The Most Expensive Outfits Brittany Mahomes Has Ever Worn

In the glamorous worlds of sports and celebrity, certain folks captivate audiences far and wide with their impeccable style. Among them is Brittany Mahomes, the wife of NFL quarterback Patrick Mahomes. Since the late 2010s, Brittany's carved out her own spotlight separate from her husband, charming people everywhere with her flair for fashion.


Born Brittany Matthews, she first gained attention as a college athlete, showcasing her soccer skills on the field while pursuing a degree in kinesiology. Transitioning from athlete to fitness guru, her magnetic presence on social media offered fans a glimpse into her multifaceted life, where athleticism seamlessly intersects with high fashion. While Mahomes undoubtedly plays a supportive role in her husband's career, she's far from a mere spectator, which is just one reason why people are drawn to her. Embracing her passions and interests, she's emerged as a celebrity in her own right, winning our hearts with her authentic charm and unwavering confidence.

With Marca estimating her net worth at $10 million, Brittany's no stranger to the finer things in life. The NFL wife adores luxury fashion and designer labels, and she embraces the art of splurging on statement pieces that elevate her style to new heights. From glamorous red carpet ensembles to chic everyday looks, Brittany's wardrobe reflects her fearless approach to style — which occasionally results in outrageous outfits, though everyone misses sometimes — and her willingness to take big-budget fashion risks.


Brittany Mahomes wore a very expensive look for her daughter's birthday

For her daughter Sterling's third birthday bash, Brittany Mahomes pulled out all the stops, decking herself in an ensemble that screams "wealth." Valued at more than a jaw-dropping $126,000, this look was a true testament to the extravagance and luxury that the Mahomes live in. The star paired her Louis Vuitton jacquard jeans — priced at $2,090 — with a simple white T-shirt, which could also be designer but isn't confirmed at the time of writing. Of course, Mahomes didn't stop there; she elevated her look with red and white Louis Vuitton trainer sneakers, which retail for $1,280.


Accessories played a major role in completing Mahomes' look, and she spared no expense in adorning herself with the finest pieces. In fact, her accessories are what made her outfit so expensive. She wore the iconic pink Chanel Boy purse, a timeless piece that set the Mahomes back $6,100, but the real showstoppers were her jewelry pieces, each more dazzling than the last. The fitness guru rocked three exquisite Cartier bracelets, including two pavé diamond Love bracelets (valued at $29,200 and $27,300, respectively) and the Juste un Clou bracelet, which retails for an eye-watering $52,000. 

And if you thought that was enough, you thought wrong — the star also sported a white gold Van Cleef & Arpels Vintage Alhambra bracelet worth $6,100 and a rose gold Sweet Alhambra bracelet worth $3,300.


Brittany Mahomes wore an identical dress to the one Taylor Swift rocked on her Time magazine cover

When it comes to dazzling fashion moments, Brittany Mahomes knows how to make a statement — and her February 2024 twinning moment with Taylor Swift is proof of it. During a friend's bachelorette weekend in Mexico, Mahomes turned heads by stepping out in a sparkling minidress that held a striking resemblance to the one worn by Swift on the cover of TIME's 2024 Person of the Year issue.


In pictures shared on Mahomes' Instagram story, she and her friend posed side by side, and fans quickly noticed that Mahomes' dress looked more than a little bit familiar. While Mahomes didn't disclose the designer of her dress, folks quickly assumed that it was Area's crystal-embellished minidress — the same piece that Swift wore for her TIME magazine cover shoot. Selling for $1,595, this dress certainly isn't your average person's night-out go-to, though Mahomes looked breathtaking in it. Ultimately, while the WAG didn't reveal whether she borrowed the dress from Swift, their close friendship and shared love for standout style certainly make it a possibility.

Brittany Mahomes loves her custom Chief's jacket created by Kristin Juszczyk

Brittany Mahomes' custom Chiefs jacket, designed by fellow NFL wife Kristin Juszczyk, is proof of her bold fashion choices. During a Kansas City Chiefs game, Mahomes and Taylor Swift turned heads as they flaunted their matching custom jackets, showcasing their shared love for the team in style. As you likely know by now, Swift began dating Chiefs star Travis Kelce in 2023, and it was thanks to their partners playing on the same team that Mahomes and Swift became good friends. 


In an Instagram post captioned "Twinning & Winning," Mahomes proudly showed off her personalized Chiefs jacket, complete with her husband's name and number on the back. While the exact price of the jacket remains unknown, it's clear that it's a one-of-a-kind piece that perfectly captures Mahomes' dedication to supporting her husband and his team.

