8 Trends That Will Transition You From Winter To Spring Seamlessly & Stylishly

Let's be honest: Fashion isn't always practical, especially when it comes to dressing for the weather. How do those models stay warm while wearing crop tops in winter? What's the secret all influencers seem to know for making heels work in the snow? And why do designers think we can wear head-to-toe leather when the temperature outside is scorching hot? We may never know.

Thankfully, this season offers several of-the-moment trends that can take you from cold winter days to breezy spring weather seamlessly. But don't mistake sensible transitional dressing for boring, uninspired looks. If the Spring/Summer 2023 collections are any indication, there's plenty of texture, poppy colors, and unexpected accessories to play around with, and your wardrobe is just begging to get in on the action.

As you pack up your bulky outerwear and add new, springy pieces to your closet, here are the eight transitional trends to try that are totally practical, without sacrificing style.

Leg warmers

Whether your style is balletcore, kawaii-chic, or all about comfort, leg warmers deserve a spot in your winter-to-spring outfits. And no, these aren't the same leg warmers your mom wore to her aerobics class in 1985. The scrunched-up accessory pairs well with almost anything and is made for those nippy spring days when you just want to keep your legs a little extra toasty. Wear them layered over tights or on their own.

The classic trench

The trench coat is back just in time for April showers, but did it ever really go away? This outerwear style is a classic that you probably already have hanging in your coat closet, and now's the perfect time to bring it out. Iconic camel iterations are always a safe choice, but if you're ready for a remix, try out a casual denim or sleek leather version, as seen on the Tod's runway.

Denim everything

Treated almost as a neutral when worn on blue jeans, denim is ready to take center stage this season. Splashed on outerwear, skirts, bags, and tops, it's an ideal transitional fabric: not too hot and heavy, but not light and airy either. "To be completely honest, I have always loved this trend and I am excited to see it back in the mainstream," stylist Allie McKenna told InStyle. "I can't wait to wear a denim maxi skirt, a corresponding denim corset top, and some chunky platforms out with my girlfriends this spring."

Bermuda shorts

Okay, so it might not be shorts weather yet, but Bermuda-length shorts are the exception. They offer a little more coverage than your standard summer pair and can mirror any personal style. Into a crisp, tailored aesthetic? Take a cue from content creator Corinn, pictured here. Still embracing technicolor dopamine dressing? Look to Amy Julliette Lefévre's neon Bermuda shorts. Prefer a more easygoing version? Copy Cecilie Moosgaard Nielsen's denim Bermuda fit.

Cowboy boots

Tired of wearing clunky snow shoes and knee-high boots? Same. Still, it's not sandal weather yet. The trending coastal cowgirl aesthetic has you covered with western boots that are easy to wear on both chilly and warm spring days. If looking like a country crooner isn't your thing, team your boots with something unexpected, like an all-pink Barbiecore outfit or a tailored blazer and jeans.

Leather outerwear

Outerwear this season is all about leather (and faux leather) — sporty racer styles, motorcycle jackets, and leathery bombers are just a few of the trendy options currently covering the backs of influencers and fashion editors. A leather jacket isn't as heavy as your winter wool coat but still warm enough for those transitional weather days. And when the mercury starts to rise, don't stow away your timeless leather goods too deep in your closet — chances are, they'll be the first thing you'll grab again when fall arrives.

Statement tights

Tights are always a spring winner — they show off your legs, without exposing your skin to the cool temperatures. But don't limit yourself to the same heavy hosiery you wore during the holidays. "Winter is great for black opaque tights, but once it starts to warm up, you can slowly opt for tights with a lower denier," stylist Shea Daspin explained to Marie Claire. Consider that an invitation to experiment with bright pantyhose, fishnets, and other statement tights. Natalie Lim Suarez, above, stuns in blue tights, but if you prefer a neutral alternative, try Kelsey Adams' pearl-covered fishnets.

Cargo pants

What does Fendi and Louis Vuitton have in common? They both sent their models strutting down the runway in cool cargo pants, skirts, and shorts this season. And they're not the only ones. "Cargo pants were featured by almost a quarter of all designers who showed during fashion month," Net-a-Porter's Market Director Libby Page revealed to The Zoe Report. There are endless ways to make the trend work for you too: dressed up with a blouse or tailored jacket, dressed down with a T-shirt or sneakers, or a combination of both.