The Chocolate Milk French Manicure Is Putting A Funky Twist On The Neutral Nails Trend

Lately, nail trends have been all about neutrality — shades of beige, sparkly whites, pale pinks, and sheer polish. The widespread preference for light, barely-there nail polish has been undeniable. Seen on the red carpet, on the streets, and on all your friends, its sway is definitely still going strong.


But what's next for the elevated neutral nails trend? Perhaps something subtle and sleek but more daring in nature? Something sweeter? The newest iteration of neutral nails, the chocolate milk French manicure, is the epitome of bold and neutral all in one, and we're already obsessed.

Chocolate milk French nails are exactly what their name suggests — just your regular French mani, but with light brown tips instead of white. This soft, neutral, and yet more experimental approach to a naked nail will mix things up deliciously, and we're beyond excited to share some of our favorite ways to play around with this milky brown French tip nail trend. 

The ultra-thin cocoa tip

Yes, you could just get your regular French manicure and simply swap the white tips for brown ones, but we have a better idea. Why not ask for some ultra-thin, milky brown tips instead? Baby French manicures not only look miles more elegant than a regular, chunky French tip but also help you stand out.


To create it, go about the design the same way you normally would, with a neutral or clear base and an opaque nail polish for the tips. In this case, the opaque shade will be a chic chocolatey brow tip lined as thin as possible.

Milky swirls over cocoa tips

For the people who love to sport the classic nail trends with small twists and added designs, this one is for you. The chocolate milk French manicure is perfect for doing just this. How? By doodling small designs over the nails that add to the "milky" vibes of the look.


Simply line your tips with a light-to-medium shade of brown. On top of this, draw a swirly design with a lighter, creamier shade of brown or beige. Be sure to keep your tips on the thicker side to make space for the milky swirls.

Dark chocolate and a hint of milk

Not everybody likes milk chocolate, neither taste nor color. Some people are dark chocolate lovers in more respects than one — nail color preference, for instance. While chocolate milk might appeal to the masses, this design is catered to those who like to stand out. For the best, yummiest version of the dark chocolate milk nails, opt for a dark and cool-toned brown. 


You can get an all-around classic French manicure by adding brown on top of a milky base on all your nails or pepper in some solid-brown nails to add dimension.

Melted marshmallows

There's nothing better than watching a pile of marshmallows — the ones you generously plop into your milky hot chocolate — slowly and deliciously melt. The ones that like their hot cocoa milky also like it sweet, and we're betting they'd love this trend almost as much as they love their cozy beverage.


To play it safe, you can choose to sport a regular French manicure with a clear base and an ultra-light brown for the tips. Otherwise, we recommend peppering in a nail design that better represents these melted marshmallows. A milky chic marbled nail design, perhaps?

The milk chocolate glazed donut

Chocolate milk, or milk chocolate, comes in many forms, all as good as the next. Chocolate donuts, for example, are incredible — in edible form as well as in nail form. Especially when you mix the jelly and chrome nail trends together to achieve the perfect milk chocolate glazed donut effect.


You're going to start with a neutral beige base and a brown tip blending downwards in an ombré effect. Top this gradient with a light layer of white chrome and add an ultra-glossy top coat. You'll never be more tempted to eat your nails.