19 Approaches To Blue Makeup That Won't Make You Look Like A Middle Schooler

While a subtle brown smoky eye and nude lips will always be classic, makeup is so much more than just neutral shades and blended lines. In fact, this year, we encourage you to be a bit bolder with your makeup choices and rock looks that are slightly out of your comfort zone.

"There is definitely a desire in beauty to wear less makeup but with more interesting shade choices, hence why a wash of fresh color is becoming more desirable than heavily structured neutrals," Terry Barber, the director of makeup artistry at MAC Cosmetics, tells British Vogue. "Blue eyeshadow is one of the shades undergoing a renaissance, and it's being reinvented as something flattering and chic, rather than the kitsch, clownish image it might have had in the past."

If you're unsure just how to add blue to your makeup (and you're slightly worried it will make you look like a middle schooler), we've got you. Whether you prefer eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, or lipstick — there are plenty of ways to add a pop of blue to your go-to makeup look!

Vibrant blue mascara

Perhaps the most subtle way you can add blue to your makeup look is by picking a bright blue mascara. It looks stunning on its own, but it also works well with a classic brown or black daytime smoky eye. If going for blue lashes is still a bit too much for you, use black mascara on the majority of them, and add the blue one only to the outer third of your lashes for an even more subtle pop of color.

Funky blue inner corner

Blue eyeshadow tends to be very intimidating, especially since you can easily end up looking like you're bruised. An easy way to play around with blue eyeshadow is to apply it to your inner corners instead of a highlight shade. Make sure you use a dense brush and don't blend the edges too much.

Cool blue eyeliner

A classic black winged eyeliner can often look too harsh and dramatic, especially if you rock it during the day. Swapping it out for a blue one will make it less contrasting but still keep the boldness of the look. And if you already have a blue eyeshadow you like, it is possible to turn your eyeshadow into eyeliner. Simply dip a skinny makeup brush into micellar water and then pick the eyeshadow up with it. This hack will help you create eyeliner out of any eyeshadow, so there's no need to actually buy a blue liner.

Blue '60s-inspired makeup

Since blue eye makeup has been popular for quite a few decades, using blue eyeshadow often feels a bit retro. Of course, that isn't a bad thing — in fact, we encourage you to lean into that. There are a handful of eyeshadow colors you should use to get a '60s-style look, and blue is one of them. Use a soft baby blue all over your lid, and then add a sharp black outline to your eye to create a funky '60s-inspired eye look.

Icy blue waterline

If you have blue eyes, we highly encourage you to get a waterline pencil in icy blue and line your waterline with it no matter what makeup look you're going for. This will have a similar effect as a white liner — it will open up your eyes and make them brighter — but the blue tone will bring out the blueness of your eyes, making them pop.

Glamorous blue cut-crease

One of the most stunning ways to use blue eyeshadow is to create a cut-crease look with it. Start by creating your go-to smoky eye — preferably in a brown with orange undertones, as that will help bring out the blue even more. Once you're satisfied with the brown, use a concealer to carve out the crease. After that, apply a bright blue eye shadow on top of the carved-out area, keeping the line in the front half of your eye very sharp.

Edgy blue smoky eye

A classic smoky eye is the most popular eyeshadow look for a reason: It enhances your eyes and gives them depth, it's ultra glamorous and dramatic, and once you get the hang of how to blend the edges to enhance your particular eye shape, you find yourself wearing this eye look whenever you do your makeup. If you want to switch it up a bit, use a baby blue eyeshadow in the inner half of your eye. This will make the smoky eye a lot more modern and fun.

Bold blue lips

While blue eye makeup isn't that unusual, blue lipstick is definitely a bold move. However, it looks stunning — especially on deeper skin tones. To make sure your makeup doesn't end up looking too costumey, keep the rest of your face simple, allowing the lips to take the spotlight.

Blue glitter all over the eyelid

A blue glitter eyeshadow is perfect for adding to the top of your eyelid for some sparkle and drama. You can add it only to the center for a slight shimmery pop or blend it all over your lid. If you opt to add it all over, make sure you use a brown transition color to blend the edges for a more smooth makeup look.

Baby blue graphic eyeliner on a glitter base

A vibrant royal blue or a classic dark navy eyeliner is fun — but a light, baby blue liner is much more unexpected and unique. To rock it, consider going for a graphic look by adding lines in places you usually wouldn't. While you can rock a baby blue liner on its own, it looks wonderful when paired with a copper or coral glittery eyeshadow.

Sharp blue eyeshadow wings

Blending blue eyeshadow into an eye look is what scares many away from the color. But the good news is if blending isn't your strong suit, you can still rock blue eyeshadow. In fact, a sharp and dramatic eyeshadow look with a wing is edgy and modern — and no major blending is required.

Blue face jewels for festivals and concerts

Face jewels are perfect for spicing up your makeup look for a festival or concert. To make your face crystals and gems stay in place, we recommend applying them with your favorite lash glue (even if they are self-adhesive). And while this look is perfect for occasions where you want to amp up your makeup look, you can still rock a blue face jewel with casual everyday makeup. In fact, applying just mascara and adding one small blue jewel to the inner corner of your eyes will create a delicate and unique look.

Blue undereye + blue lower lashes

Underliner was a big makeup trend in the early aughts, and this year it is having a huge comeback. While you can underline in any color, using a rich royal blue shade works well with any eye color. Keep the rest of your makeup simple to ensure the underliner is the star of the show.

Subtle iridescent blue eyeshadow

If drama and eye makeup aren't two things you like to combine, we recommend going for an iridescent blue eyeshadow. You can even look for an ethereal blue highlighter that you can apply all over your lid as well as the high points of your cheeks. The best part about a look like this is that the blue will only be noticeable when the light hits your face in a certain way.

Icy blue inner corners

Icy blue eyeshadow is the perfect color for your inner corner highlight — especially if it has a sparkly silver sheen. Since it is so close to a classic highlight color, it won't look as dramatic as a bright blue would, but it will still add a hint of color to your makeup.

Dramatic royal blue graphic eyeliner

Even though blue makeup can look classy and subtle, this color is clearly perfect for experimenting with bold and unusual looks. If you're in the know on the easy graphic liner trick and have a steady enough hand to create the funky look, do so in blue for a fun spring and summer look. Adding a pair of earrings in the exact same shade of blue will make your makeup stand out even more.

Eye-catching blue undereye glitter

Underliner is a great way to use eyeshadow if you have hooded eyes, as your eyelid space usually ends up being hidden when your eyes are open. While a classic matte blue underliner is fun, a sparkly one will help you channel your inner '80s disco diva!

Futuristic metallic blue lips

Blue lipstick is a very brave choice to begin with, but we're sure that some of our readers have already rocked this color on their lips. If you've already experimented with regular blue lipstick, may we suggest trying out a metallic blue one? A color like this will give a futuristic look that doesn't appear costume-like.

Go all out with a blue glitter cut crease

Perhaps the most dramatic way to use blue on your eyes is to do a glittery cut-crease look with a thick winged eyeliner. Instead of using brown or black for the smoky part of it, use a matte blue eyeshadow a couple of shades darker than the blue glitter you plan on applying over your lid.