Your Holiday Movie Horoscope To Help Guide Your Watchlist This Season

There's a lot to be excited for during the holiday season. Treats such as gingerbread cookies, eggnog, and peppermint hot chocolate are delicious enough to taste. Everywhere you look there are festive decorations like Christmas trees, sparkling tinsel, and mistletoe on display. Wherever you go, heartfelt holiday songs like "All I Want For Christmas Is You" by Mariah Carey and the famous cover of "Last Christmas" by Taylor Swift are being blasted over loud speakers. Narrowing down the best holiday movies to watch while basking in the joy of the season is another fun task to add to your checklist.


If you're hoping for a festive flick that focuses on lovey-dovey moments more than anything else, you'll find that. If you would prefer to watch one that leans toward an edgier angle, you'll find that too. If you're having a difficult time deciding what to add to your holiday watchlist this year, this movie horoscope will help guide you. Astrology has a lot to do with individual taste in films — and just about everything else — so these are the best holiday movies to check out based on your specific zodiac sign.

Aries: Bad Santa

There's something very fiery and passionate about an Aries. They're typically self confident, direct, and honest people who strive for loyalty in relationships. You can easily figure out who falls into the Aries category based off of a few short interactions. They have a great sense of humor and know how to walk the fine line of edginess before taking things a little too far. For these reasons, Billy Bob Thornton's 2003 movie "Bad Santa" is the ideal movie for an Aries to watch.


Aries individuals have a playfulness about them, even when it comes to subjects that are supposed to be a little more gentle, heartfelt, and tender such as a holiday like Christmas. "Bad Santa" is about a conman (Thornton) who poses as Santa during the festive season in an attempt to rob as many department stores as possible on the day before gifts are supposed to be unwrapped. The sarcastic flair and cynical comedic tropes included in this movie will only make sense to those who have a decent understanding of dark humor.

One reviewer on IMDb said: "Forget Jimmy Stewart and that claymation crap! If you like Christmas movies with more of an edge and lots of comedy however, 'Bad Santa' might just be your new favorite holiday movie."


Taurus: Elf

"Elf" is a classic 2003 Christmas movie that is best suited for Taurus individuals. The holiday flick stars Will Ferrell in the leading role of an oversized elf named Buddy who embarks on a hilarious mission to reconnect with his biological father. Unfortunately for him, his dad doesn't even know that he exists, which makes things a whole lot more challenging. Even though his father doesn't know him, and even though he doesn't have any help or guidance along the way, Buddy knows that he is not willing to give up on his journey.


Taurus people are often strong-willed, uncooperative, and unwavering. But they also appreciate well-timed silly jokes and sarcasm. Since Taurus individuals know how to be funny in a bold, dry, and carefree manner, they would fit right in watching a movie like "Elf." Taurus folks are known for ditching their filters and saying whatever comes to mind, whether it's a joke or something else. For these reasons, it makes sense that a Taurus person would find "Elf" absolutely hilarious during the holiday season. The movie is filled with tons of unforgettable moments highlighting the struggle of an extremely tall and innocent-minded elf as he tries to understand the real world.

Gemini: The Nightmare Before Christmas

In 1993, "The Nightmare Before Christmas" premiered for the first time. The animated movie, based on a poem written by Tim Burton, tells the story of Jack Skellington who is the king of Halloween Town. When he finds out that a magical place like Christmas Town exists, he does everything in his power to bring holiday themes and traditions back to his own land. Unfortunately for him, the combination of Christmas and Halloween causes tons of confusion.


Regardless, the movie is still incredibly sweet and intelligently written. For these reasons, it's the perfect movie for a Gemini to watch. Geminis are charismatic individuals who can pick up on social cues and gems of knowledge at a faster rate than most. They are looking for fun, adventure, and spontaneity and they love to spend their time surrounded by their expansive group of friends. The same way Skellington attempts to connect Halloween and Christmas, Geminis can pull off similar feats in their social circles whenever they lean on their witty and impressive communication skills and adaptability.

