Double-Lining Is The Moody Yet Soft Eye Look Trending This Summer

You can embrace a soft look and moody makeup this summer with double-lining. Since the term refers to a style where you apply eyeliner on both the top and bottom lash lines, you might assume that this is too old-school for you. While it's definitely inspired by a now-retro trend, the contemporary technique involves wearing your eyeliner in a way that is both chic and versatile. That means you should be able to wear it throughout the day and for various occasions. But you should know why applying both the top and bottom liners properly is important to nail the modern version of this look.

"Using a dark liner on the bottom without a liner on the top makes the eye feel unbalanced and bottom-heavy, dragging the eyes down," Fiona Stiles, celebrity makeup artist, told Glamour. The same could be said if you make the top liner too dramatic. At the same time, you still want the upper liner to anchor the eye and not allow it to be overwhelmed by the lower liner. Instead, Stiles says that it's best if the liner on the bottom is lighter than what you've applied on top. She explains, "This will still give you definition, but feels softer and more flattering."

Of course, that's just one part of making this look work for you. You also need to decide what kind of double-lining you'd like to try first — because there happen to be a few ways to slay this stylish trend.

Double-lining with partial bottom liner

You can test out the modern double-lining look without opting for anything too extreme by trying just a touch of bottom liner. By adding a hint of eyeliner to the outer corner of your lower lash line, you'll achieve an effect that frames each eye without being too dark or making your eyes look smaller. As for the top liner, you can wear it the same way you normally would — or apply it a little lighter, since it isn't having to define your eyes alone.

Double-lining with subtle bottom liner

Once you're feeling a little more confident in your ability to nail the double-lining look, then you can take it a step further. To do so, keep your upper liner the same as you normally would, and then simply extend the eyeliner along the entire bottom lash line. However, to keep things subtle, you can lightly drag or dab the liner across your lashes without putting down a thick, dark line. With you a touch of framing, it's an almost imperceptible way to define your eyes.

Full top and bottom double-lining

In the past, wearing dark and clearly visible eyeliner across your entire top and bottom lashlines meant that you'd likely end up smudging it during the oh-so-careful application. You might have also ended up with eyeliner that was more than just a little messy by the end of the day. Fortunately, makeup nowadays tends to be long-lasting while tools used to apply them are much more precise. That's why you can slay full top and bottom liner all day without worrying about it smearing — or having to touch it up.

Double-lining with bottom waterline liner

Wearing eyeliner on your bottom waterline is another trend that's hit the mainstream when it comes to savvy makeup lovers. That's why you might want to combine it with your double-lining look. Giving you a super-tight line on the bottom — which is why it's also called tightlining — you can draw it from one side to the other and even connect on the inner corner. Just keep in mind that this is an occasional option, as wearing eyeliner on your waterline too often can have harmful effects — according to a TikTok video from Dr. Brittani Carver-Schemper.

Double-lining with white waterline

Make your eyes pop even more by finishing off your double-lining look with a white waterline. While the former will frame your eyes in a flattering way, it might also make them look smaller if you use a thick line or dark color like black or brown. Adding a bit of white to your waterline is a quick and easy way to open the eyes back up. Of course, this is another look that isn't meant to be worn every day, since you don't want to clog the glands along your waterline.

Double-lining with sharp cat-eye liner

If you achieve cat-eye or winged liner that's fabulously sharp but has nothing on the bottom, then you might feel like your look is a bit uneven. Address that issue by opting for double-lining. Although you could choose any of the subtle or more obvious choices above, you could also try something that takes the look up a notch. Start by applying eyeliner to your waterline. Next, add a touch of liner outside of the waterline and connect it to the wing above it. You'll be left with a look that's cohesive, contemporary, and chic.