15 Trendy Short Hairstyles That Go Beyond A Normal Bob

When it comes to picking your next hairstyle, going for a shorter haircut can be a welcome break from long hair and the stresses of managing it. While the bob is often our go-to image when we think about cutting a few inches off, there are, in actuality, dozens of stylish and flattering short hairstyles for you to try. From shaved sides to a cropped look or the simple lob, more women than ever are opting for a close-cut style and loving it.

Although it can be nerve-wracking to trust your hairdresser's judgment when committing to a big chop, there is an endless list of unique short styles for you to get inspiration from. With the birth of the timeless pixie cut via "Rosemary's Baby" to the modern resurgence of the iconic '80s mullet, rocking a short hairstyle is the perfect way to switch up your regular look and try something beautifully new. 

The undercut pixie

A classic style with a twist, the undercut pixie is a good option if you're after a shorter cut but still want enough hair to try new styles. With the shorter sides neatly framing your face, the undercut's longer front is perfect for spiking with gel or simply leaving au naturel. Unlike the classic pixie, known for its soft elegance, the undercut takes an edgier approach. A short cut intended to show off the shape of your face, you can shave the sides and back as short as you like while still looking balanced, thanks to the volume provided by the front. 

The lob

Another classic style, the lob is the perfect in-between length next to shoulder-length hair and the regular bob. What defines the lob is its easy upkeep and how its sharpness neatly frames your face. Easy to style and maintain, the lob is the perfect trendy haircut if you want to go shorter but still be able to play about with your hair and maintain a little of its length. A popular cut with stylists, the lob can be cut to one length or given some added texture with face-framing layers and bangs.

Short and tight curls

If you're a curly girl looking to try out short hair, keeping it simple could be your ticket to beautiful hair. From a curly pixie to simply trimming your hair, rocking short hair is a great way to make your curly hair pop. Depending on your curl pattern, the style and length of your short haircut can be adjusted to fit whatever look you're going for. Choosing a short style can also help you keep your hair routine to a minimum and eliminate any dryness preventing your hair from looking its best.

The sharp pixie

The classic pixie is the more traditional alternative to the shaved pixie. This style is the perfect hairdo to accentuate your head shape and face's natural beauty. A timeless cut, the sharp pixie could be the less intimidating option if you want to go very short but aren't ready to commit to cropping your hair. Known for its manageability and fierce, sleek volume, this pixie style can be worn in a variety of cute ways. From tousled and elegant to sculpted and neat, a classic pixie cut is the manageable favorite that — believe it or not — offers a ton of versatility.

A retro mullet

An '80s staple, the mullet cut has returned to fashion in all its vintage glory. A short mullet is the perfect way to combine the best parts of having long hair and the manageability of going short. With its volumizing layers, the mullet is a low-maintenance way to give your hair some texture. If you're not content with the mullets of the past, there are also a range of other mullet styles for you to try. From the subtle wolflette to the trendy shullet, an updated mullet could be the hair goals you are looking for.

The angled bob

Usually cut from around shoulder length to jaw length, the angled bob is (as the name suggests) a regular bob cut to an angle. With a professional-looking finish, the angled bob can be styled to match the office and a night out alike. Going for an angled bob is the style for you if you're looking to keep some of your hair length while still experimenting with a new cut. Unlike the classic bob, angled bobs provide sharpness and drama while embodying the best parts of having a short hairstyle. 

The modern crop

Like the pixie cut, the modern crop takes a retro classic and gives it an upgraded twist. This style is a short cut that ranges in length from a buzz to a short pixie. The modern crop puts a new spin on an old classic by taking the even vibes of the classic buzz cut and adding length for you to play about with. Cute in all shades, the modern crop is perfect for anyone searching for an extremely short cut that they can still style. 

Side-swept curtain bangs

Wearable with long hair and short, side-swept curtain bangs are a polished way to frame your face. A trend that never seems to stop coming back, side bangs are perfect if you want a volumizing effect without committing to blunt bangs. Whether you decide to rock the curtain bang trend with short hair or allow your hair to grow, your bangs can be easily trimmed to fit whichever vibe you decide to go with.

A blunt bob and bangs

A twist on the classic bob, adding blunt bangs to your short-haired look is an easy way to give it that structured finishing touch. Whether you have micro bangs or longer bangs, a blunt look is an excellent way to give your short bob some extra symmetry while framing your face. Sleek and easily manageable, the short blunt look is the perfect hairstyle for you to play about with. 

A modern mullet

Combining shorter and longer layers, the modern mullet comes in tons of fun variations to suit whichever vibe you're going for. From the shaved sides mullet to more geometric mullets, this modern look has been making waves for how effortlessly stylish it is, combining the best parts of having longer and shorter hair. If you're wanting to try out a short style that mixes messiness with retro '80s glamour and is easily customizable, the modern mullet is the look for you. 

The slicked pixie

Taking the classic look and giving it a little more style and sophistication, the slicked pixie is the perfect trendy cut for anyone who wants more control over their locks. Like the modern pixie, this version of the cut is also sometimes referred to as the chic wixie haircut for its remix of the traditional style. Both low maintenance and easily customizable, a slicked-back pixie cut pairs office chic with rebellious edginess. 

The two-toned lob

Popularised by stars such as Dua Lipa, the tone-toned bob or e-girl lob has recently become popular for its unique dual-toned look. This '90s-inspired style involves the front portion of your hair or your bangs being dyed or bleached a different color to the rest of your hair. A short-haired look designed to help you stand out in a crowd, the two-toned coloring adds a little modern flair to the classic lob. This lob is the perfect middle point if you're nervous about totally committing to a new hair color or length.

Short loose curls

Finding a short style that compliments curly hair can be hard. However, a cropped style can be the perfect way to get rid of any dead growth and give your loose and flexible curls some bounce. Opting for a shorter length gives you more room to play about with your hair without resorting to straightening it or using overly harsh products to maintain its length. Whether you choose to go with shorter slides or a more uniform look, opting for shorter curls could be the hairdo that could best bring out your curl pattern and its natural beauty.

Curly bangs and layers

From tight curls to loose curls, adding a curtain bang or full bangs can be the finishing touch your short hairstyle needs. Easy to maintain, curly bangs can also help your hair to look more styled and encourage it to frame your face better. While committing to layers and bangs of any sort is a big decision, when paired with a shorter style, they can be a fun addition for anyone who wants to add a bit more definition and texture to their usual styling. 

The layered bob

The layered bob is a trendy go-to for anyone who wants to commit to short hair without giving up on your hair's natural bounce. From short layers to loose waves, a layered bob takes uniform short hair and adds some extra drama. As a cute short style, the layered bob is the right way to add texture to your short hair. Both professional-looking and volumizing, the layered bob can fit whichever hair vibes you're going for, whether that be office chic or effortless beachy holiday waves.