12 Hair Trends That Will Define Summer 2023

With summer 2023 quickly approaching, now is the best time to get ahead of the game with captivating hair trends. Depending on the hair color and hair length you're currently rocking, you'll easily be able to tweak things to keep up with at least one or two of them. Another important factor to consider is the natural texture of your hair. Some hair trends will require a lot more effort based on what you're going for if the natural state of your hair is super different from the look you're trying to achieve. 

Regardless of what you're going for when it comes to your hair, keep in mind that experimenting with different trends is meant to be a fun and exciting thing to do. If there are specific hair trends you'd rather shy away from because you don't want to change things too drastically, it isn't a problem. Narrow down hair trends that excite you the most based on what aesthetically draws you in.

Shaggy bangs

Cutting bangs across your forehead might not have been on your radar, but it certainly should be now. Think about cutting your bangs in a shaggy manner that separates in a bouncy and playful way. Shaggy bangs stand alone for being trendy since they're way more fun than typical curtain bangs or overly blunt pin-up style bangs.

French twist bun

There's no reason to rock your hair in a boring bun if you have the chance to opt for a French twist bun instead. Messy buns will never go out of style since they have you looking effortlessly chic while running simple errands around town. You can take your messy bun to the next level by French twisting it in the back.

Bedhead curls

You'll be relieved to know that bedhead curls are on trend for summer 2023. The best thing about bedhead curls is that they don't require an endless amount of effort. Once you roll out of bed, embrace the natural way your hair flows without manipulating it too much with products and tools.

Choppy layers

Once upon a time, we were told that choppy layers weren't the best look to rock as a hairstyle. In reality, choppy layers are actually super trendy in 2023. Your layers don't have to perfectly blend into each other if you're attempting to go for a purposely choppy, layered look.

Middle part for straight hair

Don't let anyone tell you that parting your straight hair in the middle is a boring hairstyle to go for. This is an iconic hairstyle that has continued to resurface for decades. Back in the '60s and '70s, women were wearing their straight hair parted down the middle often, and the glamour of that look has never faded.

Tall bun

Give yourself a few extra inches of height by going for a tall bun during the summer of 2023. You can accomplish this look with your own natural hair, or you can braid your hair up into long, thin, individual braids that can then be tied to gather in a solid bun at the top of your head.

The Rachel Cut

Ever since "Friends" premiered on television back in the '90s, loads of people have opted for the "Rachel Cut" in an attempt to emulate Jennifer Aniston's iconic appearance while filming the show. Now in 2023, the hairstyle is back in full force. It's trendier than ever to cut your hair in the same way exact way Rachel once did.

Sultry '70s feathered flip

We might be several decades beyond the '70s at this point, but that doesn't mean hairstyles from that era aren't still thought of as gorgeous. You'll feel like you hopped into a time machine by styling your hair in an iconic feathered and flipped manner, but it will be totally worthwhile for the final results. Make sure to curl your hair outward and away from your face to get the look.

Super-long extensions

Super-long extensions will never get old. If you're the type of person who loves going back and forth between short and long hairstyles every once in a while, the easiest way to accomplish that would be chopping your hair and opting for extensions or other sultry clip-ins on nights when you think they'd make a great addition to your overall appearance.

All-natural braid out

Natural braid-outs are absolutely fabulous for people who have incredible curl patterns to start with. The trick with styling natural hair this way is falling asleep with your hair fully braided up and full of leave-in deep conditioner or moisturizer. Once you wake up in the morning, unbraid your hair and enjoy the glorious results.

Mermaid waves

There's something super ethereal about wearing your hair in mermaid waves. Think about Disney's "The Little Mermaid" from Disney, for example. Ariel's hair was always flowing softly in waves around her face and body as she swam through the ocean. Being able to pull off a hairstyle like this will have you feeling like a princess.

Simple side bangs

Although side bangs are a simple style to achieve, they still stand alone for being attractive and special. People on social media have been obsessed with middle parts for a while now, but that doesn't mean side bangs don't also deserve their time to shine during summer 2023.