44 Haircuts Perfect For Oval Faces

When you're considering a new hairstyle, there are a lot of different factors that come into play as you're choosing what to get. Obviously, you'll want to think about your hair texture and thickness, but have you ever thought about considering your face shape? Depending on your face shape, you may want to get a haircut that will soften some sharp facial features or add more edge to softer faces. If you have an oval face shape, though, you're in luck: Your haircut options are seemingly endless. 

While you should rock any haircut that you love the most, there are certain cuts that just work best for certain face shapes. And as the name suggests, oval faces are, well, oval-shaped. The oval face shape is slightly more elongated, with a round chin and jawline. It's pretty well-balanced and leaves endless haircut choices open to you, from the shortest of pixie cuts to even waist-long tresses. No matter your hair type or texture, you have many options for getting a cut that will perfectly frame your oval face. 

A short, wavy bob

Oval face shapes are a great host for a head of wavy, bob-length hair, as this style adds much-needed fullness and texture. If your hair is naturally textured, go ahead and give it a snip so it hits just above your shoulders and slightly below your jawline. If it tends toward the straight side, give it a slight wave with a curling wand. 

A medium-long cut with gentle waves

Already sporting long hair? Don't feel like you have to chop it off if you don't want to — those long bits can frame an oval face nicely. Instead, consider texturing it with some gentle waves if you want to change your style up a bit, and you can give it a few layers to add some texture, as well. 

A waist-length, slightly layered cut

Waist-length hair will definitely benefit from layers, as it may look too boxy otherwise. We recommend sticking with long layers so as not to detract from the gorgeous length of your locks. This haircut is a stunning look on straight and textured hair alike and is perfect for anyone with an oval face shape. 

An asymmetrical French bob

We love seeing French bobs on the scene, and we think you should absolutely sport one if you can (especially in the hot summer months). If you're going to go for a French bob, consider making it asymmetrical for an edgy look that has plenty of visual interest to it. This will add some playfulyness to a symmetrically oval face shape.

A mid-length straight cut with bangs

Are you looking for a no-nonsense cut that still offers some softness to it? Get a straight, shoulder-length cut, add some curtain bangs to it, and wear it with a middle part. This is perfect for anyone who wants to add some edge to their look without going overboard with it. 

A sleek, straight cut with a middle part

Oval face shapes can complement even the gentlest, simplest haircuts; take, for example, a sleek, straight cut with a middle part. Thin hair can wear this cut particularly well, and we recommend adding in a few gentle layers to soften your look a little bit. 

An even, shoulder-length cropped cut

If you're looking for a cute, trendy cropped cut that can take some weight off of thicker hair and offers great framing for oval face shapes, opt for a fairly even shoulder-length cropped cut. To keep this cut from looking too severe, it's best to do it on slightly textured hair or add a few small layers to soften the edges. 

A super side-swept bob

A bob haircut is sure to be a great complement to your oval face shape — even if you have straight, sleek, and fine hair. Wear it parted however you want, but if you want to switch up your look a little bit, part it far to the side to get a sleek, side-swept bob. Since oval face shapes are typically symmetrical from top to bottom, a deep part is sure to add some visual interest. 

Any cut with curtain bangs

If you have an oval-shaped face, you don't want to miss out on this haircut recommendation: curtain bangs. Curtain bangs look great with any oval face and are an excellent addition to whatever haircut you may want to get (though we're partial to seeing curtain bangs paired with medium to long waves).

A mid-length layered shaggy cut

The shag haircut is also super trendy at the moment — it's a fantastic cut option if you want an offbeat, trendy cut. Cut your hair to shoulder length and add some layers to it, and if your hair isn't already textured, add in some light waves for that extra oomph.

Extra voluminous, mid-length curls

Do you have a head full of thick, curly hair and an oval face shape? If so, there's a good chance you can pull off an extra voluminous, mid-length haircut. The voluminous curls will accentuate your features even more while adding excitement to your look. This cut will look stunning when worn down, but make sure you keep it long enough to tie it up and away from your neck on hot or busy days. 

A medium cut with face-framing layers

If your vibe is simple, elegant, and timeless, take a note from Kate Middleton's book and get a mid-length haircut with some face-framing layers. It's a great idea to add curtain bangs to this cut, but you can achieve a similar effect just by adding in some shorter layers. 

A straight, even, medium-length cut

Maybe you're wanting a low-maintenance cut that you can easily wake up and walk out the door in. If that's the case and you're sporting a head of pretty tame, straight hair, go ahead and get an even cut that sits just past the shoulders. Keep it parted down the middle for an easy and always elegant style to pair with your oval face.

