Hologram Eyes Are The Bright And Shimmery Look You'll Love This Summer

Summer is officially upon us, and so are some of the best summer trends to come about in quite a while. With mermaidcore and Barbiecore taking center stage for the season of fun in the sun, there's another trend that pairs perfectly with sunlight while looking equally as in vogue indoors: hologram eyes.

To fully command this futuristic makeup trend, you must first understand what an actual hologram is, though admittedly the term just seems to conjure images from the Star Wars franchise or a coveted rare holographic Pokemon card. According to Live Science, a hologram comes from a type of photography known as holography, which captures images utilizing the separation of the light spectrum, thus creating an image with a rainbow aura. The subject captured by holography, which effectively becomes a hologram, often appears multi-dimensional or 3D due to the way the light is spread across the field of vision.

With hologram eyes, the application of makeup is similar to the way holography scatters the various colors of light. Here's how you can virtually see into the future with this colorful trend.

Start with a neutral base coat

Before you plunge into the holographic rainbow, start with a base of concealer or foundation to set the groundwork for the glistening hologram journey you're about to go on. Having a neutral base of makeup beneath your holographic colors will allow the array of vivid pigments layered on top to pop, almost like they're in 3D! Huda Beauty advises ridding your skin of excess oil prior to any product application. After allowing the base makeup to settle, you can begin layering your vibrant colors of choice.

Paint a rainbow across your eyelids

At the core of holography, and therefore at the core of hologram eye makeup, is the separation of the colors within the light spectrum. The one rule of creating holographic makeup looks is to rely on the use of eye-catching colors to bring attention to the respective rainbow-saturated area. Challenge yourself to truly lean into the playfulness and creativity of creating holographic light spectrums across your eyelids!

Power down with a powdery hologram

If you aren't someone who enjoys wearing neon makeup, or even overly bright looks, then give a subdued powdery form of hologram eyes a try instead. You can either use softer shades of your favorite colors to create a powered-down hologram variation or apply actual powder on top of your colorful eye shadow to tone down the intensity. Leaving some of the glistening shine in the areas of your inner eyes and very subtly across the outer edge of your eyeliner can embellish the holographic effect without overwhelming your look.

Curate a colorful sliver with holographic eyeliner

If you would rather dip your toe in the hologram eye makeup trend, go for holographic eyeliner instead of covering your entire eyelid. Celebrities like Hailey Bieber have taken to the linear trend. Having subtle lines that deliver bursts of color, particularly when stemming from the inner eye area or curling upward from the outer edge of your eyes, can result in a mesmerizing makeup creation you'll find yourself wanting to wear all the time!

Add iridescent glitter for a holographic sparkle

Going back to the basics of holographic makeup, you pretty much can't have the full experience of adorning hologram eyes without a healthy dose of glitter. Sugar Cosmetics recommends incorporating various makeup products, from eyeshadows to eyeliners and more, with elements of two-toned color infusions and aspects of matte shimmer and iridescent highlighter. Try sprinkling iridescent glitter on top of your rainbow eye makeup for even more oomph.

Create hologram-inspired prisms beneath your eyes

One way to put a creative spin on hologram eyes is to take it beneath your eyes. Colloquially termed as "Hologram Prism Undereyes" by Instagram user @zeniasglamcorner, you can use your iridescent eyeshadow palette to create a holographic rainbow beneath your eyes, even running down your cheeks. Returning to the roots of holography, the look pays tribute to the separation of the light spectrum's wealth of colors within the prism, though you can absolutely be creative with color combinations!

Go all out with a multi-dimensional look

If holographic makeup in its colorful glory with its illusion of being in 3D doesn't quite suffice, then this is your sign to make the look multi-dimensional for real! Earlier this year, Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid wore feathers on their eyelashes while walking the runway, subsequently initiating a plumed trend. Combine feathered eyelashes, which come in a variety of faux eyelash options, with hologram eyes and you've got a combination meant for all of summer's glory. Sprinkle some glitter on top for extra glitzy glamour!