From Head To Toe, You're Going To Want Raffia Accessories In Your Warm-Weather Wardrobe

Whether you're going on a vacation or staying home this summer, you are going to need classic summer accessories in your wardrobe. As the weather heats up, our accessories game should as well. Raffia has long been a summer favorite texture, as it is lightweight, breathable, and gives a nod to tropical weather. Fashion designers have decided to amplify the raffia look this year, sending subtle nods out into the luxury fashion space and consumers have taken notice. The Prada raffia tote is just one example of how the trend has made waves in the fashion community. It has been one of the most sought-after bags over recent years, with celebrities and influencers snatching it up for themselves — such as Chiara Ferragini, who posted to her Instagram wearing the pink version.

Raffia has taken on a new fashion-forward form this year, as a texture on all our classic summer accessories. Here are our seven favorite ways to wear the raffia accessories trend this season.


Headbands are the most sought-after accessory this year, so it only makes sense to combine them with trendy raffia. In themselves, headbands are a preppy accessory, but when combined with raffia, they give off the coastal grandmother vibe of our dreams. Combine the accessory with other coastal grandmother favorites such as a white flowy top, maxi skirts, and beach motif jewelry for the ultimate summer look.


Raffia and earrings are not two words many people would think to put together, yet when combined, they create a bohemian look like no other. We have seen earrings that feature raffia in a variety of different ways, including drop ball earrings, raffia hoops, and raffia studs. Fashion Instagram influencer @blushandblooms showcases her raffia earrings that feature a dramatic drop.


Raffia handbags are not a new concept, but they are now expanding beyond the traditional beach tote. Designer brands are making their classic handbags in new raffia forms. Prada is just one example as they have taken their trendy triangle bag and swapped out the leather for raffia to create the raffia Prada triangle bag.


Raffia belts are a great way to spice up your favorite summer outfits. Try using a raffia belt to cinch in the waist of your favorite dress this summer. The belt will add more shape to the look without taking away from the overall beachy feel of the dress.


Wear raffia from head to toe with a pair of raffia sandals. These shoes are a great final touch to any warm-weather outfit. Raffia sandals come in a variety of styles, so there are options for every look. Raffia platform shoes are our personal favorites as they combine one shoe trend of the moment with the classic raffia texture.

Bucket hats

Bucket hats are one of the many Y2K trends that we are keeping in our wardrobe rotation this summer. Adding raffia to this hat style makes for the ultimate beach accessory — and designers agree. Jacquemus, for example, featured multiple raffia bucket hats in its spring/summer 2023 show.

Sun visors

Another '90s trend making a comeback in the sun visor. Visors fit in perfectly with many new and trending aesthetics such as Y2K fashion, coastal grandmother, and old money. Add the raffia trend to your favorite visor for a modern summer look that is perfect for the beach and beyond.