A super curly, short bob

If you're lucky enough to have a head full of natural curls, what style could be cuter than a short, curly bob? A curly bob cut is a great way to keep your hair off your neck in the heat of the summer, and it looks great on oval-shaped faces. 

Long, voluminous layers

If your hair has a lot of volume, we think it's criminal not to capitalize on that. Leave your voluminous locks long, and when you go into the salon, ask your stylist for plenty of layers. Those layers will frame your oval face nicely. Want to go the extra mile? Get some bangs to match. 

Long, even waves

Maybe layers aren't your thing, and you'd prefer an even cut if you can pull it off. A long, even cut looks great on hair that's minimally textured and doesn't boast too much volume (or you may risk a boxy-looking cut). Long, even waves are an elegant style for any oval face shape. 

Add a couple light layers for dimension

If you're going for a shoulder-length or slightly longer cut, consider adding some gentle layers for some dimension. Your hair won't look shaggy, but some light layers can help frame your oval face and keep your cut from looking too severe. This is an especially great look for textured hair. 

A super short pixie

Another fabulous modern cut that you can pull off if you have an oval-shaped face is the pixie cut. Let your face take center stage when you give your hair an ultra-short pixie. Whether you leave some bangs or not is up to you; either way, this is one cut that will let your face shine. 

A mid-length cut with plenty of layers

Maybe you want a head of hair that begs to be tousled and played with all day long. When that's the case, leave it mid-length and ask your stylist to give it plenty of layers. This will give shape to thicker hair types and keep your cut from looking boxy, and it's sure to give you an approachable vibe as well. 

Layers can add length to a short cut

If you want to keep your hair on the shorter side while adding the illusion of length, layers can help. Ask your stylist to add some shorter layers to shoulder-length hair, and on days when you need extra length, part it to one side to help the shorter layers stand out. 

A pixie that's long on the top

Maybe you're interested in getting a pixie, but you're not sure you can pull it off, or you just don't want to chop off all of your hair. If that's the case, get a pixie cut, but leave it long on top. You'll have enough hair to play around with, and it's a nice transitional cut that can help you figure out if you want to get a short pixie. Plus, the hair on top will further accentuate your oval face, making it the center of attention.

Long enough for pinup-esque curls

Do you feel like you were born a few decades too late? The styles of the mid-20th century have your heart, and your hair is no exception. If you yearn to capture the vibes of days gone by, go ahead and get a cut long enough to give yourself some loose pinup-esque curls, which add a layer of softness to the versatile oval face shape.

A short, angled bob

Another edgy cut that is sure to flatter an oval-shaped face is a short and even angled bob. This cut works particularly well on straight hair and will give you a low-maintenance, business-ready look on the daily. Make sure to leave it bang-free for some added edge. 

The iconic '90s Rachel cut

'90s styles are back in full swing, even when it comes to hair. If "Friends" is your favorite decades-old sitcom (and you sport an oval face shape), do yourself a favor and get the iconic Rachel haircut. It's a short haircut with some choppy, face-framing layers, and we're obsessed with it. 

A layered curly lob

Ultra-curly hair that frames an oval face would look great cut into a layered lob. If you don't love having a ton of volume around your face, this may not be the cut for you, but if you love sporting a head of wild hair, you'd probably love it. Ask your stylist for a few layers to keep your hair from looking triangular. 

A cropped cut with bangs

If your hair is relatively tame, fine, doesn't hold a ton of volume, and you have an oval face shape, give it an even shoulder-length cropped cut with bangs. This is an easy, breezy style that will let you get up and go without having to do too much daily styling. 

An ultra-curly pixie

If you've ever doubted that you can cut your curly hair to pixie length, think again. We love how super curly hair looks in a pixie, especially when it's left long enough for the natural curl to show. Leave some curly tendrils long enough to pose as bangs for an added touch, which will frame your oval face to perfection.

The always classic French bob

Another option if you want a truly timeless, classic hairstyle is the French bob. French bobs are a chin-length hairstyle that often boasts a good amount of texture and volume. They look great with a pair of bangs to match — but feel free to forego the bangs if they're not quite your style.  

A grown-out afro

We love that oval-shaped faces are versatile enough to be able to handle a ton of volume, and this makes a grown-out afro a great haircut for oval-faced girlies sporting a head of natural hair. Leave your hair textured and show off all the volume a grown-out afro has to offer. 

