Browscaping Is The Hottest Makeup Trend For A Pop Of Extravagance

If you're a connoisseur of cosmetics, then you likely have your everyday makeup routine perfected. Although it's great to have a style-related system to rely on, that also doesn't mean you can't switch it up from time to time or for special occasions. In fact, playful preferences, boundary-breaking details, and accents like bright and bold brows give you more than a little space to be creative with your look. That's why you may want to indulge in the super-hot browscaping trend.

"Brow makeup, adornment, and bleaching are pretty much the most modern and of-the-moment makeup trends," Euphoria makeup artist and Half Magic Beauty founder Donni Davy told Byrdie. Although dressing up your brows with more than just liner or gel may have been an unusual and iffy prospect in the past, Davy explained, "I think people are ready to embrace a little more experimentation with their looks, and eyebrows are kind of uncharted territory. For a while, we treated our brows as precious things that needed to be groomed and look perfectly full, but I think people are getting way less precious about their brows."

If that has piqued your interest, then you're likely the perfect person for this brow-loving trend. That's also why you surely want to try every version of this look, from a touch of artistic accents to extreme eye-catching embellishments.

Underlined brows

Keep things simple while also giving your brows a major boost with underlining. Start by choosing a color of liner that will both complement your outfit and make your eyebrows pop. Once you have the perfect shade, draw a line beneath each brow. You can either fully underline the brow, use a smaller line to just accent the arch, or opt for a small but mighty flick at the end. You can also use a thinner stroke of liner if that suits your style, however, this is a chance to go big and bold with a thicker line.

Rainbow brows

Whether you're headed out to a lively Pride celebration or just like to bring a splash of color to everything you do, you might find yourself falling in love with rainbow brows. Boasting bright shades of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple, each color can blend gorgeously into the next. Or, if you prefer, you can create a charming color-blocking look by clearly separating each section. Pair that with lashes that are just as colorful, or that are simply black or brown so that your brows are what stand out.

Bleached brows

If you aren't into vibrant colors but still want to play around with extravagant eyebrows, then you may want to try bleaching them. Something that should obviously be done with a fair share of TLC and possibly professional help — you don't want to make the kind of mistake that will cause your brows to fall out. The result can be both edgy and angelic. As if that isn't stylish enough, you can also take your bleached brows to another level by adding highlights both above the upper arch and below the bottom curve.

Alien brows

Alien brows, as they're called (no, we didn't name them), are as out-of-this-world as the moniker implies. The look relies on brows that have been shortened and shaped like sideways raindrops. Keeping the brow thicker at the inner edge and gradually drawing it together into a narrow point at the outer side, the entire shape should end up being much shorter than your natural brow. You can enhance the look even further by defining your brows with liner and popping on additional lines on each end that are smaller but truly top off this otherworldly style.

Negative space brows

The negative space trend extends to clothing and nails as well as makeup like eyeliner and eyeshadow. However, it might not have occurred to you to try it with your brows. An adorable way to give your brows a bit of flair, you can either cut a space into your brows or use a nude liner to draw a shape on. Bring additional attention to these trendy spots by turning your brows a striking shade of hot pink, baby blue, or lime green — even if it's just temporary.

Gem-adorned brows

A look that can be glamorous, elegant, or even ethereal, adding (potentially faux but still fabulous and much more affordable) jewels and gems to your brows is an easy way to create a lovely look that has a hint of luxury. With a wide variety of accents available, you could go with anything from a classic diamond-like jewel to a gem with a holographic chrome finish. You can also mix things up when it comes to the size and shapes of the jewels as well as where you want to place them on your brows.

Artistic doodle brows

If you have an artistic side, then you can put it to use by doodling on your brows. Giving you the chance to create a violet brow that's filled with white flowers (see above) or black brows with neon illustrations, there's seemingly no limit when it comes to choices. If you're not terribly talented when it comes to drawing, then you can still achieve this look by opting for simple spirals, stars, or smiley faces. Remember, this doesn't have to be fine art. Instead, it's just a few doodles to add fun details to your brows.