Pair Your Flats With Socks And Stockings For The Trendiest Fall 2023 Look

The charming, youthful combo of socks and flats brings a fresh energy to the autumnal months, expanding your footwear choices beyond the boot. From ballet flats to Mary Janes, wearing stockings or cute, frilly socks with your favorite flats will have you leading the way with the trendy look and feeling extra comfy at the same time. This small and simple fashion choice can truly elevate your outfit — who knew socks held such power? 

If you feel a bit awkward donning a pair of visible socks with flats at first, you can always start subtle with neutral knit or lace socks to bring a less obvious and bold energy to the style. If you've already jumped aboard the socks and heels trend or the socks and sandals trend, then this shouldn't feel like too much of a leap. There's something undeniably sweet (and not to mention cozy and casual) about the look.

Bright and bold

If you're jumping right in with a bright and bold colored sock, opt for a neutral flat and simple outfit to complement the trend. An eye-catching pair of socks will take your outfit up a notch instantly. Rather than folding down your socks, leave them scrunched up just a tad for an extra laid-back look.

Feminine and flirty

Nothing beats the sweetness of a lacy stocking paired with a classic Mary Jane shoe. This vibe is flirty, fun, and romantic — plus knee-high socks will always stand out. Intricate stockings like these are the ideal accessory to add flair to an otherwise simple look. Look for stockings with ties above the calves to help them stay in place.


Ballet flats are the obvious go-to for this trend and we can't think of anything more lovely than delicate cotton-candy pink socks over a pair of embellished tights. There's something angelic about satin ballet flats with a charming pair of socks and we think an oversized, cozy sweater is the perfect match for this duo.

Classic frill

Classic and chic, simple white frill socks with black loafers is a combo that totally encapsulates this trend. Full of youthfulness and elegance, the look is great paired with other sweet accessories, like a headband or a locket necklace. The results of the socks and flats duo are effortlessly sleek and beautifully feminine.

Cozy and comfy

A great example of taking the trend into the colder months, this thick, cozy sock and black buckle combo is the key to elevating an already darling outfit. The balletcore aesthetic clearly comes through with thicker socks as they slightly resemble leg warmers and we can see this combo shining bright with tights and a miniskirt. 

Pattern friendly

This trend is not just reserved for your simple and neutral socks. Go all out with your favorite pair of fun, patterned stockings, and pair them with flats that are just as vibrant. The results command attention and are sure to garner compliments everywhere you go. Color coordinate — or don't. Feel free to get creative and playful with this trend.

Sweet Mary Janes

Charming, classic, and ready for a stroll in the park, this trend is versatile through and through. Try pairing your Mary Janes with a simple skirt and cardigan — the socks will truly tie everything together. There's something timeless about this look and we think you'll experience a youthful refresh each time you wear it out and about.