The Hair Evolution Of Kylie Jenner, From Blue To Bangs

From her humble beginnings on "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" as a fresh-faced pre-teen to becoming a billionaire makeup and beauty mogul, Kylie Jenner has grown up in front of our eyes. "I know how influential I am over my fans and followers," the star told Time Magazine in 2015. "I feel like everything I do, my hair color, my makeup, I always start these huge trends, and I don't even realize what I'm capable of." While Jenner has undoubtedly influenced beauty and fashion trends throughout the past decade, today, our focus is on her hair.


Since gracing television screens as a 10-year-old on her family's reality show, Jenner has undergone a natural transformation, one that happens with growing into a teenager and eventually a young woman. Of course, there's no denying that she's had quite a few more opportunities to experiment with her style than the average person, but just like most of us, Jenner has gone through multiple hair phases. So, buckle up, hair enthusiasts, because the Kylie Jenner hairvolution is a ride that never goes out of style.

2007: Tween Kylie Jenner flaunts her natural hair

As the youngest member of the Kardashian-Jenner family, Kylie Jenner entered the limelight with the premiere of "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" in 2007. At the age of 10, Jenner seemed shy and normal, and nobody could predict the beauty and fashion mogul that she would one day become. In fact, her sister Kendall Jenner revealed to The New York Times in 2019 that the two weren't even interested in the spotlight back then. "Kylie and I for a really long time wanted no part of it," Kendall said. "We just wanted to go to our rooms and iChat with our friends."


With her natural dark-brown hair and long locks, Kylie Jenner's early style was a fun mix of age-appropriate simplicity. Whether experimenting with adorable half updos or embracing messy curls, her hair reflected the innocence of childhood. Little did the world know that this young girl's journey through beauty and style would eventually impact the whole world.

2008: The young star rocks the classic Y2K deep side part

In 2008, the tween star turned 11, and she slowly began to experiment with one of the most iconic elements of classic 2000s hairstyles — the deep side part, a look that has recently come back into fashion.


Embracing the essence of the 2000s, Kylie Jenner occasionally added edginess to her look by sporting a single blond section in her natural dark-brown hair. Now, considering that she wasn't regularly seen with the blond section, it's safe to say that this was a clip-in highlight rather than a real dye job. This fun nod to hair tone experimentation foreshadowed the bold color chameleon that the youngest Kardashian-Jenner would become later on in her career. Even at this young age, the reality television star demonstrated a bold sense of style, showcasing that her journey into the world of beauty and fashion was just beginning.

2009: She goes for edgy bangs

In 2009, Kylie Jenner took the very first bold step in her hair evolution by deciding to go for some edgy, straight-across bangs. This daring choice marked a departure from her previous looks, showcasing that she was willing to experiment with diverse styles even at a young age.


The blunt bangs were a classic late-2000s choice, especially as they were so long that they were essentially touching her eyes. Nevertheless, it was a style that was popular at the time. As the year unfolded, Jenner seamlessly transitioned from the edgy straight-across bangs to a softer, side-swept variation that showcased her ability to effortlessly switch between different hairstyles. On a side note, 2009 was the year when the young star began wearing more makeup, as she was frequently spotted rocking black pencil liner.

Around this time, Jenner began to spend more time in the spotlight — something that she later opened up about. "I don't remember how it was before [I was famous] because I was nine when this all started," a 16-year-old Jenner revealed to Us Weekly. "So it's kind of like I grew up into it. It's kind of like I don't know any different."


2010: The teen keeps her hair out of her face

In 2010, Kylie Jenner entered her teens as she officially turned 13. The star continued to explore different hairstyles, leaning towards those that provided practicality while maintaining a touch of that youthful flair. Even though she continued to rock multiple different hairstyles throughout the year, we couldn't help but notice that, in 2010, Jenner was all about looks that kept her hair out of her face.


During this period, Jenner experimented with various updos, ponytails, and braided styles, reflecting the typical choices of a teenager seeking ease and comfort in their day-to-day look. While specific details from this era may not be extensively documented, the emphasis on keeping her hair away from her face hinted at Jenner's awareness of the importance of practical and fuss-free styles, aligning with the lifestyle of a teenager juggling school, social activities, and being in the spotlight.

