Embrace The Rainbow With The Paint Chip Nails Trend

Do you ever find yourself staring longingly at paint chips in the hardware store, even though you have no home improvement projects to do? Do you collect them just to pour over all of the colors and the pretty gradients? If so, you might want to go for a paint chip mani — one of 2023's must-try nail trends. This manicure involves painting each nail a different shade, starting with a light color and progressing to a darker one, or starting with a darker shade and transitioning to a lighter one.

Some call this an ombré nail style, as going from light to dark creates an ombré effect. There is also some overlap with skittle nails. However, skittle nails can be different because they often involve using a wide range of colors from different color families and mixing and matching nails in various ways. On the other hand, paint chip nails are all about gradients and sticking to a particular color family, just like paint chips at the hardware store. With this manicure, indecisive lacqueristas can use all of their favorite colors and still end up with a polished and chic look.

Purple paint chip mani

Purple paint chip nails are not only trendy, but also cute, dreamy, and feminine. They offer a nice alternative for those who are tired of Barbiecore and pink. Additionally, they have a fun cosmic, outer-space feel, especially when you involve some glitter in your mani. From pale lilacs to deep plums, there's a wide range of shades to explore.

Deep pink paint chip mani

A rich shade of deep pink or magenta can be a cute option for those who are unsure about whether they want to wear pink or purple. You could even include both hues in your paint chip manicure. While some may prefer to stick to different shades of one color only, that doesn't mean there isn't a little wiggle room to experiment with color gradients. As long as you remain within the same color family, it can still be considered a paint chip manicure.

Burgundy and rose toned paint chip mani

A burgundy and rose paint chip manicure is an excellent choice for those gearing up for fall. Not only do you get to revel in deep, rich burgundy, but you get to enjoy some light, dainty pink hues too. With this look, you can get the best of both worlds and achieve a style that is dramatic and elegant.

Blue glittery paint chip mani

Trying out a paint chip mani doesn't mean you have to stick to only flat paint colors. You have a lot of options when it comes to your nail designs. One way to experiment is with glitter. Going from pale, iridescent whites to deep glimmering ocean blues can create a mesmerizing look, especially for those who are into mermaidcore.

Green paint chip mani

From a pale, yellowy spring green to a deep, woodsy hunter green, there are a lot of variations to try with a green paint chip mani. In fact, there are so many that it's incredibly easy to adapt to your personal style, whether you want a neon green mani or a more earthy-toned sage one. You can play around with placement, too. If you don't feel like doing each nail in a different shade or don't have enough colors, you can always experiment with using the same shade on more than one nail.

Yellow and neutral paint chip mani

What will get you in the mood for fall more than a neutral and yellow paint chip mani? Yellow is so versatile and can be mixed with many different colors and still make a smooth gradient. From browns and beiges to oranges and reds, yellow can look amazing with tons of other colors. Playing with creams, glittery browns, and burnt umbers can make a complex and attention-getting manicure for early fall.

Orange paint chip mani

Orange paint chip manicures are cute and flirty, and can be a great transitional manicure as the summer winds down and fall begins. Not only are these colors fiery and warm like summer, but they are also reminiscent of the changing foliage that comes with the fall months. Whether you start with yellow and end with red, or simply stick to different shades of peach or orange, this mani can be a lot of fun and pack a visual punch, too.

Red glittery paint chip mani

A bold red manicure is a classic look any time of the year, but with glitter, you can make it truly dazzling. When playing with gradients in a paint chip mani, you don't have to focus strictly on color, you can also play around with things like the intensity of shimmer or glitter in your nail polish. For example, you could start with a red nail with a slight shimmer and then work your way up to a chunky glitter on your last nail, with a whole range of shimmer, glitter, and holos in between.

Coral paint chip mani

Coral is a charming color that can be especially appealing during the summer, particularly if it reminds you of a softer version of some truly summery spritz nails. Coral is a more energetic alternative to nude or neutral nails, without being over the top or in your face. It can introduce just the right amount of color and be even trendier if you wear it as a paint chip manicure.

Neutral paint chip mani

For those who like to fly under the radar with toned-down hues but who still want to play around with their manicures, a neutral paint chip mani can be a great solution. Not only do you get to experiment with gradients, but you still get to have a laid-back look that can be appropriate for work or school settings. Also, if you want to customize it with small pops of pastel color, like a ballet pink, you totally can and you don't have to worry about whether or not it matches.

Shimmery mauve paint chip mani

Mauve is a great color for several reasons. Not only is it elegant, but it's also refined, chic, and feminine. Want to make it even more appealing? Add some shimmer. A paint chip manicure with shimmery mauve is on the subtle side, but that doesn't mean it's boring by any stretch of the imagination. Its delicate charm can go with many different styles and adds intrigue to a paint chip manicure.

Brown paint chip mani

While some may think brown is boring, it is anything but with a paint chip mani. If you love brown but want to take it beyond basic, using different shades in a paint chip manicure can be the way to go. From frothy creams to deep, rich espressos and mochas, there are a lot of delicious hues to revel in with this manicure.

Barbiecore pink French tip paint chip mani

Even though some may be over pink for the season, for many the love of pink is still going strong. If you can't get enough of the color and are looking for new ways to incorporate it into a manicure, then a pink French tip paint chip mani could be a good option. This way you can explore different shades of pink while still keeping it super trendy in a French tip format.

Cotton candy pink paint chip mani

Summer and fall often mean festivals and fairs, so why not try a cotton candy paint chip mani? This particular shade of pink is super cute and quintessentially girly. In fact, it might even be the perfect manicure to pair with a pink outfit on the way to watch Barbie for the first (or second, or third) time.

Mossy matcha paint chip mani

Matcha green is a refreshing take on a more traditional green manicure. It's an interesting color in general, and it can be even more so if used in a paint chip manicure. Being more subtle and refined than other shades of green, it can add an element of sophistication to your next green manicure.

Mauve French tip paint chip mani

Just like with a hot pink French tip mani, a mauve French tip paint chip manicure can be both pretty and subtle. Not only does this manicure allow you to try the paint chip trend, but you also get to do it in a way that's low-key. This can also be a fun manicure for those who want to explore new trends but don't want to give up their French tips.