TikTok Has The Most Genius Bun Hack For A Hairstyle That Won't Budge

TikTok offers no shortage of hair hacks for those of us who are constantly trying to tame our manes. There's the viral half-back hair technique, the pasta strainer curls and waves hack, and the wet T-shirt hack for shiny hair. And while some hacks are better avoided, others have us screaming, "Why didn't we think of that sooner?" Case in point: the scrunchie hack for a super-secure bun.


The idea comes from hair tutorial queen Nichole Ciotti and could be a game-changer if you're a fan of the messy bun. In the clip, which has racked up more than 29,000 likes, the TikToker starts with a big fabric scrunchie. She makes a low ponytail, pulling the scrunchie over the base of the hair. Rather than securing the ponytail, however, Ciotti creates a loop with the hair and grabs the length of the ponytail, twisting the scrunchie around it. She finishes by pulling the hair up to the base, forming a bun, and securing it with the scrunchie.

If it sounds confusing, that's because it sort of is, and that's why you've likely never tried this genius hack before. Thankfully, watching the viral video (and pausing it a few times) will help you get the hang of the technique.


Tips for making the hack work

Though hacks are usually meant to make things easier, sometimes, they take some practice to master. The scrunchie bun hack is no exception, and the clip's comment section is proof. Several TikTokers complained that they couldn't figure the hack out or that their hair wasn't the right length for the bun. While short-haired girlies may struggle (you'll need sufficient length to twist and wrap the hair, or else the ends will spike out of the scrunchie), those with longer hair should generally be able to pull off the look (Nichole Ciotti's hair reaches her bust, for reference). If you have a long, thick head of hair, one commenter offered their advice: "Get a longer/bigger elastic- and it works!! It took me forever to realize it's just my crazy thick hair."


Another commenter who tried the hack found that a slight modification worked better for their mane. They wrote, "Try this: Make [a] regular pony but leave the initial bun loop. Then take a 2nd band to do the twisty hand flip & put [the] 2nd loop over the 1st loop." In this case, two hair ties offer extra security for long, unruly locks.

If you've grasped the technique and want to experiment further, consider changing the color of your scrunchie. Ciotti uses a bright pink one, but for a simpler style, consider opting for a scrunchie that matches your hair color.

Other ways to keep your bun in place

The TikTok-viral scrunchie bun is designed to keep your hair firmly in place all day. However, if you struggle to make it work for your tresses, don't worry — there are plenty of other ways to get your bun to stay put. First, if frizz and flyaways are your weak spot, consider a TikTok-approved treatment bun. Celebrity hairstylist Clariss Rubenstein explained to Byrdie, "[A treatment bun is] hair worn in a bun while masking. It can be done on your hair at any point during the wash cycle but is best towards the end when your hair is a little oily." Creator Audrey Victoria used Olaplex No. 6 and hair oil in hers to create a sleek, no-budge bun. And bonus: You're nourishing your locks while looking polished.


If your scrunchie or hair tie is too slippery, look for a version with some grip. Coiled hair ties are one trusty option, and, according to L'Oréal Paris, they're also gentle and minimize hair damage. Bobby pins are another lifesaver when wearing a bun, though they can sometimes easily slip and move around. Try a spiral bobby pin instead, otherwise known as a "Spin Pin," which does the work of several traditional bobbies in one quick twist.

Finally, don't underestimate the power of basic styling products. Spritz hairspray on the bun to keep it locked in place. Then, glide a styling wax stick over any flyaways for a smooth finish.