Cancer: Falling For Christmas

Lindsay Lohan is making a career comeback, and she's sweeping everyone off their feet in one of the more unforgettable holiday movies ever. The redheaded beauty is the leading actress in the Netflix film "Falling For Christmas." The romantic comedy is about an heiress who forgets everything going on in her life after wiping out while skiing and hitting her head. Her amnesia leaves her feeling lost in the world, as she doesn't remember her abundant wealth or her fiancé. Things aren't so bad for her when she realizes that she's been left in the care of a charming lodge owner (Chord Overstreet) and his adorable young daughter. 


Those who fall into the Cancer category on the astrological chart tend to be sensitive and nurturing individuals. Being extra sentimental isn't necessarily a flaw or a downfall, but romantic films about falling in love under wonky circumstances simply don't appeal to everyone. Since family-oriented Cancers are recognized for being a little more emotional and in touch with their feelings than other zodiac signs, a movie like "Falling For Christmas" suits them perfectly.

Leo: Last Christmas

Emilia Clarke made a name for herself in the Hollywood industry as Daenerys Targaryen in HBO's "Game of Thrones," but that isn't the only role she's landed that has made an impact. The 2019 film "Last Christmas" tells the story of a woman named Kate (Clarke) who consistently makes poor life decisions because she has no sense of direction. The aspiring singer is stuck working as an elf in costume at a Christmas store that functions all year long.


On one fateful day, she crosses paths with a man named Tom who turns her entire life upside down in an instant. This romantic comedy is ideal for Leo individuals since they tend to be likeable to just about anyone they interact with. Leos love to be surrounded by pals and they aren't afraid of trying something new. In "Last Christmas," Kate meets someone who convinces her that it's totally alright to start over from where she's at. She takes a leap and quickly realizes that it's the smartest thing she can do for her own happiness.

Virgo: The Christmas Chronicles

One thing that most Virgos have in common is that they tend to be leaders in life. They are known for being systematic, analytical, and undeniably practical. Virgos move with logic and perfectionism in mind. As they make business and relationship decisions, Virgos know how to weigh the pros and cons. One of the leading movies that comes to mind when people think about holiday flicks is Netflix's "The Christmas Chronicles." The family-friendly 2018 comedy stars Kurt Russell in the leading role of Santa Claus. The movie is about young siblings Kate and Teddy Pierce, who embark on a mission to photograph Santa while he's delivering their gifts. 


Virgo children are probably the leading group of kids to come to the conclusion that they could successfully capture a factitious figure like Santa on camera with a perfectly plotted out plan. Since Virgos are such brilliant individuals from childhood to adulthood, they would be the first group of people on the astrological chart to pull off such a feat — if Santa actually did exist in real life. A reviewer on IMDb raved, "Excellent fun! Enough humor for kids and adults. Anyone not liking this is definitely on the naughty list!"

Libra: The Night Before

Libras are social members of the zodiac chart who love being around the people that care about most. They enjoy spending time with people whether it's in a low-key environment or a party. The best holiday movie for a Libra to watch would be "The Night Before." The film is about three besties for life who not only have a lot in common, they get each other like nobody else.


They spend Christmas Eve searching high and low throughout magical New York City for the most enjoyable Christmas party ever. Some of the famous faces viewers will recognize from the movie include Seth Rogen, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Anthony Mackie, and Mindy Kaling. Libras who prioritize friendship in a big way will likely be able to resonate with the main characters of "The Night Before."

Having genuine childhood friendships isn't something every single person can relate to. Some people are mainly close to others they met during their college years or in the workforce as adults. For Libras, it doesn't necessarily matter where they met their set of pals for the first time. All that matters is that they have the freedom and ability to spend as much quality time as possible with the people they cherish.


Scorpio: Single All the Way

A lot of people are convinced that the festive season is more enjoyable to live through if you're in a happy and healthy relationship. For those who find themselves single during the holidays, it can feel like an emotional challenge to finish out the year. "Single All the Way" stars Michael Urie as a young man who is sick and tire of hearing. his family judge him for being perpetually single. He convinces his best friend to pretend to be his boyfriend in order to get his family off his back.


