The Nail Colors Written In The Stars For 2024 As Told To Us By Astrologer Susan Miller - Exclusive

If you're anything like us, choosing the right nail color is one of life's toughest little tasks, like ordering the tastiest-sounding dish on a dinner menu. But when you find yourself overwhelmed by an endless array of swatches at the salon, trending nail colors can serve as a fabulous source of inspiration. In 2023, there were plenty of tempting mani ideas to choose from, like sweet pastel blueberry milk nails and pumpkin glazed nails. But with this year swiftly coming to a close, many nail art fans have one question on their minds: What will be the top trending nail colors in 2024?


To us, there's no one better to ask than astrologer Susan Miller, the expert star-charter behind the popular website Astrology Zone. In an exclusive interview with Glam, Miller revealed that we could expect to see some big changes in terms of emerging color trends. While perky pastels and sumptuous spice tones may have dominated our feeds in 2023, Miller has a different vision for the months ahead. "Because Jupiter's going into Gemini, this is an interesting year," Miller said. "We have half the year in Taurus and half the year in Gemini." As a result, nail art fans can look forward to a new crop of splendid polish shades in 2024, from timeless taupes to chic chartreuses.

Understated colors will be big in the beginning of 2024

First, it's important to understand the astrological events behind Susan Miller's color predictions. According to Miller, we should look at what the influential planet Jupiter is up to for clues. Jupiter enters only one sign at a time for an entire year's length, meaning it takes "The Great Benefactor" planet twelve years to cycle through the entire zodiac. Currently, Jupiter is in Taurus, which may explain why the quiet luxury look is all the rage at the moment. "Taurus likes investment clothes and investment jewelry, so you have something for everybody: the whole spectrum, from conservative all the way down to more playful," Miller said.


Naturally, no two Tauruses will ever be exactly the same, but the sign of the bull is associated with a "polished, put-together look," said Miller. For the first few months of 2024, Jupiter will still be in Taurus — and this dependable sign is said to love a good earth tone. "Taurus is more about classic, well-cut neutrals," Miller explained. "Taurus tends to be in industries like banking, insurance, and real estate, so they have to look a little bit less creative." With that in mind, it's quite likely that early 2024 will be all about understated looks — think traditional French manicures, elevated neutral nails, and minimal, if any, designs.

Once Gemini takes hold, sunnier shades will break through

If all this talk of neutrals has you shaking your fist at Taurus, take a breath: The tides will turn once Gemini enters the picture. "We're going to get out of that, because Gemini is about beautiful yellows and green, like a light [green] — the color of the trees when they just come out," Susan Miller told us. Based on her vision for spring 2024 trends, we'll be seeing a sea of "happy, sunny colors and pastels" in addition to that chlorophyll-rich chartreuse. Miller can't wait to see this vibrant trend play out, and neither can we. We tried matcha nail polish earlier this year, and we're excited to add more mood-boosting greens to our future manicures.


On top of that, Jupiter supporting Gemini is a win for nail art fans. "Gemini is known for accessories," Miller added. "They're very talented at making a classic outfit look fabulous by switching things up." If you didn't catch the hint, this means the 3D manicure trend may grow even stronger around May 25 of next year, when Jupiter goes into Gemini. After you pick out some sunny polish shades, try maximizing your spring mani with decals, cabochons, gems, and more.

For more astrological insight and news from Susan Miller, visit her website at There, you can also find the Your Year Ahead 2024 Astrological Wall Calendar, written by Miller and illustrated by artist Izak Zenou.