The Perfect Fall 2023 Fashion Trend For You Based On Your Zodiac Sign

The weather is beginning to change, and fall fashion trends are well on their way. With fashion aficionados sharing their predictions of what we should be wearing as the leaves begin to change colors, we are definitely looking forward to some of these autumn-inspired styles. Just think of how happy a new look makes you feel — now, think of matching that look to the personality traits of your zodiac sign! 


From picking the right colors for some signs, like red for passionate Aries, to taking into account the comfort that Taurus loves and the business-like demeanor of Capricorn, we looked at which upcoming trends would be perfect for each sign. Fall is that time of the year when we can dabble in the clothing we'll take with us through the winter months while still having ample opportunity to show off a little (shoulder) skin on the days when temps aren't too low. So, without further ado, let's take a dive into the styles you can expect to see in your favorite fashion mags this autumn and which ones you should be wearing depending on your zodiac sign.

Taurus craves the comfort of wide-leg pants

You can read everything you want about Taurus and two of the biggest traits that will continually pop up are that they're stubborn and they love nice things. These individuals are symbolized by the bull, so it makes sense that they'd, at times, be bull-headed. The luxury bit may stem from their planetary ruler. According to astrologer Courtney O'Reilly, via Well + Good, "Their ruling planet, Venus, is a financial planet, so establishing a nest egg and being on top of finances offers Taurus peace of mind." That peace of mind could also come from having luxurious items, but they also like to be comfortable, and this is where wide-legged pants come in handy. To a Taurus, luxury is about more than just having fancy things, it's about feeling good with those fancy things — and we can definitely get fancy in the right pair of wide-legged trousers.


Elle pointed out that the wide-legged pants of the '70s were making a comeback when they appeared on runways earlier this year, and with cooler weather coming, they're definitely staying in style. Taureans who are looking for style and comfort should most definitely add a few pairs of these pants to their staple wardrobe, and you can even grab some wide-legged jeans for those fall nights around the campfire.

Gemini can pull off those art prints fabulously

Gemini is one of the most outgoing of the zodiac signs — being an air sign makes them very talkative. It's easy for them to integrate themselves into a conversation, in any setting, because they love getting attention. "Gemini can enjoy constant stimulation, so there is a part of them that enjoys the chaos of drama as it unfolds before them," intuitive astrologer Noush Joon explained of Geminis to Well + Good. "They can also often be the ones creating the drama to keep things interesting," she said. We think nothing would create as much drama in this fall's fashion as a Gemini in art print fabrics.


Popular in the 2023 fashion scene, art print-inspired clothing is moving right into fall, no matter what colors you choose. Gemini, a work of art themselves, will feel like they've stepped right out of a canvas print in a look like this — and we know that's an attention-getter that can make them feel like the most important person in the room.

Capricorn feels formal in button-down shirts

We know Capricorn as a modest and industrious sign — they are the workaholics of the zodiac. When it comes to fashion, we think they're best suited to a look that makes them feel professional, yet comfortable. Astrologer Narayana Montúfar described this sign to Women's Health perfectly: "A lot of Capricorns have big jobs; they are incredible people ... Just because you are a successful person doesn't mean you can't be a human." And what piece of clothing is more "human" than a clean, crisp button-up shirt?


The fashionable Capricorn doesn't have to feel boxed-in in this shirt either — look for tailored fits. According to Editorialist, there are a few of these types of shirts you'll want in your wardrobe, which include both a classic fit top and an oversized top, as oversized clothing is definitely in the limelight right now. Capricorn can lighten up a little by picking button tops that have some patterns, even if it's just stripes, or by looking toward some fun colors instead of sticking with plain ol' white.

Aries should be wearing red everything

Aries is a fire sign — passionate and prone to being a leader. It is because of this drive and leadership quality that we think the trend of wearing red this autumn is the perfect fit. That, and the fact that red is Aries' color, and their ruling planet is the red planet, Mars. In mythology, Mars is the god of war, and red, in color psychology, is a color that can not only elicit happy emotions, like love and passion, but also those on the opposite side of the spectrum, like anger.