Scorpios typically have an abundance of energy and rarely experience a dull moment. When it comes to relationships and dating though, Scorpios can often grip a little too tightly with their partners. If a Scorpio ends up being extremely possessive or overly clingy, they can end up losing their relationship in a flash. Since Scorpios have a reputation for occasional struggles in the romance department, "Single All the Way" is the perfect holiday movie for them to watch.

Sagittarius: A Charlie Brown Christmas

Although a lot of people might believe that "A Charlie Brown Christmas" is a movie that is specifically for young audiences, adults can also enjoy the film's humor. The 1965 animated classic focuses on Charlie as he seeks to find the deeper meaning to Christmas aside from all of the flashy commercialism. He battles against his sad thoughts and depression while socializing with friends and trying to find the perfect Christmas tree.


People who fall into the Sagittarius category on the astrological chart are usually inquisitive and enjoy the mystery of life. We never know what's coming next around each corner, but Sagittarians don't think about that with fear or hesitation. Instead, Sagittarians are visionaries who use their curiosity and adaptability to be truly adventurous. If a young Sagittarian had thought-provoking questions about a holiday like Christmas, they would likely do everything in their power to get the answers they were looking for.

As Sagittarians grow older, their desire to learn and their eagerness to discover new things doesn't dwindle away. In many instances, these are the exact traits that grow stronger over time. The childlike fascination that this sign might have for any and all subjects relates to the vibe of nearly every Charlie Brown movie.


Capricorn: The Polar Express

"The Polar Express" is another animated movie that is meant for audiences of all ages. This 2004 film that follows a boy who ends up on a magical adventure while taking a ride on a train called the Polar Express, and it's on its way towards the North Pole. Along the way, the boy finds out everything there is to learn about having courage, nurturing his friendships, and appreciating what a holiday like Christmas really means.


Capricorns are stubborn, ambitious, loyal, and responsible. When you think of the main character from "The Polar Express," he seemingly fits into all of those categories. Although he is still a child, he's willing to step up to the plate to handle some very serious business while heading to Santa Claus' hometown. He addresses situations that most boys his age wouldn't have the emotional maturity to deal with. For these reasons, Capricorns watching a movie like "The Polar Express" during the holiday season makes all the sense in the world.

Aquarius: How the Grinch Stole Christmas

Sometimes when you're dealing with an Aquarian you have to go out of your way to nudge them out of their shell. This sign might naturally be more comfortable hiding behind a tough exterior, rather than revealing their more sensitive side when they're first interacting with people. They often tend to keep to themselves and like to do things their way. So, Aquarius people can easily resonate with a classic movie like "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" during the holiday season. 


Jim Carrey's version of "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" brought Dr. Seuss' green-colored, animalistic creature to life in 2000. The Grinch lives on the outskirts of a town called Whoville, where he's on a mission for revenge with plans to destroy Christmas for everyone who lives there because of the bullying he endured in his childhood. It takes him nearly the entire film to grow a heart and realize that he shouldn't be fuelled by vengeance. Eventually, the Grinch softens up and decides that he would rather be surrounded by friendship and love.

Pisces: Four Christmases

Pisces individuals are romantics at heart and feel very deeply. This sign can get a little overwhelmed putting in tons of effort when it comes to caring for their loved ones. If the feelings aren't reciprocated, Pisces people often start feeling quite frustrated. One of their biggest positives is that they can be wonderfully sympathetic and sensitive to the feelings of others.


A movie like 2008's "Four Christmases" would suit a Pisces well since it touches on plenty of comedic and emotional moments throughout each and every scene. The film stars Vince Vaughn and Reese Witherspoon in the leading roles. They play a married couple doing their best to travel to four separate destinations on Christmas Day to see both sets of their divorced parents. They don't want any of their parents to feel neglected or left out on Christmas, so they go out of their way and inconvenience themselves in the process. The fact that they are willing to put the needs of others before their own is something plenty of Pisces people can probably understand and relate to.