Witchcore: How To Hone The Enchanting Fashion Aesthetic Before Fall

Are you itching to dive into those witchy vibes? If you see autumn as the perfect time to dress the part, now is the right time for honing your look, and we have some great tips on what should be in your witchy wardrobe. The witchy aesthetic is more than just delving into gothic blacks — witches can be colorful too. You simply want a look that evokes a whimsical aesthetic that makes one feel protected, connected to nature, and free from the ties that bind.

Before you start stocking your closet, think of the colors that come to mind when you think of witchy things, like green witches' faces, black and white striped socks, purples, and reds. Black is the most common color for witches to wear because it is a protective color, but they like patterns and bright colors too — from wonderful cream and white shades to pentacle-covered pieces that let everyone know they're witches.

There's more that goes into honing your witchcore look than picking the right colors, though. Let's take a look at some key wardrobe staples you're surely going to want, as well as the accessories that will pull each of your witchy looks together. Now, grab your broom, and let's get our witch on!

Velvet and velour everything

From skirts and dresses to pants, velvet and velour are must-haves for witches. Black is a great color choice, but dark greens and red are a couple of other popular colors in this witchy fabric. While velour may have lost much of its steam in the fashion department in the '80s, this soft fabric is making a comeback, and you can find some nice vintage pieces thrifting if you're looking for a more sustainable way of shopping. 

Victorian nightgowns

Here's one of those cases where your witchy wardrobe can look amazing in even lighter colors, like white. Victorian and vintage style nightgowns are the new slip dresses, at least when it comes to putting together a witchy wardrobe. Look for nightgowns with puffy sleeves and ruffles. They can be cinched or loose-fitting (you can add a chunky belt of a corset for a more fitted style). Solid colors or prints that give you witchy vibes work. And, remember: Wear them in place of your usual dresses! Nighties are for more than sleep these days.

Vintage wedding dresses

Vintage wedding dresses are another whimsical way to get a witchy look going. From floral designs on the bodices to poofy sleeves and lace accents, there is so much about a vintage piece like this that feels witchlike. White, which is a common color for wedding dresses, evokes innocence and has a minimalistic feel to it. For witches, who often are seen in a negative light, this color makes them look more approachable — so it's a good staple to keep in your wardrobe for those times when you need to interact with muggles.

Lace accents

Lace is another one of those fabrics that adds whimsy to an outfit, and witches are nothing if they are not whimsical. Whether you pick a top with lace accents, some pants that are fully made of lace, a lace slip dress, or some lace accessories, you're sure to feel classic and witchy. As for accessories, some excellent options include lace gloves (including fingerless ones), lace accented socks, and even lace chokers — just look for chokers with charms that inspire witchy thoughts, like bats, mushrooms, and even gemstones.

Pointy toes

When we think of the iconic look of a witch, most of us picture a green-faced woman wearing all black with a pointy hat and pointy-toed shoes. Whether you prefer booties, pumps, or lace-up boots, those pointed-toe shoes are a must for your witchy aesthetic. These types of shoes not only have a way of making our feet look more slender, but they add even more of a Victorian vibe. However, if you're not a fan of pinched toes or have wider feet, fret not: There are other witchy shoe options out there, especially if they come in leather.

Platform shoes

Known as a staple for those who love goth fashion, chunky platform shoes are another excellent choice for a witchy ensemble and come in a variety of shoe styles, so you can find something for wide or skinny feet. Even if you prefer flats, you can find a platform shoe that has no added raise in the heel as well. From sandals to boots, these go great with all witchy garb. There are platform booties and boots that go over your knees, and there are platform Mary Janes, perfect to pair with your favorite Wednesday Addams garb.

Statement accessories

While noisy jewelry will surely make a statement, there are some other statement accessories that you'll want to add to your look. Be on the lookout for big rings with crosses, skulls, bats, and anything else with a witchy vibe. Chunky necklaces with bats and spiders are perfect for a spooky witch look, but you can also opt for sweeter and more vintage vibes with chokers necklaces with pretty baubles. 

Wide-brimmed hats

Whether you want an authentic witchy pointy hat that you see witches wear in art and cinema or something a little less iconic, any wide-brimmed hat will do. From a floppy sun hat that covers your shoulders to a smaller hat that only helps shade your eyes a bit, wide-brimmed hats are fun and have a whole vibe of their own. You can find them in solid colors (we think black is a smart choice) or with decorations on them, from moon prints to floral adornments.

Jingly jewelry

The witch aesthetic can give a boho look, and bangles and other things that jingle and jangle are just what you need to accent your outfit and stand out in a crowd. We love bangle bracelets, whether they're gold, silver, or colorful, but you can also opt for other jewelry that makes a scene, like bracelets and anklets with bells. If you can't find any to purchase, craft your own. All you need are some jingly small bells and some fun witchy charms to add to your favorite charm bracelets.

Capes and cloaks

Capes and cloaks are a great wardrobe addition for cool fall nights and definitely add a witchy aesthetic to your look, especially if you pick black and earth-tone garments. There are all kinds of capes and cloaks out there, some made with thicker fabrics that can be worn well into the cold winter days or lighter fabrics that you can wear any time of the year. Cloaks often have hoods, while capes sometimes don't — hooded options are a stylish and spooky alternative to hoodies.


Fishnet stockings may seem like a goth wardrobe staple, but they are also great for your witchy look, no matter what color you choose to wear. Fishnet stockings give you a chance to get creative, as seen in the photo above. You can interlace flowers or other pieces of nature within the holes. Also, fishnet comes in more than just stockings, so add some fishnet shirts to your wardrobe to pair with corsets and add to your fun layers.