As astrologer Emma Toynbee told Well + Good of Aries, "They represent all that is newly born, are movers and shakers, lead-role actors, agents of change, individual and unique, pioneers, inventors, innovators, strong competitors, and fierce warriors." Of fashion-trending red, The Kit said that the desire for this bright color, as opposed to the usual muted earth tones popular in fall, stems from the need for some adrenaline — a little brightness that will add happiness to our lives as seasonal affective disorder starts to set in. Because Aries are the leaders of the pack, red definitely needs to be in their fall wardrobe. They'll inspire everyone they come in contact with to add at least a few red accents this season. 


Libra is balanced in sleeveless sweaters

Represented by the scales, Libra is the most balanced of the zodiac signs and sleeveless sweaters give them even more balance — a little warmth, but not too much, as the air begins to get chillier in the fall. Given Libra's natural balancing-act disposition, we think sleeveless sweaters are a good bet for this sign's fall fashion calling card. We like the style for its unique approach, being something made to keep you toasty while omitting a big chunk of the fabric that is meant to keep you warm.


So, what made this piece of clothing popular again? It seems to have gotten a revival since we started working from home more, but the piece is beginning to get some time out of doors. "This trend is certainly helped by the fact that consumers place more and more value on comfortable clothes, as they do when working from home," styling consultant Inka Müller-Winkelmann told Daily Sabah, adding that, "This trend is now continuing outside of [our] own four walls and the tank top is a good choice because it makes you look smart and casual at the same time."

Leo would stand out in something off the shoulder

Leo is ruled by the sun, and they are a sign that loves attention. Not only does an off-the-shoulder top or dress give the lingering patches of sun somewhere to kiss this sun-ruled sign, but it's a sexy fashion style that is sure to draw all eyes their way, making this the perfect fall fashion piece for Leo to add to their wardrobe. Astrologer Imani Quinn described Leo to Popsugar in this way: "[The sun] is why Leos are so alluring and charismatic, the center of attention, and why they make great entertainers ... Much like the sun," she adds, "where the solar system rotates around its life force and energetic pull, it's much the same with our fellow Leos."


Whether you opt for a cold shoulder top with just one bare shoulder to get a bit of a chill, or you go for both bare shoulders, this look is fun and carefree — great for creative Leo. Celebrity stylist Anita Patrickson told Allure that this type of top is "forgiving for any body type," so attention-loving Leo is sure to get all the right compliments on this look.

Pisces embraces their dreaminess in lacy delicates

Pisces are the dreamers of the zodiac, and as a mutable sign, they tend to deal with change on a level that many folks can't fathom. "Because of this, they make great chameleons who can get along with a wide variety of people and find a way to flow with whatever life brings to them," astrologer Rachel Lang told Well + Good. "They are gracefully resilient and adaptable," she added. And it is that grace that makes them look dreamy in a flowy, boho style. The lacy delicates that are popular this fall give us Pisces vibes all the way — they look comfortable enough to sleep in while looking somehow spiritual and ghostly as well, and we know how intuitive this sign can be.


The trick to getting away with this lighter fabric is what you're pairing it with — like tall boots, added hoods, and warm coats. Then again, though some may look it, Pisces are no delicate flowers. As the last sign of the zodiac, they have some traits of all 11 other signs, so they can be pretty strong and powerful. That means you definitely don't want their delicate, boho style to steer you into thinking they're wallflowers.

Sagittarius will enjoy adventure in metallics

Metallics will definitely be less blinding when worn in the fall, and stylist Lizzy Rosenberg told Marie Claire, "It's really showing a fresh expression of the trend, while registering tribute to notes of '90s fashion and 2000s pop culture and style." Sagittarius, as a fire sign, wouldn't mind reflecting their presence anywhere they go, and they'll still feel the warmth when they see the little patches of sunshine on their metallic garb. Sagittarius' desire for adventure makes them a good choice for donning this fall trend because, like other fire signs, they don't mind feeling like they're standing out too much. Often loud with their opinions, a loud outfit gives them some time to come up with even better comebacks.


