Compact Co-Ords Are On Trend For Spring 2024 - Here's How To Style Them

If there's one thing we're planning to bring over into the new year, it is those adorably tiny bottoms made popular by none other than Miu Miu. You know, the micro-mini skirts and the minuscule shorts worn by it-girls everywhere. The tiny knit shorts (which some would call underwear) that Emma Corrin wore arriving at the Venice Film Festival this year have become a hit. Now, we're excited to see the resurgence of compact, coordinated sets.


Compact co-ords — meaning short shorts and mini skirts with matching tops — are predicted to be everywhere this coming spring, and we can hardly wait. Our outfit inspiration boards will be filled to the brim with coordinated outfits, small bottoms, florals, and all of the fresh new ways of styling them for the season. Tall boots or sneakers, that's all your choice — as long as you're pairing them with this hot new trend.

If you're wondering how to style these itty-bitty bottoms, here's a guide to help you through the haze.

Micro-mini skirt suit

In addition to their shortest of shorts contribution to fashion, Miu Miu is also known to have popularized the micro-mini skirt. Luckily, micro-mini skirt suits fall in line with this particular spring trend.


Keep it simple — grab your matching mini skirt and blazer (preferably cropped) and throw them on over minimal basics. If you're buttoning up your blazer, a comfy bra is enough. If you're afraid to show too much skin (or to flash someone accidentally), cute undies, bloomers, or even boxers peeking out from underneath are a great way to accessorize.

Sleepy streetwear

We've all noticed the resurgence of our childhood favorite — Pointelle co-ords — and not just for our pajamas these days. You can wear these knit sets pretty much anywhere. Running your errands and having coffee dates with friends has never looked cuter.


All you need to pull this off is to buy a set in your favorite color and style according to your personality. If you're a sneaker girl, go for an elevated athleisure look — headbands and a sports bra underneath, for example. If you're a sandals and pumps type of gal, accessorize with bows and a statement handbag.

Knitted and fitted

Spring can be a difficult season to style with its unpredictable breeze and too-bright sunshine. Sometimes, all you want is to throw on a cozy sweater over a skimpy dress and call it a day. That's perfectly fine, but consider the beauty of the compact co-ord trend for this very scenario.


Here's what to do — find yourself knitted short-shorts and a matching sweater, and style these the way you would any spring outfit. Try thin tights or stockings if it's chilly, or a pair of sandals if the sun demands it, and there you have it.

Business casual

Sometimes, always-on-the-go girls just need to take the business to the streets (and vice-versa). What better way to do this than with a compact co-ord? Not too businessy and not too casual, this is perfect for a balanced look.


The best thing about this look? You can easily DIY it from any oversized button-down. Buy yourself a baggy dress shirt (men's work best) and cut up enough for a shirt and bottoms. Make it yours by sewing up a skirt or shorts, depending on your style. Once you're happy with it, style with sneakers and statement jewelry.

Bows and boots

A compact co-ord doesn't need to be tight-fitting and plain. It can also be loose, frilly, and all-around girly. What matters is that the two-piece matches and includes a short-to-micro bottom for that trendy look.


These types of sets are easy to shop or DIY. Find yourself a flowy blouse and bottom set or use your creativity to spot the perfect garment to upcycle at any thrift store. Bonus points if the set has some ribbons to enhance the feminine, coquette side of it. For some balance, style with tall boots.

Matching the mismatched

Wearing compact co-ords for spring seems easy enough. They're everywhere, but to style them to your liking in a way that shows your personality can be a struggle. Don't be afraid to go against the grain and add some heavier, more masculine elements to the mix — mismatching is allowed.


Many of the compact co-ords you'll find will be floral printed, playing along with the spring and giving it a pajama-like feel. To style them for streetwear, adding some edgier pieces is essential. Leather jackets, combat boots, and some silver chain jewelry will do the trick.

Office-wear chic

This one is for the office girls and those of us with big aspirations. Ever heard about dressing the part? This trend can be for office-friendly (depending on your dresscode). For this, you can use the suit vest trend to your advantage and have a mini skirt and suit vest co-ord moment.


This office-inspired co-ord is easy to style. All you need is a light blazer or trench coat in case of an unexpected breeze, and some office-chic Mary Janes or loafers of your choosing. Throw on your best accessories, and you're off to work.