Hair Color Trends You'll See Everywhere During Winter 2023

With winter 2023 right around the corner, it's time to take a look at the fresh wave of hair color trends that are set to captivate and inspire us all cold season long. This year, the world of hair trends has given us a versatile array of hair colors that cater to every taste, style, and personality, meaning there's truly something for everyone. From classic hues intertwined with subtle hints of vibrancy to bold shades that are perfect for making a striking statement, winter 2023 is all about experimenting to find your new go-to 'do.

For example, the delicate, natural charm of a rich chestnut brown and the edginess of a fierce, icy Arctic blond are both attention grabbers this year, but they're far from alone in the pantheon of hot winter moments (nothing like staying warm this cold season with a hot 'do, if you catch our drift). And if you're feeling extra brave, you can pair a new hair color with one of the winter haircuts that are poised to be perfectly on-trend in the coming months for a completely refreshed take on your look.


This winter is all about embracing a cozy and moody aesthetic, and that's where brond comes in. A harmonious blend of blond and brown, brond offers a stunning way to switch up your winter look. This shade is especially appealing for anyone who spent the summer rocking sun-kissed blond and is now ready to make their look a bit darker. The best part is that you can still call yourself a blond — a must for some people — while enjoying the richness of brunette tones, offering you the best of both worlds.

Muted eggplant

Muted eggplant is one of the more whimsical hair trends set to take center stage this winter. This trend effortlessly combines faded purple and brown tones to create a look that's subtle, soft, and incredibly magical. Moreover, the touch of mystique it can bring to your look makes it the perfect choice for anyone seeking an enchanting transformation. While anyone can rock this hair color, it looks particularly good on those with naturally darker hair.


Gray hair is more than just a trend; it's a statement of openly embracing change with grace and sophistication. Now, as we step into winter 2023, one of the biggest colors taking center stage is silver hair. Silver hair symbolizes a bold move — an acknowledgment of the beauty that comes with aging. However, if you don't have grays, avoid dying your hair silver, as that is an outdated trend. Still, some silver highlights or lowlights can work wonders.

Frosted tips

Get ready for a journey back in time because Y2K-inspired frosted tips are making a grand return this winter. This hair trend is all about embracing a bit of nostalgia and infusing it with modern 2023 flair, and it works best with shorter haircuts — like the pixie. This trend provides a simple way to drastically change your appearance, which makes it a great choice for anyone who's ready for a big change.

Soft copper

Copper has been a popular hair trend for a while now, and this winter, it's all about softer copper tones. This hair color trend wraps your locks in a warm, inviting glow, perfect for the season's cozy aesthetic. Furthermore, soft copper is a departure from the harsh and bright orange shades of the past, as this trend is all about capturing the copper tint in its most delicate and refined form. So, if you're yearning for a hair color that's fun, cozy, and warm, soft copper is the way to go.

Mulled wine

The mulled wine trend tends to return nearly every winter, and 2023 is no different. The rich, deep hues reminiscent of a well-spiced glass of mulled wine are the perfect way to make a statement with your hair this season. What's more, this trend promises to enhance your natural beauty with its bold depth no matter your skin tone. It works well on folks with naturally darker hair colors, but anyone can rock it. The trend can be easily explored by introducing a shadow root that seamlessly transitions your natural hair into a mulled wine shade.

Sun-kissed brunette

Sun-kissed brunette is the perfect answer to icy days, offering a vibrant, sun-kissed hue that'll brighten up your look. While you can embrace the cool, moody looks this winter, you can also inject some warmth into your style — you have plenty of options, which is one of our favorite aspects of the winter beauty scene. And what better way to have some fun than by opting for a sun-kissed brown shade?

Arctic blond

This winter, arctic blond is all the rage, and it's clear to see why. The look is all about icyness, reflecting the beauty of snowy landscapes. An arctic blond transformation introduces a platinum shade that exudes that whimsical fairy-like charm. It's like channeling the spirit of the Arctic in your hair. However, if you have darker hair, it's important to know that transitioning to this super-light blond isn't a quick process. Achieving this look may require multiple visits to the hair salon, but the results are worth the patience and effort.

Natural auburn

Trends come and go, but a natural auburn hair color remains a timeless choice — one that we predict to see a lot of this winter. Natural auburn offers a classic, earthy look, seamlessly blending the inviting warmth of red with the deep and rich tones of brown. This hair color is the ideal choice for anyone who likes the idea of auburn or copper hair but isn't a fan of the high maintenance that often accompanies those vibrant shades.

Bombshell blond

The general return of '90s trends is still going strong, and this winter is all about embracing the era's bombshell blond hairdo. A bombshell blond is a confident and glamorous choice — think of the iconic Pamela Anderson in her '90s prime, sporting that classic blond shade with subtle hints of gold and silver. If you want to take this trend a step further, combine bombshell blond with a classic '90s skinny fringe.

Chestnut brown

This warm and fall-inspired color introduces a delightful touch of copper into your hair, offering just the right amount of richness without going overboard. If you like warmer tones but are afraid of their redness, this hair color is perfect for you. Chestnut brown is a shade that effortlessly complements all skin tones, adding a natural, radiant glow to your winter style.

Highlighted strawberry blond

This delightful shade combines the soft and delicate tones of strawberries with the radiance of golden highlights, making it the perfect choice for those looking to explore a lighter hair color this winter. What sets highlighted strawberry blond apart from other blond shades are its highlights and lowlights. Ultimately, this trend is all about creating depth and dimension in your hair to achieve a soft, luminous effect.

Ultra-dark brown

If there's one season that truly celebrates the allure of dark hair, it's undoubtedly winter. The deep, captivating tones of ultra-dark brown are the perfect choice for embracing the season's moody aesthetic. To add a touch of playfulness to your ultra-dark brown, consider infusing hints of red or auburn, creating a captivating gloss that's only visible once the light hits your hair.