Satin Slip Nails Are Summer's Sultriest Manicure Style

Any fan of beauty and fashion trends knows that satin is one of the most fun and exciting fabrics to work with. Although there are plenty of ways to incorporate satin into your life, the newest trend is all about translating it to your nails. 

Satin slip nails, inspired by Y2K fashion, are taking over social media. The soft and texturized effect of these nails can only happen by adding a shimmer top coat on your nails, or a polish that already includes this near-metallic finish. Not only are these nails optimal for any special event where you want a more elegant look, but they're the perfect day-to-day nail to go with everything in your wardrobe. Match your satin nails with your satin slip dress for the ultimate satin vibe.

If you're tired of glazed donut nails or chrome nails, satin manicures are the perfect in-between to carry you through the season.

Cream white satin slip nails

If you're on the search for nails that will suit any event or occasion, you can never go wrong with a creamy white. Going with this off-white color will make the manicure less formal and more wearable for your daily activities. However, they're also the perfect shade in case any emergency formal event should arise. Add your satin finish to your nails for an extra pop of shimmer that will glisten under the summer sun.

Nude pink satin slip nails

Nude pink is the perfect shade to give you a hint of color without going with something too overwhelming, as anything softer can often be too transparent and lack that extra punch. With the satin finish, this color will look almost like your nails are shining on their own.

Vivid satin slip nails

Bright and vibrant shades will help emphasize the glimmering finish of this manicure in the most ideal way. Adding the satin finish is the best way to help create a more sophisticated and mature manicure in a saturated color, to avoid having it look like a child's nail design.

Red satin slip nails

For as long as they're around, red will always be a classic nail color, in any season. Whether it's summer or winter, you can't avoid seeing red nails everywhere, and the satin finish is the perfect way to set your red manicure apart from more traditional crimson nails.

Baby pink satin slip nails

The summer season is the perfect time to introduce pink into your personal style. These baby pink satin nails are another variation of this trend that will give you a soft and subtle look. For many, the summer season is the time to pull out all of the airy feminine clothing items, and this shade is the best addition to this wardrobe.

Sheer satin nails

Everyone is loving the vanilla girl beauty look right now, which makes a sheer satin nail the perfect way to add some shimmer to your nails. Many adore the look of clean nails but can miss the glamour and fun of having some texture in their manicures. Simply add your satin finish to a nude base to create a barely-there nail look.

Rose gold satin nails

Who doesn't love adding a little shiny metal touch to their wardrobe? While gold and silver are common, rose gold is a unique twist to typical metal shades. Rose gold with a satin finish will shine bright in the sun, making the ultimate manicure if you want some extra oomph. If you are in the mood for something different that still matches everything, you can't go wrong with a rose gold shade.

Purple satin slip nails

Purple can be a tricky hue to play with in your manicures. Although it's a fun shade, it can start to look childish quickly. Avoid this issue by adding a texture like satin to help elevate your color. You can also opt for darker or lighter shades of purple, which will be much easier to rock daily. 

Satin slip French nails

You can never go wrong with a French manicure, especially when you give it a unique twist. Give your French tips a satin finish in a bold color to give them extra shine and detail. Since French manicures are always in season, this nail combination is ideal to wear year-round.

Cobalt blue satin slip nails

Cobalt blue is already taking over fashion trends and runways, so there's no reason why it can't take over our nails as well. This electrifying color is perfect to showcase the texture and details of the satin slip nails, without sacrificing the charm and elegance. The shade is just as chic as it is bold. If you're looking for a shade that will merge modern and classic, you can find it in cobalt blue. Looking for other variations? Try royal and electric blue to achieve a similar vibe.