2011: Kylie Jenner is all about dark ultra-long locks

At 14 years old, Kylie Jenner decided to embrace dark and ultra-long locks, as did the majority of her sisters in 2011. This phase marked a departure from the youthfulness of her previous styles, and Jenner delved into a more sophisticated and bold look — one that certainly made her look a bit older than her age. Opting for a darker hue and ultra-long extensions added a touch of glamour to her vibe, reflecting the influence of the Kardashian-Jenner family's growing presence in the world of fashion and beauty.


During this era, Jenner's evolving style hinted at her growing interest in beauty trends. In fact, it was in 2011 that she also walked the runway at Avril Lavigne's "Abbey Dawn" fashion show for Style360, which marked the beginning of her fashion influence. "I was a little nervous," she admitted to E! News. "I'd never done anything like this before. It really took me out of my comfort zone in a good way."

2012: The aspiring style icon goes for a subtle ombré

In 2012, teen style icon Kylie Jenner continued to make waves with her hair evolution. At 15 years old, she embraced the omnipresent trend of the time — the subtle ombré. This gradient color style, characterized by a seamless transition from darker roots to lighter tips, had become a sensation, and Jenner's take on it was both trendy and fun. Her adaptation of this craze showcased her ability to align with popular fashion and beauty movements while still adding her unique flair to them.


In an interview with Teen Vogue in early 2013, Jenner admitted that she tended to gravitate towards edgier trends. "I feel like I'm more edgy," she said, comparing herself to her sister Kendall Jenner. "I like a lot of leather and black and dark colors." At the time, this was also noticeable in the star's hairstyle choices. However, her willingness to experiment with color while staying within the bounds of mainstream trends didn't last for long, as Jenner was about to embrace a rather colorful journey in only a couple of years.

2013: She keeps the ombré and shortens her hair

All throughout 2013, Kylie Jenner continued to refine her at-the-time signature hair, maintaining the popular ombré look while introducing subtle changes to her haircut. At 16 years old, the young fashion icon opted for a slight trim, showcasing a somewhat shorter and messier hairstyle. "I just feel like there was a lot of stress I needed to let go, so I chopped it off," she said in a Keek video at the time (via the Irish Mirror). "I actually love my hair. I'm cutting more off tomorrow. I'm going a little lighter because I feel like it. But I love my hair way better short."


A notable addition to Jenner's look during this period was the occasional introduction of bangs. Experimenting with a face-framing fringe, she added something dynamic to her hairstyle. As she navigated her teenage years, Jenner continued to use her hair as a canvas for self-expression, blending elements of contemporary trends with her personal style, and there is no denying that this era marked an important moment in her journey toward becoming a well-known figure in the beauty and fashion industries.

2014: The reality star wows with her iconic teal dip-dye hair

Kylie Jenner surprised everyone on the beauty and fashion scene in 2014 when she decided not only to go for a daring choice of hair color but also to chop her hair into an edgy lob. The reality star went for an iconic teal dip-dye grungy style, showcasing her willingness to experiment with unconventional shades. This look definitely surprised her fans and set the stage for her future exploration of vibrant hair colors. "One day, I was just like, 'I'm going blue,'" Jenner told E! News in 2014.


The teal ombré represented a noticeable variation from Jenner's previous hairstyles, which were, in comparison, rather dull. The blend of fun teal shades with her darker roots added plenty of vibrancy and individuality to her overall appearance. In 2014, the youngest member of the Kardashian-Jenner family turned 17, and she was truly ready to take on the world.

2015: Kylie Jenner goes back to black

A year after she experimented with teal, Kylie Jenner took a turn towards timeless elegance as she returned to sleek black hair. This shift marked a return to a more timeless and traditional aesthetic for the young style maven. However, she admitted that the reason she opted to switch up her look was her hair health. "I used to have really thick hair with a lot of body, but not anymore," she revealed to The New York Times in 2015. "About a year and a half ago, I cut it off, and then I kept bleaching it and dyeing it blue, so that damaged it a bit."


