6 Tips For Looking Your Best On A Bike For A Stylish Ride

Do you remember the dark days during the pandemic when we were only allowed to go on walks, social distance at the beach, and go on bike rides? We couldn't step foot in places with huge crowds for fear of catching the disease. So, we would try to look our best when we could go anywhere. For example, dressing up to go grocery shopping because it was the only time you'd see other people, and it was better than wearing sweats and a hoodie. The pandemic got the best of us by roping us into buying things we didn't need from Amazon, different clothing companies, and Target, where we bought every trending item.

Even though we didn't have many places to wear our new pieces, bike riding became a popular activity during the lockdown. We used it as an advantage to wearing everything we had bought. Fast forward a few years, and we still see people bike riding for fun instead of something to pass the time with. You might think that bike riding outfits consist of only workout clothes, but it's more than that. You can wear anything on your bike ride; the possibilities are endless, from business to casual to dressy. If you're stumped on what to wear, here are a few tips to consider the next time you pick an outfit for a stylish ride.

Wear a puff sleeve top

When bike riding, the bike covers most of your bottom half, so you want your shirt to be the center of attention. You can wear a cute puff-sleeve top for a bike ride around town or the beach. Any shirt with balloon sleeves is chic and makes a great statement piece for any outfit. In addition, puff sleeve tops complement any outfit. So, if you're bike riding during the day, pair the top with shorts and your go-to sneakers for an effortless look. Change into jeans or a maxi skirt for a nighttime outfit.

Wear a pair of shorts

While you want to look stylish riding your bike, you also want it to be smooth, so wearing long skirts or dresses can sometimes make it difficult to peddle. Wearing shorts will make peddling easier and spruce up any outfit (FYI, long lengthed shorts are in right now). Find shorts in different colors to wear with neutral or fun printed tops. For example, this outfit consists of white shorts, an orange one-shoulder top, and a superb leather jacket ideal for a bike ride. You can opt for a more casual look with a basic tee.

Go for a matching set

Matching monochromatic sets is fun and requires no thought other than picking the color to wear. You can go for a short set for warmer weather or sweats if the weather is cooler. You can also mix and match a set by wearing sweat shorts and a matching sweatshirt or basic tank top. This matching purple short sleeve shirt and shorts are lightweight and bright, ideal for spring and summer. On the other hand, you can wear a matching set that complements the color of your bike to create a cohesive look.

Carry layers for cooler weather

Even the warmest weeks have a few cold days, so carrying layers, like a cardigan, can keep you warm when the wind picks up on your bike ride. Wear a layering piece with pops of color or exciting accents, like this white cardigan with cherries hanging from the sleeves. The cardigan elevates the jeans and white top outfit. You can make changes to fit your style by switching the cardigan with a lightweight zip-up hoodie or a plaid shacket that will still keep you warm.

Wear a mini dress

We mentioned how long shirts and dresses aren't the best options for bike riding. However, mini dresses are the exception since they let your legs move easily while you're peddling. There are many different styles, prints, and patterns, like this gorgeous pink floral printed wrap dress. It has balloon puff sleeves and a ruffled hem creating a flirty outfit. The only downside to wearing a dress is the front might fly up if you're riding in the wind, but wearing a crossbody bag can help weigh it down and keep it in place.

Always accessorize

You can be wearing a mundane outfit, but adding a few accessories can change the entire feel and look. For example, denim shorts and a basic black tank are substantial for a bike ride and being at the beach, but pairing them with some sunnies and a stylish hat makes the outfit more interesting. In addition, you can wear a bucket hat or dad hat if you don't like a big straw hat. Bucket and dad hats are also available in different colors and patterns, so you can easily match them to your wardrobe.