Hairstyles That Complement Square Faces The Best

Hair is like a work of art, a way to express your individuality and embrace the unique beauty of your face. Therefore, you likely prefer when your chosen hairstyle accentuates your best features and cleverly hides those you aren't too fond of. This means finding a look that works with your face shape.

If you have a square-shaped face, you have a wide hairline and angular jawline, both of which exude strength and confidence. And while embracing and loving your natural features is important, you may still seek to soften your look at times. This can prove to be difficult, though, especially if you are rocking a hairstyle that enhances square angles, rather than camouflage them.

From timeless classics to trendy modern cuts, there is a wide variety of hairstyles that complement square-shaped faces perfectly. Experimenting with different looks is the best way to choose one that works like magic to offset strong, angular lines. 

Textured layers: softening sharpness with bounce and fun

Embracing textured layers is the secret to softening the sharp angles of a square face. They add plenty of natural bounce and movement to your hair, making your face appear more dynamic and less rigid. Face-framing pieces are the cherry on top, gently creating a softening effect that is like a magic wand for square faces.

Ultra-long locks: a whimsical curtain for square faces

When cascading down like a waterfall, long hairstyles have the ability to divert attention from the squareness of your face. To ensure your locks remain the epitome of strength, health, and lusciousness, a little extra TLC is absolutely needed. Regular trims, deep conditioning, and the right products are key in the quest to maintain those long tresses.

Deep side-part: your asymmetrical magic trick

The side-part is the square face's asymmetrical superhero. It effortlessly offsets the natural, symmetrical features of your face and breaks the monotony of a standard middle part. And there's more — a side-part also gives you some serious volume, working its magic to make your face appear softer and more elongated.

Voluminous disco curls: groove away from sharp angles

Disco curls expertly twirl and bounce around your face. With their delightful texture and impressive height, they effortlessly shift attention away from square angles, leaving everyone captivated by your curly charisma. The face-framing curls, in particular, work like a veil, giving your face a softer look.

Snatched ponytail: an instant facelift

Pulling all of your hair away from your face and securing it tightly in an updo may sound counterintuitive to camouflaging a square face, but believe us, the power ponytail works wonders. This sleek and polished hairstyle has a knack for accentuating your jawline and highlighting your best features, all while also giving you an instant mini-facelift, sans the surgery!

The French bob: say au revoir to squareness

chic French bob is the epitome of effortless style. It gracefully hits just above the shoulders, oozing with that je ne sais quoi that the French pull off so well. Add straight-across bangs to frame your face with an air of casual elegance. This stylish dance between short and sweet gives you a timeless hairstyle that perfectly suits your square face.

Subtle wolf cut: a retro look for modern times

The wolf cut is all about embracing messy layers and adding a touch of edginess and movement to your hair, magically softening the angles of a square face. Keep the layers subtle and you'll exude confidence and charisma without looking too shaggy — a direction wolf cuts can often go in.

Long, wispy bangs: the ultimate '90s softening trick

Peekaboo bangs, also known as long, wispy bangs, are making a powerful comeback. Transporting us straight back to the '90s, these bangs exude a flirty and carefree vibe that's hard to resist. Not only do they add a touch of dimension to your forehead, but they work their wizardry by gracefully taking attention away from the squareness of your jaw.

Space buns and pigtails: a visual illusion

Who would've thought that adding symmetry on top of your head would work wonders for a square face? Space buns and pigtails create an eye-catching focal point that cleverly diverts attention away from the squareness of your jaw, making it look less prominent in comparison. It's like an optical illusion that gives your face a delightful makeover.

Side bangs: the millennial favorite for its softening effect

Meet the side bangs — the delightful and more permanent cousin of the side-part. These bangs are the ultimate tricksters, playing with facial symmetry in all the right ways. By draping a soft line across the forehead, side bangs help make your square face appear softer and less angular.

The lob: diverting attention in a sophisticated way

A longer bob easily takes attention away from any squareness your face may possess by gracefully skimming your shoulders and putting your collarbones in the spotlight. Whether you opt for an asymmetrical lob or a straight lob, this versatile hairstyle adds a touch of sophistication and coolness to your look.

Side ponytail: leaning into asymmetry

In the quest for taking attention away from a symmetrical square face, the side ponytail is a great tool to have in your hairstyle arsenal. It creates that beautiful asymmetry that gracefully draws the eyes away from any square angles. By gathering your hair to one side, you provide a cute distraction that showcases your playful side while softening your face.

Mohawk: only for the bold and brave

The mohawk is a go-to hairstyle if you're ready to own the spotlight and let your square face take a back seat permanently. This daring look commands attention like no other, drawing eyes straight to your fierce hair. It's a style that not only showcases your daring spirit but it also adds height that sets off your square face with a touch of hard-to-ignore edginess.

Half-updo with face-framing tendrils: softness and structure in one

For a look that exudes softness but can easily stay put all day, go for a half-updo with face-framing tendrils. The delicate tendrils add a subtle touch of softness, while the half-updo adds dimension, giving your hairstyle a fun and easy-going flair. It's a beautifully balanced look that puts your square face in the background.

Curtain bangs: the '70s are back to save the day

The retro curtain bangs trend is still stronger than ever, and for a good reason. With their drape-like features and soft lines, these bangs are the ultimate saviors for hiding square angles. The gentle flow of the bangs creates a lovely frame for your face, adding that necessary touch of softness.

Grown-out pixie: creating softness easily

The grown-out pixie, also known as the momager crop, is the ultimate choice for those seeking a short and sassy haircut with the ability to soften a square face shape. This stylish option offers just enough length to camouflage sharp angles, yet it still makes a bold statement and embraces your unique features.

Asymmetrical bob: the perfect distraction

If you're looking to add a dash of edginess to your hair while also diverting attention from your square face, the asymmetrical bob is the right answer. With one side shorter and the other longer, this sleek and modern hairstyle creates a fun asymmetry that steals the show. The eye-catching contrast draws attention away from any sharp angles, making them visually disappear.