'Witchy Brunette': The Summer Hair Color For The 'It's Halfway To Halloween' Girlies

It's kind of funny that you can generally tell what season it is purely based on what hair color is trending. While winter finds people opting for darker shades, the onset of summer generally means heading into the salon to get whatever shade of blond is trending that year. Listen, there's nothing wrong with going lighter when the weather warms up, but for some of us, light and bright shades simply aren't the vibe. Fortunately for you, there's an anti-summer hair color getting some major attention, and it's giving serious Halloween vibes for all you fall-obsessed babes — so much so that it's been aptly dubbed "witchy brunette."

Unlike the recent candlelit brunette trend, witchy brunette hair will generally take your hair to the darkest brown shade possible. It's a delightfully moody look for the summer months, and we love the hint of rebellion and edge it gives to anyone sporting it. If you consider yourself a bit of a mystic who marches to the beat of her own drum, witchy brunette may be just the summer hair color for you.

Make your standard summer photo sesh a bit edgy

We get it: Summer is the perfect time to capture all your best carefree moments on film, and you don't want to dampen the summer vibe by taking your hair too dark. We say do it anyway and use your new witchy vibe to bring some edge to your summer photo sessions. Sure, everyone expects a bit of witchy-ness in a fall photo, but now's your chance to throw them for a loop like the rebel you are.

Capture the witchy aesthetic with greenery

Do you consider yourself more of a green, apothecary witch type? You have a garden full of herbs and flowers that you love to make concoctions out of, and you've finally decided to dye your hair to match. Harness your inner spell-caster with a witchy brunette shade — bonus points if you have a cute kitten to keep you company as you garden.

Witchy brunette is a great complement for green eyes

If you have beautiful, bright green eyes, we think you should dye your hair witchy brunette stat. Witchy brunette is a stunning shade that, when contrasted with lighter green eyes, makes them pop like nothing else. The same goes for bright blue eyes or even warm hazel — witchy brunette shades will look killer on you. 

Wear it with black for an ultra-rebellious look

We get it — summer really just isn't your thing. Nothing about it fits your vibe — from the beach to the bright colors — and even lighter neutrals don't do the trick for you when it comes to fashion. Don't fight it, friend; embrace it. Wear black clothes with your witchy brunette hair (and add a black hat to really go all out) to leave nobody wondering what your favorite season really is. 

Witchy brunette looks great with a cowboy hat

On the other hand, maybe you're trying to strike a happy medium. Though summer definitely isn't your favorite season, you're not totally anti-summer, and you need something to balance out your new witchy brunette hair. If this is the case, go ahead and wear a cowboy hat (or even a floppy sun hat) the next time you embark on some summer activities. You'll still look edgy enough to be slightly intimidating, but not totally unapproachable.

Give it some beachy waves for a fun, flirty look

Listen, nobody said you have to stick with the same vibe all summer long. Witchy brunette hair may feel like a long-term commitment to the dark side that you're just not ready to make. If this is the boat you're in, we're happy to report that a witchy brunette shade is more versatile than it may seem on the surface. Want to turn your dark locks into a fun, flirty look? Simply give them some messy, undone beach waves, and nobody will doubt that you're ready to party this summer.

Make your witchy brunette pop when you wear white

On some days, you may want your witchy brunette hair to take center stage. Keeping the rest of your look light and casual can help achieve this — the contrast to your dark hair will leave nobody guessing what your favorite part of your look is. Wear an all-white ensemble (and add some white or gold jewelry) on days you want your witchy brunette hair to really pop. 

Pull it back to get a still-edgy look on hot days

One of the best things about witchy brunette hair is that it'll always add at least a tad of edge to any look no matter how you style it, meaning that you can still wear it up when the weather gets hot. Pull it back into a sleek ponytail for a sophisticated look or leave it loose with some hanging tendrils to tone it down.

Wear your witchy brunette hair as braids

Braided hairstyles are great for the summer, as they help keep long, thick locks off your neck to keep you cool. We love braided styles on witchy brunette shades especially, as they offer another way to keep your vibe fun and flirty even on your darkest of (hair) days.

Give darker tones some layers for dimension

Are you going to take the witchy brunette ball and run with it? We're all for it, but let us give you one word of advice before you head to the salon: Add some layers to the mix. Long layers are universally flattering, and they can add some much-needed dimension to dark hair that isn't sporting undertones.  

Wear it straight for a cutting-edge look

For some of us, the only vibe we want to exude year-round is one of dark, edgy grit. If this sounds right up your alley, we're all for it. Opt for a dark shade of witchy brunette hair, and to make your look super sharp, wear it straight. Bonus points if you pair your new dark locks with some edgy fringe bangs. 

Make it ombré for an easier light-to-dark transition

Okay, so you're half convinced. Witchy brunette may be the color for you this summer, but it also may not be — maybe you're not ready to take the plunge. This is totally okay. Instead, go for a witchy brunette that fades into a lighter shade down the length of your hair. It's an easy way to take the witchy brunette trend for a test drive without fully committing. 

Soften it with big, voluminous curls

Yes, witchy brunette hair looks stunningly edgy when straight, but it also makes a huge statement when worn in big cascading curls. In case you missed it, major volume and curls are in, and the witchy brunette trend is no exception. Go ahead and sport your natural curly volume or throw your hair into rollers to get a softer take on the trend that's still just as stunning.