Striped Matching Sets Are The Easiest Way To Get 2023's French Girl Aesthetic

There's one thing that only the Paris-obsessed girls who grew up to be Paris-obsessed women understand, and that is that nothing compares to the French girl aesthetic. You know, the girls who, when asked about their dream travel destination, would say Paris without missing a beat. The girls who could speak of little else than the city of love and light, where the Eiffel Tower looms tall and the people speak the language of romance, eat baguettes all day, and dress impeccably. Those exact girls also grew up to be women of exquisite, French-inspired style — and we take their fashion advice like our lives (and wardrobes) depend on it.


What are the French aesthetic girls advising these days? They're saying matching striped sets are the thing to wear for a relaxed Parisian look, and to add them to your closet, stat. Matching sets have always been considered essentials in every stylish yet low-effort woman's closet, but now that the striped set is claiming the spotlight, things are getting interesting. Influential French women, from Anne Laure Mais, founder of the fashion label Musier, to digital creator and fashion enthusiast Emmanuelle Koffi, have been setting the example and wearing striped pieces in a variety of ways — separately, together, matching or contrasting. All we French girl aesthetic lovers need to do is follow suit.


Here are just some of the ways you can style your own striped sets to achieve the ultimate French girl aesthetic.

Beachy stripes

One of our favorite places to wear striped sets is at the beach. Not only because the two seem to be made for each other — matching striped sets might just be the secret to looking fashionable while keeping it comfy on a beach day — but also because nothing will make you feel like you're on a hot vacation in the south of France like this pairing. No frumpy dresses or uncomfortable jean shorts allowed in our French girl aesthetic era.


Pair your loose (preferably linen) striped set with your cutest bikini and enjoy your sunny day. 

City girl stripes

If you're worried about walking the city streets like you forgot to change out of your pajamas, don't be. That's exactly the appeal of striped sets, and the city girls embody it like no other.

In order to look like you rolled out of bed looking perfect and ready for a day full of running errands around the city, all you need is a good walking shoe. Keep things simple with a matching striped set in any color, a casual tank top underneath, and your favorite trendy sneakers. Bonus points if the shoes match the set.


Head-to-toe stripes

Sometimes, all you need is a limb-elongating vertical striped pattern to feel like your best self. If you've long loved fashion, you've come to learn that other patterns (particularly horizontal stripes) can have you questioning your sanity and the accuracy of your self-perception (And no, your hips aren't that big, we promise). Vertical stripes, though? They're nothing but complimentary, head-to-toe.


Find yourself a matching set of vertical striped pants and top so you can feel like you're rocking the legs of a true Parisian woman while you go about your day in... somewhere not as exciting as Paris, sadly.

Break up the set

While we're rooting for striped sets to take over everyone's wardrobe, one of the things we love most about them is their ability to be broken up and worn separately without losing their charm. Don't be afraid to break up the set and mix and match your striped pieces with other spectacular, French-inspired pieces.


For example, we love the look of a comfy, pajama-like striped bottom with a contrasting baby-doll top. Plus, the right trendy sneaker will take this look from wanna-be French girl to Parisian icon — time to treat yourself to a coffee and croissant.

The striped waistcoat suit

The power of a lone waistcoat and pants combo, sans blazer, should be obvious by now. It's a power move for nearly any occasion we can think of, formal and casual alike. Thus, it only makes sense that this trend and matching striped sets mesh well together.


Matching waistcoats and pants are easy to find, and they come in all colors and prints. Find your favorite striped color combination and accessorize with minimal jewelry, casual shoes, and a chic tote. Wearing flats or sandals with this one will bring a much-needed air of laid-back coolness.