A barely layered, shoulder-length bob

Another low-maintenance cut option for oval face shapes is a slightly layered, shoulder-length bob sans bangs. This cut is perfectly wearable on its own, and on days when you want to switch it up a bit, you can easily part it to the side or pin part of it back. 

A big, side-swept textured lob

If you're worried about a bob or lob haircut being inaccessible for your thick, textured hair, don't be. There are plenty of steps you can take to make sure it doesn't look triangular or boxy. Layers help a lot in giving shape to a textured bob, and we love how a textured bob looks when it's worn side-swept, with one side pinned back. 

Re-adopt some '00s side-swept bangs

Did you sport some nice side-swept bangs back in the early aughts? If you have an oval-shaped face, do yourself a favor and bring them back, as those bangs suit your face shape beautifully. Side-swept bangs look good with nearly any cut, but we love seeing them worn with some mid-length layers or a shoulder-length cut in particular. 

A pixie just long enough to slick back

While a great androgynous option for oval-shaped faces is the pixie cut, sometimes a short pixie doesn't offer enough versatility for those of us who want to change up our style every now and then. Leave your pixie barely long enough to slick back on top for an easily obtainable androgynous look, and you can leave a long pixie messy when bedhead vibes are more your speed. 

A textured bob with some shorter layers

If you know you're going to get your textured hair cut to bob length and that you're going to be parting it down the middle most days, ask your stylist to add some shorter layers into the mix. This will give your textured bob a more balanced look to perfectly frame your oval-shaped face. 

A long, wavy cut with shorter layers

Maybe you're all play — all the time —and you've been wanting to sport an enviable mermaid haircut with your natural waves. If that sounds like your vibe, take a note from Mariah Carey's book and add plenty of shorter layers to your already long haircut. You can add some extensions if you want more volume. Oval faces look stunning in any length of hair, so don't be afraid to go all-out.

A super short, flared bob

If you have an oval-shaped face and your hair is straight and relatively fine, the iconic '90s heartthrob bob is a haircut we think you should capitalize on immediately. Cut your hair to just past your chin, and if you're feeling a bit extra, you can slick it back, too. Give it a slight flare at the end if you want to inject some femininity into your vibe. 

Thin hair can do a mid-length cut with no layers

If you have fairly thin hair but aren't a fan of layers, don't worry: You don't always need layers to accentuate an oval face. You can pull off a mid-length, even cut, without ever worrying about it looking boxy. Wear it parted down the middle, or get some bangs to match if you want to add some more visual interest. 

A pixie cut with bangs

Sometimes when you get a pixie, it's easy to feel like there's no hair left to play with at all. If you want to avoid that, you can still opt for the pixie (which, as we've established, looks stunning on an oval face shape), but add some bangs. A set of bangs on a pixie cut can give the illusion of some length and will leave you with enough hair to style.

Add side bangs to a straight, cropped cut

Maybe your go-to cut is straight, cropped, and even, and you're unwilling to change it even for the trendiest new hairstyles. It's worked for your oval face shape for years and will continue to do so. We get it! If that's the case, go ahead and keep your typical cut, but consider adding some side bangs into the mix for a taste of '00s vibes. 

A long, curly cut with few layers

If length is what you're after and you're lucky enough to sport a head of tighter curls, feel free to leave your curls long without adding a ton of layers into the mix. As long as your hair doesn't tend to be too voluminous, you won't have to worry about using layers to avoid a boxy look. 

A pixie with side-swept bangs

When you definitely want to leave some length on your pixie, give it a pair of side-swept bangs long enough to fall into your eyes. Whether your hair is fine and straight or thick and textured, this cut can give you a great daily bedhead look. 

A slightly spiky pixie

Another welcome variation on the pixie can be seen sported by the oval-faced beauty Jamie Lee Curtis above, and honestly, who wouldn't want to mimic this spiky pixie if they could pull it off? To achieve this look, get your hair cut to pixie length and leave it slightly longer on the top than on the sides; then, use some gel to spike it.

A mid-length, even cut can give you some edge

If you're a no-nonsense, edgy gal, who doesn't want her haircut to exude any type of playfulness, get a mid-length, even cut with few to no layers. Leave your hair straight and part it down the middle to leave nobody guessing that you're all business.

A curly, asymmetrical bob

If you want a fun, playful cut that's also relatively low-maintenance, cut your curly hair into an asymmetrical textured bob. If you frequently pull your hair back, this may not be the best cut for you, but if you want a lightweight cut that's easy to play with and looks great on oval-shaped faces, we say go for it.