Rainy-Day Hairstyles That Are Meant To Withstand The Weather

Rainy days might bring a certain romantic charm with them, but when it comes to our hair, they are certainly not wanted. We've all been there — stepping out with perfectly styled locks only to have them meet their enemy in sudden rain or unpredictable winds. Luckily, the world of hairstyles has your back, or rather, your head, during these drizzly moments.

We all know that a sudden downpour can take us by surprise, leaving us fixing our hair in public bathrooms. That's why most of these styles are super easy to create — after all, sometimes you might need to whip up a hair transformation in a matter of minutes, armed only with a hair tie and a hint of determination. From classic choices to trendy twists, each of these hairstyles has been picked to ensure you're ready to tackle any rainy weather the sky throws your way.

High ponytail

The high ponytail is a rainy-day savior that's easy to create and allows you to channel your inner Ariana Grande — all while keeping your hair off your face when the rain starts pouring. Here's the trick: Ensure you have a reliable elastic on hand to secure your ponytail at the crown of your head. To fight off frizz caused by the rain, adding a bit of gel or hairspray on the hair that lies flat against your head can work wonders. This not only tames any unruly flyaways but also keeps your sleek look intact even in the drizzliest of weather.

Low bun with tendrils

The low bun is a laid-back chic look that's practically begging to be rocked on a rainy day. It looks effortlessly relaxed, and even in the rain, it will give that casual feel. To create it, simply gather your hair at the back of your neck and tie it into a loose, low bun. Now, for that extra touch of finesse, let a few strands escape to frame your face. Feeling extra adventurous? Take the tendrils up a notch by giving them a twist — literally. Curling these tendrils can add a dash of the trendy '90s vibe, letting you channel a nostalgic hairdo on a rainy day.

Bantu knots

Bantu knots are tiny coiled buns with a rich history — and they are not only a fabulous protective style but also an awesome rainy-day option. Originating from African hair traditions and often called "Zulu knots" or "du Doubs," they've stood the test of time for a reason. The compact nature of Bantu knots helps shield your hair from moisture and frizz, keeping it safe and sound amidst the elements.

Claw clip French twist

Claw clip hairstyles are rainy-day heroes — and when those raindrops start falling, the French twist hairstyle steps up with its chic nonchalant charm. What's fantastic about this look is its simplicity. A quick twist, a graceful sweep, and a secure clip, and voilà — the rain can't dampen your spirit or your style when you've got this trick up your sleeve.

Messy top knot

On a gray and gloomy day, why not embrace the chaos and rock that perfectly imperfect messy bun that's reminiscent of the early 2010s Tumblr vibes? Creating this hairstyle is as simple as gathering your hair high on your head and twisting it into a bun that looks like it was tossed together by the wind itself. Secure it with a hair tie, and let those loose pieces dance in the rain.

'90s spiky bun

Throw it back to the '90s with the spiky bun — a hairstyle that's edgy, quirky, and surprisingly rain-ready. To lock in that sleek and polished look, you'll need some trusty hair products that keep every strand in its place. But once this look is set, you can practically challenge the rain to do its worst — because your spiky bun will be there to stay!

Bandana coverup

Sometimes the best move on a rainy day is to simply embrace the power of a coverup. It's not just a practical choice; it can be a stylish one, too — and this is where the bandana comes in. Wrapping up your hair in a colorful one not only protects your roots from moisture but also elevates your look by adding an extra accessory to it. So, next time the forecast seems iffy, and you're short on time, remember that the bandana is your perfect fashionable shield.

Low pigtails

Low pigtails are a youthful and quirky option that's practically a match made in heaven for a rainy day. When the weather's uncertain, a pair of playful pigtails offer a carefree yet stylish way to manage your hair. Simply divide your hair into two slightly messy sections, securing them with elastics low on each side. Sure, you can go for high pigtails or keep them sleek, but the slightly tousled low pigtails are the easiest ones to achieve quickly, even on the go.

Messy half-updo

Let's face it — having your hair down in the rain is basically asking for a wet, tangled mess. Luckily, a half-updo is an easy hairstyle that can help save the day. Creating this look is as easy as grabbing a hair tie or clip. Gather the top half of your hair, secure it with your chosen accessory, and let the rest flow. It's like a mini makeover that takes seconds, turning rainy-day inconvenience into an opportunity to showcase your effortless style.

Braided high ponytail

When the rain starts falling, it's time to gather those braids into a high ponytail and show Mother Nature who's boss. Besides, by gathering your braids into a sleek and secure ponytail, you're not only keeping your hair in a style that won't move in the rain but also proudly showcasing your stunning braids.

Wet hair look

The wet hair look is the ultimate rainy-day style as it not only survives the rain but thrives in it. When there's a chance your hair might actually get wet, why not make a statement with a look that's meant to give off a damp vibe? Plenty of hair gel and shine spray is necessary to mimic that just-stepped-out-of-the-shower effect. And with this, the raindrops simply become part of the aesthetic.


A headwrap is the rainy-day MVP that not only adds a splash of style but also offers superior protection for your hair. When those raindrops start falling, an umbrella is still necessary to shield you from above, but a headwrap takes it a step further, keeping your hair out of the wind and preserving those precious curls or that flawless blowout.

Messy space buns

If you're after a style that's a little more edgy than your average messy bun, opting for space buns is the way to go — rain or shine. But raindrops? They're like your very own texture-enhancing hairstylist. Creating this look is a breeze. Part your hair down the middle, gather each side into high pigtails, twist them into buns, and secure them with hair ties. Let a few tendrils escape — it's all part of the charm. 

Snatched bun with tendrils

This hairstyle is a timeless go-to for conquering rainy days with style. With a little help from hair styling products, you'll achieve that polished and sleek bun that stays put despite the rain's best efforts. But the real magic comes from those playful tendrils that frame your face. And guess what? You can even level those up by braiding them to add even more pizzazz to the look.

Fishtail braid

While any braid is a great choice for a rainy day, a fishtail braid looks particularly great when it gets slightly messy — which is bound to happen on a rainy day. Crafting it might seem complex, but it's simpler than you think. Divide your hair into two sections, then take small strands from the outer edges of each section, crossing them over to the opposite side. Repeat this process, adding hair as you go until you reach the end. Secure with an elastic, and let the rain work its magic.

Sleek braided ponytail

A simple braided ponytail is your ultimate solution when rain and wind are teaming up against your hair. If that's the case, a simple ponytail may not cut it, but luckily this simple addition solves the problem. All it requires is weaving a neat braid down the length of your ponytail. The result? A fusion of elegance and fun that can handle whatever weather comes your way.