With her long, dark locks, Jenner exuded a sense of sophistication, which certainly made her look more grown up. And, of course, having a great team of hairstylists ensured that the star's wigs always looked flawless. "My natural hair color is brown with a reddish tint. Right now, it's jet black," she told The New York Times. "I can't have brown hair for some reason. I don't think it goes with my skin tone. The second I see it turn brown in the sun, I dye it black; the blacker, the better." As a beauty and fashion influencer, Jenner's ability to seamlessly transition from one hairstyle to another demonstrated her strong ability to reinvent herself. In 2015, the star also launched the first product from her beauty line Kylie Cosmetics, and with that, she additionally established herself as a respected member of the beauty industry.


2016: The star flaunts platinum-blond locks

Kylie Jenner took a bold leap in 2016 when she decided to go blond, marking a significant departure from her usual dark hues. The reality star and beauty mogul looked stunning with platinum-blond locks, proving that she could rock dark and light hair equally well.


Celebrity hair colorist Priscilla Valles opened up about the hair color change to Glamour. "When we put the bleach on, it started lifting — fast. We both didn't think it would happen that quickly. Usually, going from jet black to platinum in one day never happens," Valles revealed. "Usually, when you go to wash your hair after a major bleach process, there's a lot of shedding, and broken hairs start to come out — it causes you to lose elasticity in your hair. But with Kylie, none of that was happening." This daring choice not only turned heads but also sparked a wave of interest in blond hair with darker roots, with many fans eager to replicate Jenner's fun look the following year. The star's venture into platinum territory in 2016 became a memorable moment in her hair evolution, proving once again that she is not following trends — instead, she is setting them.


2017: Kylie Jenner has lots of fun switching up her hair

Once Kylie Jenner realized how easy and fun wigs are, the star was essentially spotted with a completely new hairstyle at every event she attended. While she continued rocking blond and black frequently, she was also spotted with fun hair colors such as light green and pink. "I started wigs, and now everyone is wearing wigs. Kim [Kardashian] just used my wig guy last night," Jenner told Marie Claire in 2016. "I just do whatever I want to do, and people will follow."


Throughout the year, the reality television star was seen sporting different hair lengths, from sleek and long to chic and shoulder-length, demonstrating her commitment to trying new looks. The at-the-time 20-year-old had plenty of fun experimenting, and the multitude of looks she rocked throughout 2017 added another layer to her identity as a beauty icon and trendsetter.

2018: She continues rocking lighter hair colors

For her 21st birthday in 2018, Kylie Jenner decided that she wanted to go blond, and while some have pointed out that she might have been copying her older sister Kim Kardashian, celebrity hairstylist Chris Appleton (who bleached her hair) came to the star's defense. "Kylie is her own person — the whole idea — it's not the predicted icy blond. It's a real transformation, but it's really golden. She likes to have fun with her hair," Appleton told Allure.


Throughout the year, the makeup mogul continued to captivate with lighter hair colors, whether they were her own hair or a wig. Jenner was even spotted rocking light gray hair — a trend that is now firmly outdated. By entering her 20s, she began a new era of her style, and even though many surely miss the edgy, colorful hair days, the young businesswoman was ready to go for more classic hairstyles. However, that doesn't mean she wasn't going to opt for a bright wig every now and then if it made sense for her look.

2019: Kylie Jenner is now known for her love of wigs

By 2019, Kylie Jenner had solidified her reputation as a trendsetter, particularly in the world of hair transformations. The star was known for embracing wigs and daring to experiment with various looks. Perhaps one of her most memorable wigs from that year was the stunning ultra-long purple one that she wore to the Met Gala. Of course, the lavender wig matched Jenner's stunning Versace dress perfectly, and together, the two created an unforgettable look.


