Aisha Williams

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London, United Kingdom
University Of Aberdeen, St Andrew’s University, University Of Sussex
Wellness Science, Cultural Psychology, Sustainable Products
  • In 2021, Aisha was a gold award winner of the 34th online Webnovel competition.
  • As an ex-teacher, her passion for education has expanded into the realms of biology, sociology, and psychology, looking at ways to make this information more accessible to the public.
  • She is currently obsessed with pop psychology blogs and considering making her own in the near future.


Aisha has been professionally writing for the last five years. She’s previously written on environmental beauty products and relationship trends on sites like Utopia, Wall Street International, and Citizen Sustainable. She is currently working on a project as a co-founder of Green Collab, where she interviews local people about community issues to raise awareness of community-run initiatives and news. She is also involved in research studying cultural and environmental issues in the U.K.


Aisha has a bachelor's degree in fine arts from Sussex University and a Master of Research in social anthropology from St Andrew’s University. She started her Ph.D. in environmental anthropology last year at the University of Aberdeen.
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