Designed by Juszczyk, whose custom 2024 Super Bowl puffer vest garnered attention because it was sold for a whopping $75,000 for charity, Mahomes' jacket is a testament to the designer's rising influence in the fashion world. Known for her innovative and custom-made designs, Juszczyk's collaboration with the NFL has garnered widespread acclaim, with her creations quickly becoming must-have pieces for football fans and fashion enthusiasts alike. Mahomes paired her custom Chiefs jacket with black pants and a white furry hat by Reddi-Wip and CLYDE, which retails for $168.


Brittany Mahomes' stunning Versace wedding dress was surely not cheap

Brittany Mahomes' wedding day was nothing short of magical, and her stunning Versace wedding dress undoubtedly stole the show. After getting engaged in September 2020, the couple, who had known each other for years and began dating as teenagers, exchanged vows on March 12, 2022, in a picturesque ceremony in Maui, Hawaii. In an Instagram post sharing moments from her special day, Mahomes tagged the renowned fashion house Versace, brand creative director Donatella Versace, and designer Cuttrell, revealing that they were the masterminds behind her look.


While the exact price of Mahomes' custom Versace wedding dress remains undisclosed, it's safe to say that it was a significant investment. On average, custom Versace wedding dresses range from $24,000 to $112,000 depending on the design and craftsmanship involved. Considering the intricate details and impeccable tailoring of Mahomes' gown, it's likely that her dress fell on the higher end of the price spectrum — and we wouldn't expect anything less from the rising fashionista. 

Brittany Mahomes' jewelry for the 2024 Super Bowl was worth quite a bit

Brittany Mahomes looked stunning at the 2024 Super Bowl thanks to both her eye-catching outfit and custom jewelry, which added the perfect finishing touches to her look. Mahomes opted for a simple red corset and a pair of latex pants handcrafted by BroDenim, a brand run by fashion enthusiast and entrepreneur Laura Brodigan. "My tagline is 'wear your story,' so we create these custom patches, and people can pick out the patches that are representative of them or the team that they're rooting for," Brodigan explained to Page Six before the Big Game. While the exact value of Mahomes' outfit remains unknown, fans can get their hands on BroDenim pieces from the brand's website, with prices ranging from $75 to $255.


As for Mahomes' stunning jewelry, she accessorized with a necklace adorned with the names of her and Patrick's children, Sterling and Patrick' Bronze' Mahomes III. Additionally, she wore a sparkling "15" pendant, custom-crafted by Simon G Jewelry exclusively for the 2024 Super Bowl — a piece that set her back for $1,150. The star's choice of custom jewelry reflects her personal style and commitment to uniquely showcasing her family's bond, and for pieces like those, we'd imagine there's no regret in opening your wallet a little wider.

Brittany Mahomes' stunning black and white faux leather coat had additional custom detailing

Anyone who follows Brittany Mahomes on social media knows just how much effort she puts into her game-day looks. One example is the chic black-and-white Ronny Kobo faux leather trench coat she wore to a January 2024 game, which gave us elegant yet edgy and modern vibes.


What made Mahomes' look even more special was the thoughtful custom detailing added to her coat by BroDenim. While the coat itself retails for $898 and has previously been spotted on actor Selena Gomez, Mahomes' version featured a unique touch: the number "15" on the coat's lapels, representing her husband's Kansas City Chiefs jersey number. And just in case it wasn't clear enough, the coat also featured their last name in red letters on the bottom left side. This personalized addition added a sweet and sentimental element to Mahomes' outfit, and it probably made it even more expensive. To tie the look together, she added a Saint Laurent Sac Du Jour bag worth $2,400.

Brittany Mahomes red teddy bear coat was also seen on Taylor Swift

Brittany Mahomes and Taylor Swift have both shown that game-day fashion is a great way to show support to their respective partners. And as any Chiefs fan knows, rocking the color red is the absolute norm. In fact, the two ladies have been spotted in the exact same Max Mara red Teddy Bear Icon Coat.


In 2022, Mahomes wore the luxurious piece for a game, and the following year, Taylor Swift was spotted in the same long red coat while hanging out with Mahomes in a private suite at a game, further solidifying the coat's status as a must-have fashion staple. While it's unclear whether Swift borrowed the coat from Mahomes, considering that the two have seemingly become very close friends makes it entirely plausible. The statement piece is sold for $4,190, and as Mahomes and Swift have shown, this coat is a major fashion statement.

Brittany Mahomes cutout bathing suit was an expensive choice for her Mexico vacation

It's clear by now that Brittany Mahomes loves fashion, so it's not surprising that her vacation wardrobe is anything but boring — or cheap. During her friend Mallory Moss' bachelorette party in Mexico in February 2024, the fitness trainer turned heads with her edgy choice of swimwear, opting for a stunning one-piece from Louisa Ballou that sells for $380.


