Dip-Dye Is The Elevated Version Of Summer Camp Tie-Dye (But It Brings Nostalgia All The Same)

They say fashion trends are circular, but that doesn't mean you should only look to designer collections from years past to predict what might come next — even your elementary school-era wardrobe can be a source of inspiration. Case in point: the dip-dye trend. Like your favorite childhood tie-dye T-shirt, dip-dye offers a pretty gradient of multiple colors, though without the rings tie-dye is known for. The effect is sleek and elevated, with just a touch of bohemian flair.

To try dip-dye, without falling for its childhood counterpart (though really, if you still want to rock your throwback tie-dye garments, we wouldn't blame you), look for pieces that have soft ombré color-blocking, sunset-style fading, and blotchy streaks of color. Designers including Courrèges and Ferragamo have sent their own iterations down the runway, but the style is just as easy to pull off on the streets — no rubber bands and DIY pigment required.

Skirts make for the perfect dip-dye canvas

Wish you could recreate that stunning horizon backdrop spotted in your photos? You can, but in clothing form. Long maxi skirts are a beginner-friendly way to try dip-dye because they offer plenty of space for eye-catching color gradients, plus they're easy to style with simple tops. Channel the stratosphere with shades of blue, white, and black.

Dip-dye your denim

If sleek maxi skirts don't quite fit your aesthetic but the trendy denim midi skirt does, no worries — you can still experiment with dip-dye by wearing a jean skirt splashed with multi-hued blues. Look for pops of indigo mixed with lighter, distressed patches for a subtle effect. Or, to really commit to the dip-dye trend, opt for slightly harsher lines like those seen on Marni's shorter A-line version.

Try an ombré set

Head-to-toe summer camp tie-dye might feel like overkill, but soft dip-dye in cotton candy pastels doesn't feel so overwhelming when worn from top to bottom. Look for a matching co-ord set to take the guesswork out of styling dip-dye pieces, and keep the rest of the look simple — a little necklace or neutral pair of strappy sandals should do.

Turn yourself into a watercolor masterpiece

Wet look moments are everywhere, and a sheer dip-dye dress is one of the chicest ways to embrace ocean-y vibes while staying on dry land. Keep an eye out for frocks with soft, watercolor-esque prints in various shades of aquamarine, and don't be afraid to don it anywhere from the beach to your favorite bistro (just don't forget your shoes).

Taste the rainbow

Sure, dip-dye might be the grown-up equivalent of tie-dye, but that doesn't mean it can't be youthful. If you're a sucker for anything colorful, don't shy away from rainbow-colored dip-dye pieces like the bright and bold dress seen here. A combo of pink, yellow, sky blue, and lavender is super fun, and the soft gradient between each hue keeps it looking flattering on the body (as opposed to thick stripes and other harsh prints).

Keep it casual

Dip-dye can be dressed up on long skirts and delicate dresses, but if you're really just looking for a casual style that fits brunch with your besties or a trip to the supermarket, an easygoing tee might be more fitting. To avoid being mistaken for a Skittle, keep the rest of the 'fit neutral. Team your brightly dyed top with basic jeans or shorts, a chic blazer, and a versatile bag.

Dip-dye lets you dip your toes in the neon trend

Newsflash: Summer 2023 is all about neoncore, but if the idea of sporting highlighter yellow sounds intimidating, dip-dye might convince you otherwise. Look to the dip-dyed jeans here for proof. Baby blue and white make way for a splash of hyper-pigmented yellow on the bottom so you can (literally) dip your toes in the neon trend without blinding passersby. Consider other on-trend hues, too, like fluorescent lime, electric pink, and nuclear orange.