As Jenner continued to make headlines for her trendsetting choices, her use of wigs in 2019 contributed to the normalization of this accessory within the beauty industry. Wigs became a symbol of creative expression, allowing individuals to reinvent themselves effortlessly, mirroring Jenner's own fearless approach to personal style. "The effect of celebrities such as the Kardashians openly wearing wigs has meant we have seen an upturn in wearers who want to wear them for fun, to change their look for an event or just for a night out," marketing manager of HotHair Louise Cayzer revealed to The Guardian in 2019.

2020: She tones down her look by going back to her roots

In 2020, most of us had to do our hair by ourselves, and for a while, so did Kylie Jenner. For the star, this provided an opportunity to focus on her hair health. "This is the first time I've worn my natural hair," Jenner said on Instagram Live, adding that she had been using "a lot of argan oil." (via Hola!). "This is such a good time to take your hair out and your nails out, no lashes," she added. "So I'm officially going on my hair health journey. I'm really thrilled about it. I just am always bleaching my hair. I never give it a break, so now that I'm back to my natural color, I am going to start this journey."


During the pandemic, the makeup icon opted for a more understated look, signaling a departure from the vibrant and experimental styles of previous years. "She doesn't like to do the color thing as much as she did before," celebrity hairstylist Tokyo Stylez told Yahoo! Lifestyle that year. "That was 'pre-mom.' After she became a mother, she said, 'I can't do all that extra-ness.' Now she likes to be super simple."

Reverting to her natural hair color in 2020 allowed Jenner to showcase a more relaxed and authentic side of herself. The decision suggested a desire for simplicity, proving that even a beauty idol like Kylie Jenner appreciates the timeless charm of a more natural appearance.

2021: Seemingly, the bright colors phase is over

During the COVID-19 lockdown in 2020, some of us may have speculated that Kylie Jenner ditched her bright and colorful hair looks only due to being at home all the time — but 2021 proved that the star's shift towards dark hair was more permanent.


This year marked a contrast from the spectrum of bright shades and eclectic styles Jenner had flaunted in the past, especially as she seemed to have gotten bored of blond hues, too. Her move to dark hair symbolized a desire for sophistication and classic glamour, setting the tone for a more refined aesthetic — and her fashion choices soon followed this more understated approach. Of course, she wouldn't be a true Kardashian-Jenner if she still didn't show her wigs some love, and we still got to see her showcasing some more playful colors and styles during photoshoots for her makeup brand Kylie Cosmetics.

2022: Kylie Jenner explores more avant-garde hairstyles

When we said that Kylie Jenner switched from colorful wigs to dark-brown hair, we by no means meant that her look became boring. In fact, the reality television star frequently opted for fun and unusual hairstyles and accessories, each one more unexpected than the last. One of them is also the look she rocked to "Thierry Mugler: Couturissime," the 2022 event honoring the late French designer. "What a beautiful night celebrating the opening of the Thierry Mugler Archive Exhibition at the Brooklyn Museum," Jenner wrote on Instagram, referring to the headpiece she wore. "Such an honor to wear a piece of fashion history. Thank you to the Mugler team."


Jenner's exploration of avant-garde hairstyles in 2022 not only highlighted her commitment to staying at the forefront of fashion and beauty but also inspired followers to break free from traditional norms and express themselves through hair experimentation.

2023-Present: She channels classic Hollywood glam

Anyone who has been keeping up with Kylie Jenner has surely noticed the gradual shift towards a more natural look, especially in 2023. While she is, of course, still the Kylie Jenner we watched grow up in the spotlight, the star has seemingly found more confidence in her natural beauty, hair included. In a candid TikTok video, Jenner opened up about her natural hair, revealing to her followers that she isn't wearing extensions. "This is my natural hair we've just been embracing. We're on a hair health journey, so I haven't been wearing any extensions, and so, this is what we're dealing with," she said.


One thing we did notice is that Kylie Jenner has been opting for effortless and chic updos lately, whether to run errands or attend red-carpet events. As Jenner continues to evolve as a style icon, her embrace of classic Hollywood glam signals a clear departure from the edgier style she gravitated towards in her teens and early 20s. Now, all that is left is to eagerly anticipate the next chapter of Kylie Jenner's hair journey, which will surely be another trendsetting style!