Anything with pentacles

Pentacles are one of those things that witches carry with them everywhere — it is a symbol of protection and symbolic of the elements. Whether on clothing or jewelry, pentacles make a great fashion statement. From chunky statement necklaces and earrings to patterned dresses and patches added to jackets and jeans, you can sport pentacles every day if you'd like. 


Corsets are an excellent way to add shape to any outfit, and we highly recommend pairing them with peasant dresses, vintage nightgowns, and the like. You can get corsets that sit under the bust or cover your bust. You can find ones that zip, hook, or lace up. Some come with metal boning that makes them extra sturdy (and usually more expensive), and others have plastic boning (which is more affordable but also wears out faster). 

Flowy skirts

Flowy skirts come in all shapes and sizes. Whether you prefer a floor-length skirt or something shorter, this look will give you witchy vibes, especially if you pick the right colors and patterns. Any black skirt will do the trick, but we think fun patterns — like florals, shapes, animals, or pentacles — look fabulous and fun. Your broom skirt will also look great with those witchy boots, platforms, or even a cute pair of Mary Janes. Pair your shorter flowy skirts with striped socks for a cute look that will get compliments every time.

Eye-catching dusters and kimonos

Dusters and kimonos offer a great way to layer without feeling too hot from having on too much fabric. These are perfect accents for autumn days and warmer nights. Again, you can have fun with solid colors or patterns. We especially love the floral print on the one pictured above —  the black gives us those witchy feels, but the floral adds a vintage whimsy to the design that is hard not to love.

Peasant tops

Peasant tops and dresses make us think of Renaissance festivals, but where else would you find witches selling their tinctures and herbs? If you're heading to a witchy market or a night on the town, get classic with a peasant top. You can wear something less risqué than the one pictured, but we think that's a perfect piece for a ritual dance under the full moon. Pair your peasant top with a flowy skirt and layer it with a corset to get the most out of the look, or use an oversized peasant shirt as a unique dress.

Witchy prints

If you enjoy patterned clothing, there are plenty of options out there for those who want their look to be on the witchy side of things. You can find dresses, pants, shirts, and even socks with bats and black cats on them, things from nature like bugs and mushrooms, and even celestial motifs with suns and moons. Anything that gives you a witchy vibe, like stuff with bones and crows, is perfect for getting ready for this autumn season.

Bell sleeves

This is our favorite item on the list, but be warned: Bell-sleeved tops come with some getting used to. They look batty and whimsical, but when you're eating, they like to find their way into your plate of food — so be careful. Aside from bell-sleeved tops, you can find dresses with bell sleeves; peasant tops sometimes have them as well.

Chunky belts

Belts are another great accessory for honing your witchore look. You can layer belts or wear chunky belts on their own. Anything with "O" rings and "D" rings will add to the goth look but also give you a place to add witchy embellishments of your own, like a protective pentacle or a bat charm. You can also grab a leather lace-up belt to accentuate your waist.

Layer those fabrics

Layers are everything, and they're perfect for the fall when you can use them to stay warm or take some off if the weather heats up momentarily. For a witchy look, combine lacy and tulle see-through fabrics with solid black garments, or layer shorter skirts with longer skirts. You can layer dresses over dresses, shirts with vests, and so much more. 

Wearable crystals

Whether you're donning crystals for some added good luck or to help lower your anxiety, crystal jewelry is something most witches love to wear. From beautiful wire-wrapped pieces to daintier necklaces, rings, bracelets, and even earrings, wearing crystals is a great way to imbue yourself with their magical powers. Plus, crystals offer beautiful colors to add style to your look.

Flare-legged pants

Bell bottoms and wide-legged pants have always had kind of a hippie-witch vibe to them, no matter what they look like. We love these jeans but would also love big ol' bell bottoms with daisy patterns, mushrooms, and the like. We also think more modest bell bottoms with witchy motifs like pentacles and broomsticks are cute too.

Witchy handbags

When you're heading out of the house in your witchy wardrobe, don't forget to accessorize with the perfect handbag. Whether they're shaped like pumpkins, skulls, or cauldrons — they're a sure sign you love those witchy vibes. We love this pumpkin purse, but you can also find bags shaped like bats, coffins, skeletons, and even mini backpacks themed after your favorite Halloween and witchy movies.

Shawls and scarves

Stevie Nicks played the White Witch in Season 3 of "American Horror Story: Coven," and we all — especially those honing in those witchy vibes — want to be like this free-spirited singer. Her shawls make us filled with envy, and that's why you definitely should add some to your wardrobe. Whether frilly, lacy, or shiny, scarves are fun to wear and can go up in your hair, get wrapped around your neck in place of a necklace, or even be worn as a belt. There are lots of witchy-themed scarves available during the Halloween season, so stock up!

Flower crowns and tiaras

From handmade floral crowns with real flowers to tiaras with crystals and a moon, this is a fun look to accent your hair and feel the power of nature. Of course, you can also use faux flowers, berries, and even light-up autumnal pieces like pumpkins and pinecones like those in the gorgeous red berry crown pictured. Crowns and tiaras always pair well with peasant attire, vintage wedding dresses, Victorian nightgowns, and your favorite velour dress. Make your own or purchase something online or from your favorite crafter.

Wednesday Addams dresses

Wednesday Addams is on all of our minds after the successful new television show, and we love her aesthetic. Anything Wednesday wears fits into the witchy side of things, but we especially love her white-collared black dresses. You can find them in various lengths and fabrics, including the much-loved velour. Pair them with tights, fishnets, striped socks, or even argyle socks, and, of course, a cute pair of Mary Janes for a look that will have you feeling spooky cool.