McDonald's Bangs Are The Volumizing Hair Trend That Gives You Golden Arches On Your Head

Let's talk hair. What's the newest hair trend on the TikTok horizon, you may ask? Well, readers, it's none other than McDonald's bangs. Yes, that McDonald's. But do not fret, it's not an allusion to embracing greasy hair or lovin' your fried ends. Never that. The yummy, oh-so-greasy fast food of Mickey D's is apparently not the only awe-inspiring aspect of the franchise — the brilliant golden arches of the McDonald's logo take center stage as the muse for this particular hair trend. Big hair is in, and big archy bangs are following suit. And yes, we're very much lovin' that.

A scroll through the land of BeautyTok will make it obvious that curtain bangs are more stylish than ever before and very reminiscent of '80s big hair trends. Only much cuter. But what is the best way to style them at home? Just shape your bangs in the likeness of the famous Golden Arches with the help of a round brush and a hair dryer.

Glorious golden arches

We promise the execution of McDonald's bangs is better than the name suggests. Again, no greasiness, no fried ends. Only deliciously luscious curtain bangs. Let us try to sell you on this — don't think of the fast food chain at all, instead think exclusively of those glorious Golden Arches that are so emblematic of the brand. Now, imagine the shape of those same arches cascading down the sides of the forehead and framing your own angelic face. Now, that's something we can all get on board with.

Not just for blondes

The famous Golden Arches are, you guessed it, golden. But are McDonald's bangs just for blondes? Of course not! Those arches may be made of mouth-watering yellow fries (anyone else hungry suddenly?), but the swoopy hairstyle is suitable for everyone. Blondes, brunettes, redheads, and everything in between. In fact, we'd bet Ronald McDonald himself would be lovin' this hair trend. Is it time for a rebrand? Bring Ronald back, and give the guy a well-deserved blowout.

The influencer hairdo

Seen on the likes of Matilda Djerf and Emma Chamberlain, McDonald's bangs are sure to make a bang (pun definitely intended) on social media. We're seeing this trend slowly trickle outside the bounds of BeautyTok, and influencers are starting to catch on. Matilda Djerf, herself, has favored curtain bangs and big hair for years, and her impact in popularizing this hair among her peers is undeniable. Influencers' eclectic styles require an adaptable hairstyle, and McDonald's bangs deliver. Dressy or casual, these bangs are a statement of their own.

To fry or not to fry

Many hairstyles today require heat to mold and maintain. McDonald's bangs do not. Curtain bangs and big, voluminous hair have been around for ages. And women back then had heating tools even more damaging to the hair than today's, and so many made do with heat-free curling rods and hair rollers. If your hair is amenable to heatless curling methods, you're all set — simply put in your rollers in the morning and go about your beauty routine. Once you're done, your bangs will be golden and ready to go.