The sleek and stylish black swimsuit features eye-catching cut-outs that definitely add a daring touch to Mahomes' beach look (which also featured a pair of sunglasses and some dainty and delicate jewelry). Louisa Ballou is renowned for its high-quality designs and attention to detail, and Mahomes' choice of swimwear certainly reflects the fitness star's love of luxury. With its hefty price tag, the one-piece is undoubtedly an investment for most of us, but for the rich and famous, it's just another piece of swimwear.

Brittany Mahomes frequently rocks her chunky Prada boots on game day

When it comes to game-day style, Brittany Mahomes knows how to strike the perfect balance between comfort and chicness. The former soccer player is frequently spotted sporting her beloved Prada Monolith 55 Boots, priced at a cool $1,750.


While we often see her in high heels, for game days — during which she knows she'll end up going to the pitch — Mahomes usually decides to rock more comfy pieces, like her Prada boots. Featuring a distinctive silhouette with a pouch on the side and rubber soles 2.25 inches high, these boots not only ooze style but also add some extra height to her silhouette. As Mahomes continues to showcase her style both on and off the field, her Prada Monolith 55 Boots have undoubtedly become a staple in her wardrobe, which certainly makes them a worthy investment. 

And yes, while one pair already seems like a pricey investment for most of us, Mahomes actually owns at least two pairs of Prada Monolith 55 Boots — one in white and one in black.


Brittany Mahomes loves designer belts

Brittany Mahomes knows the power of accessorizing her outfits, and when it comes to accessories, a designer belt with a big buckle is a great way to elevate a look to the next level. During the 2020 Super Bowl, where the Kansas City Chiefs triumphed over the San Francisco 49ers, Mahomes rocked a chic and polished look that included a red-orange striped blazer dress, which she paired with classy black knee-high boots.


To add a bit of extra detail and define her waistline even more, Mahomes reached for a black Double G Buckle Gucci belt, priced at $520. At the time, the Gucci belt was a coveted fashion item among the rich and famous, and it was spotted on the waists of celebrities like Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Kendall Jenner, and Dakota Johnson, among others. Considering that Mahomes loves keeping up with fashion trends, it's not surprising that she rocked the trendy belt during its peak moment in fashion — and at such a high-profile event to boot.

Brittany Mahomes is all about tiny yet super-expensive bags

The former soccer player has certainly made a statement with her love for tiny yet undeniably expensive bags — the kind that don't really fit much in them but add a lot to an outfit. One of Brittany Mahomes' standout pieces is her red Jacquemus crossbody purse, priced at $920. This chic and compact accessory adds the perfect pop of color to any Chiefs game day. For a touch of glamour, Mahomes has also been spotted with a clear Cult Gaia bag adorned with sparkling crystals, priced at $498. While the bag definitely isn't the most practical, it's an absolute statement piece that adds a fun twist to any outfit. 


In addition to these, Mahomes' handbag collection includes a Bottega Veneta handbag worth $2,900 and a red Dior Lady D-Joy purse priced at $4,900. These luxury accessories showcase Mahomes' affinity for high-end fashion brands, and they surely represent just a fraction of Mahomes' extensive handbag collection.

Brittany Mahomes loves splurging on funky pieces that make her outfits fun

Brittany Mahomes loves bold and funky pieces that set her apart from the crowd. After all, as a WAG, she does need to represent her team and truly stand out. During an October 2023 football game, she caught the attention of fashion enthusiasts with a fun ensemble that featured a white, long-sleeved top tucked into a vibrant yellow Moncler padded miniskirt. To finish the look off, the WAG rocked a pair of white, knee-high boots, following the popular TikTok rule of sandwiching outfit colors.


The standout piece of her 'fit, the asymmetric Moncler padded miniskirt in yellow, is a true statement-maker. Priced at $449.36, this eye-catching skirt combines the power of edgy fabric and vibrant color, showcasing just how unconventional everyday fashion can be. Its playful silhouette adds a youthful vibe to Mahomes' look, reflecting her adventurous sense of fashion. However, with its price tag, it's definitely a piece most couldn't justify buying.

Brittany Mahomes doesn't regret splurging on bedazzled heels

While pregnant, Brittany Mahomes was the epitome of chic maternity style, proving that pregnancy fashion can be anything and everything — not always mundane. Embracing her growing baby bump with confidence and flair, she gave us plenty of beautiful game-day looks. One standout 'fit featured a short red blazer dress that the star paired with black knee-high boots, giving us both sophistication and edge.


However, Mahomes' bold choice of footwear is what truly stole the show. She sported suede over-the-knee boots from Christian Louboutin with the iconic red sole and spiked block heel. These subtly bedazzled boots — priced at approximately £1,525, which is equivalent to about $1,930 — are a testament to her unapologetic approach to splurging on fun luxury fashion pieces. With this outfit, the NFL wife also rocked the aforementioned Cult Gaia bag, which retails for $498. Altogether, her look screamed "fun sophistication."