The Beau Bob Is The Chic & Classic Look To Try

Rocking a short hairstyle has many perks, especially during the summer, but choosing the right cropped haircut can be a tad overwhelming. As the weather gets hotter, more and more variations of bobs and lobs start popping up. So far, this year's offerings have included the bullet bob, the job, the contour bob, and the bedhead bob trend, just to name a few. Each style brings a fun creative twist on the short hair look, but if you're trying to weed through your options to find a simple, classic style, there's only one phrase you need in your short hair lexicon: beau bob.

A beau bob is the chin-grazing, chic short hairstyle that encapsulates everything you want from a timeless bob. You can wear this haircut in several ways, but the main feature is the angle of the silhouette, which follows the line of your jaw to the nape of your neck. This length gives you the effortless beauty of a French bob, but with a slightly more tapered shape that allows for easy styling. Adhering to the contour of your jawbone, a beau bob can flatter any face shape and work for any hair texture or density, making it the best choice for a short haircut that feels fresh and modern without committing to fleeting trends.

Sleek beau bob with bangs

For a full-on Anna Wintour vibe, get a beau bob with bangs and wear it straight. The straightened hair will highlight the clean line of the graduated length and give you a glamorous, high-fashion aesthetic. For a more voluminous result, get a blowout for a smooth shape but plenty of body. Straight-across bangs aren't mandatory for this look; you could also try this style with curtain bangs or a subtle side fringe.

Beau bob with a pop of color

Classic doesn't mean boring. To spice up a beau bob, consider dyeing your hair a vibrant pastel shade for summer. The color will add flair to your cropped hairdo by creating a contrast that accentuates the style's striking shape. If you want to avoid permanent or semi-permanent dye, look for a hair tint or color-depositing conditioner for some temporary fun.

Beau bob with a side part

Beau bobs are quite versatile, and look just as good with a side part as they do with a center part. If you're a die-hard side part girl, a beau bob is one of the best ways to have a mod, sleek, short haircut that can accommodate the dynamic movement of a side part. Sport a tousled beau bob with an off-center part or style a deep, smoothed-out side part that pulls inspiration from old Hollywood glamour.