Fairy Nails Are Full Of Glittery Magic, And Achieving Them Is Easy

Who doesn't enjoy adding a little bit of magic into their everyday life? With all the daily stress and responsibilities to take care of, there's no denying that everyone deserves a little bit of sparkle to light up their days. Thankfully, the latest nail trend is all about adding some glam and shine to your day that basically seems like magic. The fairy nail trend is the perfect way of bringing some much-needed happiness to your fingertips. 

Unlike the similar naked glitter trend, the fairy nail trend takes it up a notch to include fun colors. Previously, we saw how the naked glitter trend was all about adding glitter to nude nails and letting them shine on their own. With fairy nails, all you need to do is add a pastel or fun color as a base along with your glitter coat for a sparkling touch. The fairy-nail trend is your ideal excuse to bring back those childhood memories and bring glittery nostalgia back into your life. 

While many nail trends don't last many seasons, this fairy trend has everyone from fashion influencers to celebrities in love. This nail trend is also a chic and subtle way of introducing a new season to your nails with a simple change of color. 

Pink fairy glitter nails

Nothing screams fairy nails more than some pink glitter. The perfect way to showcase your new fairy nails is by adding some fun pink color. Before applying your shimmer coat, start with a coat of pink nail polish. If you're looking for something subtle, add a pastel pink shade for a softer look. Once your pink coat dries, add a few coats of transparent shimmer polish to add some serious shine to your nails. You can also opt for a shimmer polish in pink to tie in with your base color.

Add some embellishments

Fairies are known for their magical accessories and embellishments. Add a few gems to your nails for an extra statement. You don't need to go overboard with the embellishments, having one statement nail is the best way to add something extra without it feeling overwhelming. To get the complete fairy nail, add colorful gems or embellishments to highlight the fairy theme. Play off of your chosen base color for a cohesive chic and fun nail design.

Go with an ombre design

Fairies are anything but plain and simple. Hone in on the fairy lifestyle by adding a mixture of colors. Before you apply any glitter or shimmer, create a light ombre look in your chosen color. Once your ombre coat has dried, add as much shimmer as you would like for an almost iridescent design. For a subtle shimmer coat, wipe off any extra product on the side of the bottle. If you aren't sure how much shimmer you want for your look, start by slowly building up the product to get your perfect amount.

Make it bright and bold

There's no better way to show off to the world that you aren't afraid of color than opting for a bold hue. Mix the fairy nail trend with the dopamine dressing trend by adding some bright and bold nail polish to your glitter. Instead of sticking with softer or pastel colors, reach for hot pinks and cobalt blues for a real pop of color. These strong hues will be more of a statement nail design rather than staying subtle.

Iridescent nails

Don't get overwhelmed by having to pick the right nail polish color. Stick with a soft white for a beautiful glowy and sparkly fairy nail. White nail polish is perfect for those looking to rock the fairy nail trend, but still have elegant and subtle nails they can wear in any situation. You can never go wrong with adding shimmer and glitter to white or off-white nails for a light look that easily matches any season or style.

Fairy nails come in all shades

While fairy nails are usually seen in pastel or bold hues of pinks or greens, you can't go wrong with adding some of your favorite colors as well. As we've seen in many childhood stories, fairies can come in all sorts of colors. Whether you feel inclined to rock a cobalt blue shade or a violet hue, you can always add a fairy touch. To transform any nail polish into a fairy nail design, all you need to do is add a coat of transparent shimmer nail polish on top to add some of that fairy dust.