Retro Track Shorts Are The Summer Trend Bringing The '70s To Modern Athleisure

If there's anything we've learned from fashion trends of late, it's that nostalgia and comfort are two driving forces behind most ensembles that are hitting the streets. And when it comes to comfort, athleisure wear is that girl. Let's face it, athleisure is unlikely to go anywhere anytime soon, and we love seeing athleisure wear in retro prints and colors that remind us of days gone by. This summer, nostalgia and athleisure have come together in a style that we're glad to see back on the scene. Yep, you guessed it: We're obsessed with retro track shorts. 

If we're being honest, the classic denim shorts are just a bit too uncomfortable and restrictive this summer. We prefer a breathable fabric that flows, and personally, we're thanking the fashion gods for bringing track shorts back from the '70s just in time for some active summer fun. Track shorts are especially easy to style as part of a matching set, though they look stunning with graphic tees or ribbed tank tops as well. If you're looking for a fashion trend that you can wear both at the gym as well as out and about, track shorts may just be the perfect piece for you. 

Pair them with a sweatshirt on chilly days

If you're tempted to only wear track shorts on hot days, think again. As long as it's not too cold outside, track shorts can be worn with a sweatshirt — and we love the laid-back look. On chilly days, wear your track shorts with a vintage or varsity sweatshirt for maximum retro vibes. 

Make your track shorts match the trim on your tee

Want an easy way to match your track shorts to your shirt without making it look like a monochrome 'fit? Just match the color of your shorts to the color of the trim on a T-shirt or simply to an accent color used in whatever shirt you're wearing. This will maximize your coordination without looking like you tried too hard. 

They obviously look great at the gym

It's no secret that track shorts have always made for great gym attire, and though we're seeing them worn in non-gym ensembles this season, track shorts definitely reign supreme as far as workout apparel goes. Pair your favorite track shorts with a loose tank and sports bra for a cute outfit the next time you head to the gym. 

Elevate your track shorts with a belt

Do you need to take your track shorts look up a notch? Maybe you want to wear them when you go out in the evening, or you're just looking for something a step or two above casual. When this is the case, go ahead and wear a studded belt around the waist of your track shorts. Pair them with a crop top and crossbody bag for chill, glam vibes. 

Use track shorts to make a monochrome 'fit

Maybe matching is your thing, and you're not willing to sacrifice a color-coordinated outfit for even the cutest of track shorts. If one-tone monochrome outfits are something you aspire to on the daily, snag track shorts, a tee, and even shoes and a hat all in the same color. You'll look effortlessly coordinated while still remaining comfortable enough to tackle whatever the day has in store for you. 

Wear long track shorts when you need more coverage

Are you averse to baring skin even on the hottest of summer days? We get it, and don't worry — there's a pair of track shorts out there for you, too. Be on the lookout for track shorts that fall on the longer side of the spectrum and hit at or just above your knees for extra coverage. As long as they're loose enough, you'll still feel a welcoming breeze on hot days. 

Grab track shorts in a color that can transition to fall

Another option, if you want to transition your track shorts to the cooler seasons, is to grab them in a fall color. Mustard yellow, burnt orange, burgundy, and brown are great go-to colors in this vein, and don't worry: They're perfectly wearable during the summer months, too. 

Metallic track shorts are effortlessly elegant

In case you missed it, metallic pants are trending, and we can't wait to bring this trend to summer with metallic track shorts. Metallic track shorts can effortlessly elevate any style and are a great grab-and-go option, whether you're headed to the gym or to the club. 

Get sweat shorts in a track style for ultra-cozy vibes

If you're hunting down cozy vibes 24/7, even the comfiest of athletic track shorts may not cut it for you. When this is the case, look for sweat shorts that sport a track style. Side detailing like stripes offer an easy way to achieve the cozy-track look without being too sporty about it. 

Make them part of a trans-seasonal bold red outfit

Bright red is seriously in — and it looks gorgeous any time of the year. If you, too, have been captivated by bold red hues as of late, carry that fire into your track shorts 'fit by donning a pair of red track shorts and a red shirt to match. As a plus, this outfit is easily transitioned between all seasons. 

Make your track shorts into a going-out look

Yes, you can wear track shorts when going out, and no, we will not be entertaining opinions to the contrary. Want to turn your favorite pair of track shorts into the perfect night-out 'fit? Pair them with a matching off-the-shoulder crop top and top off your look with some bling. Earrings and a necklace look great, but we're partial to the waist chain in the picture above.

Patterned track shorts can make a stunning matching set

Listen, matching sets are here to stay, and we'd be remiss not to carry this trend over to our track shorts attire. If your general style trends toward the bold and bright, hunt down a matching set of track shorts and a T-shirt, or even track shorts and a hoodie, in a pattern you're obsessed with. Then, wear it ad infinitum. 

Find track shorts with fun side-seam details

Are standard track shorts too plain for you? You need at least a bit more detail to feel truly comfortable wearing athletic wear out on the town. When this is the case, opt for a pair of track shorts that showcase side seam detailing. The detail could be as simple as a single or double stripe or as fun as buttons or even some textured detail.

Go full '70s by wearing track shorts with retro colors

Of course, if you want to go full '70s with your track shorts attire this summer, there's no better way to do so than by pairing them with a shirt sporting retro colors. Burnt oranges, yellows, and green are key colors to look for. If you want to create an outfit that calls a few decades to mind, find a cool retro baby tee sporting these colors to wear with your favorite pair of '70s track shorts this summer.