Can't Pick Just One Fall Neutral? The 'Box Of Chocolates' Nail Trend Is For You

Neutral nails have come a long way from plain, single-toned manicures or classic French tips. A new nail trend has emerged that is as diverse and delectable as a box of chocolates. This trend brings a rich palette of neutral gradients perfect for fall and beyond. So what are "box of chocolates" nails?

According to Chanel nail artist Betina Goldstein, neutral shades are something she uses "almost every shoot/red carpet event," (via Instagram). Colors might vary depending on your version of neutral, but traditionally, it's a mix of creams, browns, beige, and taupes. However, it can generally include every hue as long as you choose a muted shade. In this case, pick any tint of exuberant chocolate that suits your fancy for the perfect fall manicure.

Gone are the days of repetitive and boring manicures. Instead, these enticing assortments of brown and off-white polishes are gracing the fingertips of nail enthusiasts everywhere, creating a delightful and mouthwatering trend. It's time to indulge in the irresistible charm of assorted chocolate nails.

Glitter and swirl mani

Chocolate nails are a decadent trend perfect for cozy nights in and relaxed nights out on the town. With this one, you can incorporate a classy swirling effect combined with French tips, color blocking, and a glamorous dash of sparkling polish. Upgrade the look with reflective glitter — which, if you're not familiar, is a polish that shimmers in two different tones depending on the light. So, in fact, you're actually getting an extra neutral shade in this box of chocolates manicure.

Chocolate box florals

You can create a groovy retro look by combining color-blocking, French tips, and florets to rock another cozy fall version of the box of chocolates trend. This version features ample shades of brown and neutral polish, finished with a glossy coat. To level up the overall look, you can also pair it with solid gold jewelry that complements the tones of this manicure really well.

Melted candy mani

This creation looks like it came straight off a glazed donut with its delicious drizzled candy effect. This design is based on a traditional French manicure but with rounded edges to create a softer look. There's a nice mix with the neutral base and different shades of chocolate, and you can finish the nails with a heavy coating of clear varnish. The overall result is so luscious, it looks good enough to eat.

Milk choc nails

Hey there, milk chocolate lovers! We've got a manicure here with your name on it. This design uses creamy shades of vanilla and chestnut, along with a barely-there stripe of silvery glitter, to create a look that's both chic and understated. The wavy art featured on the nails uses color-blocking to enhance the contrast of the chocolate tones, ensuring that this manicure is both eye-catching and elegant.

Graphic glam

This particular glam take stands out from the rest, as it not only follows the box of chocolates trend but also adds a unique and playful touch to the overall look. You can use a combination of fall-neutral colors for the tips and precise lines to add a pop art flair. Finally, with a matte coating for the finish, it's a beautiful piece of wearable nail fashion couture.

Chocolate caramel cluster

In this nail art design, a mix of tan and cream shades is used to create a subtle floral pattern. The nails are rounded for a softer look and finished with a clear coat to give a dainty and girly feel. You can also add an extra tone to the French tips, which blends all the caramel-choc colors together beautifully.

Square cut classic

Are you ready to elevate your nail game? Then look no further than this quintessential box of chocolates-inspired manicure. It combines all your go-to neutral shades, resulting in a refined and luxurious look that will leave you feeling like a total boss. For the final touch, opt for a glossy finish that resembles a freshly applied coat of paint.

Nude French swirls

If you've been following the latest neutral nail trends, you can't have missed chocolate milk French tips. Indulge in the mesmerizing swirls of chocolate and nude hues that have been seamlessly blended together to create a fresh and trendy twist on classic French nails. The classy neutral shades used in this lacquer manicure really produce a pretty yet clean finish.

Subtle beige shades

Not everyone wants to head to the salon whenever the latest nail trend drops. This simple but refined take, however, is perfect for the home DIY nail goddess. It's clean, no-frills, and ideal if you're using your natural nails as a base. The color choice is subtle, and you might be able to pull it off by mixing your brown varnish with a couple drops of cream or white. Then, just finish with gloss to achieve this easy box of chocolates look.

Halfmoon candy mani

Somewhere along your nail journey, you might've already encountered the classy half-moon nail hack. You know, the one where you use some reinforced office stickers and peel them off for that satisfying sharp finish? Well, if you want to put it to the test with the box of chocolates trend, this manicure's undoubtedly a fun choice. Pick your shades, and apply your stickies. Peel, and you've got a simple salon finish for half the price.

Pink milk choc

Here's another effortlessly glam manicure you could probably pull off from the comfort of your couch. Opt for rounded square tips with alternating milky shades. Notably, we love the use of soft pink, which adds a bit of extra sweetness to this look. You'll also note the subtle addition of gooey chocolate dots on a couple of nails, which are just adorable. Top this manicure off with a clean, transparent coat for that glazed finish.

Marbled nude nails

You can create these chic marble nails with a myriad of at-home hacks. The simplest technique requires two colors, two paint brushes, and some plastic wrap for creating a marble texture with your mixed colors. And here, as you can see, just by adding to one featured nail, it instantly elevates the box of chocolates look. Just imagine wrapping your fingers around a warm cup of coffee on a crisp autumn day. Now, imagine those same soothing hues of chocolate, coffee, and cream adorning your nails in a stunning manicure.

Soft almond gels

Almond gals, guys, and non-binary pals assemble — we've got another nude swirl design for you to feast on. So, whether you're feeling the fall vibes or in the mood for some glam, we've got you covered. Our latest obsession is all about groovy patterns, and once you try out this pearly manicure using a thin paint or nail brush to create your art, you'll be just as hooked as we are.

See-through assorted mani

This sweet addition to our list is another stunning take on a typical French manicure with a delicious twist. The chocolatey colors used in this design are a perfect fit for our list, but what really makes it stand out is the unique alternation between see-through and block-colored nails. Plus, the latte-art style flourish adds an extra touch of elegance that's sure to turn heads.

Matte mocha mani

If you've been wondering where the mellow mattes are on this chocolate list, you've found them. To create this dessert manicure, you can use either your natural nails or some short square acrylics for the base. The rest is relatively simple. Coat in your favorite fall shades, then top with soft matte varnish for a velvety finish.

Sweet square tips

#Candynails is apparently already a trend on TikTok, and we're not surprised. There's just something about this sweet craze that's hard not to admire, no matter the season or occasion. The box of chocolates addition is a perfect example of this. There's so much room for creativity in the designs of these long square cuts. Overall, these gel nails coated in chocolate colors are a fun and unique way to showcase fall neutrals in style.

Walnut and nude mix

If you haven't heard of polygel extensions, consider this your first introduction. They're a mix between your regular gel polish and acrylic that has become a favorite among nail pros and amateurs alike. With these nails, you can go for a deep walnut-colored base combined with blushing nude. Then, for a bit of glam, coat the marbled design with a shimmer of glitter.