To Well + Good, Astrologer Francesca Oddie said of the zodiac sign: "They bring a sense of enjoyment and humor to any situation." Fellow astrologer Rachel Lang added, "Sagittarius is a free-spirited sign that needs to know they can be themselves in a relationship." You surely need a free-spirited mood to pull off head-to-toe metallic, but for those Sags who don't want to blind anyone, a single piece paired with something a little less shiny will do just fine.

Youthful Virgo will have fun in peplum

Virgos tend to lean into a youthful look and enjoy a kind of innocence in their wardrobe, according to intuitive astrologer Meghan Rose (via Stylecaster), and we think that peplum tops have just the sort of fun appearance that will make any Virgo feel right at home in their skin. The thing with peplum tops is that you have a myriad of options, from different colors and designs to different sleeve lengths, or even no sleeves at all. The no-sleeves and short-sleeve looks are great for the fall because they allow for layering that can be removed when it's a little warmer during the day, and easily added back on once it becomes cooler at night.


If you have a fear of peplum tops of the past, be assured that the fabric and look of these tops have changed with the times, and now offer form-fitting styles and comfortable materials. Ruled by Mercury, astrologist Astrodim tells Bustle that Virgo is "open to bend[ing] and twist[ing] in order to be their best and help others do the same," so we think they're just the sign to help bring this old-fashioned style back into the world in a way that others can't help but want to wear it, too.

Aquarius can show independence in fall florals

Usually thought of as spring fashion, this year florals are making a scene in the fall months as well. Described as a "key fall print" by ME+EM, the bright spring look of florals is easily translatable to a muted fall style. Really, it's about aiming for the right colors — the darker and deeper, the better — as well as considering the floral you're choosing. A floral print with leaves feels more of the fall season than something with very bright and multi-colored flowers.


If you think florals in fall still seem out-of-the-box, astrologer Natha Campanella described Aquarius to Well + Good in this way: "They're always trying to innovate and make things better than what they are — they're very non-traditional." We think this screams that fall florals are just right for the sign that loves to do things differently. Campanella also pointed out that, "Uranus rules Aquarius, and the planet also rules electricity, so there's this extra charge in an Aquarian's nervous system ... This sign does not just want to sit around and do nothing. That's boring and makes them feel like they're stagnating, which is the antithesis of their whole life." So, Aquarius, get up, put on those florals, and show the world how exciting you are!


Scorpio should add romance to their gothic style

As astrologer Claire Comstock-Gay described to Popsugar, "Scorpios often appear quiet, private, and self-contained; not because they're timid or demure, but because they are observing, scheming, pulling strings from the shadows." This is where we get the idea that Scorpios are dark and mysterious, and what causes this water sign to often be mistaken for a fire sign. While many Scorps don't like this misconception, some of them take it to the extreme, and your fall wardrobe trend pick is sure to make you look even more fiery, dark, and mysterious, because we're suggesting you adopt that romantic goth look for more than just Halloween.


Autumn is Scorpio season, after all, so take it to the extreme. Pick a look to fit your personality — dark, goth, and whimsical offer many a good choice. Earlier in the year the goth-bride look showed up at the Grammy's and the look is sticking around for fall. We truly believe Scorpio is the best sign to pull off this look in their regular, everyday wardrobe.

Cancer can relax in denim midi skirts

Anyone who has done any research on Cancer knows that this sign is all about their family. That's part of the reason why they're considered homebodies. They enjoy comfort, and home just happens to be where they feel most comfortable. Astrologer Rachel Lang told Well + Good, "A Cancer needs to feel at home, no matter what their living situation may be." With midi skirts trending — especially in denim — this fall, we think the look will offer just the comfort this sign needs, especially when they have to venture out into the world.


Why do we love denim fashion? It's rugged for fun times with the family, but also fashionable. A denim skirt can look great for a casual day at the office, and go right to a night on the town or even be comfortable enough for a day at the park with the kids.