from Forever 21. This tan color goes with everything and is a staple for transitional seasons. Pick them out in neutral colors; that way, you can mix and match them with all outfits. If you choose a bolder item, pick a color that goes with others. 

Invest in quality jeans

Another staple Sofia Richie is always rocking? A fantastic pair of jeans. As is the running theme with everything she wears, her denim always fits well and is styled superbly. Great-fitting jeans can be a tricky thing to find. Explore local vintage stores, scour the pages of the best places to buy jeans online, and go in person to try things on.

Once you find a brand and a fit you like, many outfit opportunities will open up. Conserve some of your budget for jeans, too. There really is an enormous difference between sturdy, durable, and quality denim over denim blends that are massed produced. Shop sales and latch onto a few silhouettes you like the look of.

For timeless picks, which Richie gravitates towards, aim to find straight-leg, wide-leg, and loose or boyfriend-fit denim. Even if it's just one pair you invest in, the biggest priorities are that you feel incredible and that they fit you to a T. Many brands' sizing systems are different, so know your body well and only spend on products you truly feel confident in. Levi's is a reliable place to start, and its 501 Original Fit Jean is a celebrity and everyday person's fave for a reason (the cut looks fab on everyone!). 

Always return to elevated basics

Sofia Richie's style isn't over the top or flashy. It is simple, clean, and minimal, but as mentioned, it doesn't feel plain. She uses basics better than anyone and proves that the proper cut, style, and small details can make for a brilliant outfit. Aside from your basics fitting well, try to pick fabrics that feel nice in hand and a cut thats' ever-so-slightly different from everything else out there. 

That's what gives Richie's outfits a leg up over others you see on the street. It's hard to put your finger on what exactly it is that makes something like a white blouse and jeans look so fantastic as opposed to someone else's rendition of it, but it's these subtle differences that make you look twice. For example, rather than a standard white poplin shirt, buy one with slightly wider sleeves, a cropped but oversized silhouette, or pearl buttons.

This H&M Oversized Shirt is a lovely basic, but its crop and billowy silhouette makes it modern. As always, complete the look with accessories as Richie does. This could be a pretty belt, a stylish pair of shoes, or a sleek little handbag. Then with basics like jeans, choose deep washes, clean fabric (no rips), and high waists if you want to attain the same kind of appearance as the model and businesswoman. 

Play with proportions

Your best insurance policy against boring outfits is playing with proportions. A quiet luxury aesthetic and ultra-neutral palette won't appear blasé and dull if you work with visual illusions. Sofia Richie knows the power of a great blazer (we'll get to that in a second) and often uses these to create some optical interest. The same can be done with long skirts, crop tops, knee-high or thigh-high boots, and oversized blouses.

Colors are also a great way to do this. Contrast lights and darks or blend things into the background with pops of bright hues over top. The tricky part here is making sure it looks intentional and not slightly goofy. We've said it once, and we'll say it again: Get the tailoring and sizing right.

Purchasing a petite or plus-size blazer (like this Plus Oversized Double Pocket Blazer from Boohoo) or sweater meant to be oversized is very different from grabbing a larger or smaller size of something. This is because the sizing is relative to your body, so something can be longer, wider, or more voluminous, but the measurements match up to you. Start simple by styling one purposefully out-of-proportion piece, and then work your way up to full-blown outfits that are super chic but more interesting than the standard. 

Use pastels and primary brights sparingly

You may have noticed that Sofia Richie doesn't wear an enormous number of bright or pastel-colored clothes. She'll occasionally jump out in a bold yellow suit or bright patterned dress, but that tends to be the minority of what she wears. If you're trying to emulate her style, you'll want to minimize the powder blues, bubblegum pinks, bright reds, and bold greens in your closet.

Just the right touch or pop of color will offer a look similar to what Richie wears and still feel polished, clean, and minimal. If you are going to wear a color outside of a neutral palette, pick just one piece and style around it. A good pick for this is a pastel shacket, which can be taken off, layered, or worn over the shoulders or wrapped around the waist.

Forever 21's Reverse Fleece Drop-Sleeve Shacket is ideal as it's affordable and has the right pastel tone. Once you've picked the hue you'd like to work with, choose whites, blacks, beiges, and grays to style with it — and denim! Denim counts as a neutral in the style bible! This is how Richie often does it, and even when she does wear something a little more saturated than her usual ensemble, it never feels out of character or too far removed from her personal style.

Never underestimate the power of a good blazer

Style hack for when you're feeling blah? Throw a blazer over it. Whether it's a silk slip skirt, jeans, or even workout leggings, a blazer erases those unsettled feelings that crop up on bad outfit days. If you can't figure out what's not working with an outfit or suddenly hate everything in your closet, follow Sofia Richie's lead and top everything off with a blazer.

This is a staple piece for her, and whether it's tight and tailored or oversized and draped over her shoulders, it always pulls her looks together. Blazers definitely should fit well, and it's always good to buy at least one (or two if you can) that are high quality and go with everything. If you're after one, choose a blazer in black, navy blue, charcoal gray, chocolate brown, or tan.

Torrid's Studio Cupro Single Button Blazer is great as it will never go out of style and feels almost on par with Richie's style. If you want to jazz it up a little bit, play with the sizing (tailored vs. loose) or try a different fabric and texture. Wool blazers double as jackets during fall and winter and add more oomph.

Copy and personalize Sofia Richie's outfit formula

Now onto the golden formula that Sofia Richie relies on for so many of her outfits. Whether she is heading out for dinner with her husband or leaving a workout class, you'll almost always notice the same pattern repeated. For Richie, that's a good bag, a pair of sunglasses, and a cool pair of shoes. Broken down even further, it's a three-piece rule. This trio of accessories always elevates any outfit she wears.

It gives three focal points and three opportunities to play with color, texture, and shape so that even the most basic outfits look finished. The beauty of it is that it can be customized for anyone. You already know to have a great pair of sunglasses you love, so from here, it's just a matter of getting a sleek, minimal, and logo-free handbag and a few pairs of shoes that you can turn to for nearly any situation.

When you're shopping, to be the most economical, choose a bag that can be worn in several ways — as a handbag, crossbody, or backpack, for example — like Zara's Mini City Bag, which is unassuming but chic and works as a handbag as well as a crossbody. Shoes, whether sneakers, slides, or heels, should be minimal, with a cool detail that sets them apart. For instance, it could be a pair of black heels with an interesting heel shape, like NA-KD's Satin Strap Triangle Heels, or slip-ons made of a cozy-looking fabric. Just use your creativity and follow what feels right — you can't mess up fashion with Sofia Richie's style hints.