The 'Momager Crop' Is The Sleek, Low-Effort Hairstyle That Will Stay Out Of Your Way

The momager crop may have been around for a long time, but it wasn't until reality television star Kris Jenner rose to fame that it was dubbed the haircut perfect for a woman who is super busy and needs a low-maintenance hairstyle that still looks fantastic.

While the cut is most famously tied to Kris Jenner, who is the most well-known momager (the mother-slash-manager of her famed Kar-Jenner children, hence the portmanteau slang word "momager"), celebrities like Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Stone have also explored the short haircut.

Since it is so short, it's very easy to style, which makes it the perfect haircut for those who don't want to spend hours readying their hair. However, even though it's low maintenance, it still offers plenty of variety. You can keep it messy, style it ultra-sleek, or even do an intricate hairstyle. The momager crop has become a popular choice of haircut regardless of age or background, so if you're looking for a change this year — going short might be the answer!

The momager crop with messy straight-across bangs is edgy and cool

One of the most famous momager crop styles is with thick straight, across bangs. A haircut like this is particularly versatile as the long pieces can also be brushed back or to the side. Whether you like a sleek or slightly more messy hairstyle, the momager crop can do both.

The momager crop also looks fantastic with side bangs

If you're someone who prefers side bangs to straight across bangs, worry not: The momager crop can do both. All you need to do is ask your hairstylist to keep the front slightly longer than they would for straight-across bangs. This way, when you swoop them to the side, there's enough length for them to fall naturally and blend in with the rest of your hair.

This haircut also works for curly hair

A lot of people with super curly hair may hesitate to try a momager crop because of concerns that it won't suit their texture. However, a momager crop looks incredible on curly hair — all you have to do is ensure your hairstylist keeps the cut slightly longer than he would for someone with straight hair, as curly hair will naturally shrink once it dries. This will ensure that the end result is just right and that your curls have enough room to spring back into shape.

A momager crop can look super sleek and glamorous

If you like sleek straight hair that is out of your face — this cut is made for you. With a little bit of hair styling product, you can easily slick your hair into place so that it looks put together and cute all day long. Since the hair is out of your face, feel free to go heavier with the makeup and jewelry.

A momager short shag is a fun twist on the look

A momager crop doesn't have to be ultra-short in the back. In fact, if you love a good retro hairstyle, consider going for a momager shag — a much shorter version of the classic shag haircut. Since this style has plenty of layers and blended pieces, it gives your hair lots of volume and bounce.

Since the cut is short, it's perfect for experimenting with bright colors

Anyone with long hair knows just how much dedication and time it takes to dramatically change your hair color. However, those with shorter hair often find it easier as it is generally healthier, and there's much less of it to work on. This means that a momager crop is a great base for experimenting with different hair colors, including bold and bright choices.

Leaving longer pieces in the front gives a funky asymmetrical look

A super short momager crop can definitely be very intimidating, which is why starting out with a slightly longer one is a great option. You can ask your hairstylist to shorten the back while keeping the front cheek-length. This will allow you to adapt to short hair more easily, and once you're ready, you can go even shorter.

Micro bangs are a fun way to modernize the look

Those who are not intimidated by the momager crop should consider getting one with dramatic micro bangs. This haircut is the epitome of confidence and looks modern and chic. However, it also requires regular trimming as the micro bangs tend to grow out quickly, giving you the classic momager crop with straight across bangs.

A momager crop can give you so much volume

Since a momager crop is a short haircut, it gives your hair plenty of bounce and allows you to easily achieve over-the-top volume. Additionally, the short length can help make your hair appear thicker, making it a great option for those with fine or thin hair. With your hair being cut like this, you can easily use hair styling products to get dramatic results.

It's a great haircut for the slicked-back wet look

While you can create the popular wet hair look on any hair length, shorter hair is generally the best choice. To recreate this look, all you have to do is use some hair gel or mousse to slick it back and then apply some shine spray to set it in place and give it that shiny wet appearance.

Curling the ends out gives a fun retro vibe

A momager crop is everything but boring — especially since you can actually style it in so many different ways. If you have a slightly longer momager crop, curling the ends outwards will give it a fun and flirty look that is perfect for any occasion.

A momager crop is super low maintenance

Here's the thing: You can style your momager crop sleek or create lots of volume with it, but if your hairstylist takes into account your natural hair texture when there cutting your hair, your momager crop should dry into place on its own, making this haircut one of the most low-maintenance ones.

And even though it's short, you can still rock numerous hairstyles

One of the main reasons people tend to be afraid of short haircuts is because they worry they won't be able to do different hairstyles anymore. However, since the momager crop has slightly longer pieces in the front, it allows you to still create cute hairstyles, including French braids, twists, or even little space buns.

The momager crop is the perfect summer haircut

If you've always wanted to explore a shorter haircut like the momager crop, summer is definitely the time to do it. Since this is a short haircut, it is a perfect choice for the warmer months. After all, anyone with long hair knows just how annoying it can be during summertime, especially when you constantly need to tie it up.

The haircut looks trendy no matter your age

Kris Jenner has been rocking the momager crop for decades, and today it is clear that this haircut works for any age and hair texture. After all, no matter what age you are, changing your hair is always fun, and opting for an easygoing and chic haircut that doesn't need much styling will only make your life easier.