23 Ring Styling Approaches To Help You Shine Brighter Than Your Jewelry

When it comes to accessorizing, rings are some of our favorite pieces to add a bit of pop to an outfit. Rings offer endless versatility and can be styled and layered to enhance any vibe you may have going on, whether you're building a simple, delicate ensemble or an edgy power outfit. We'd venture a guess that you already have at least a few rings in your jewelry collection — what you may not have, though, is all the info you need to style them well. 

At the end of the day, you'll look best in what you feel most comfortable wearing, which should be your biggest criteria when styling a handful of fabulous rings. If you want more guidance, though, there are several styling tips that can help you style your rings to perfection.

If you're going for a coordinated look, you may want to avoid mixing metals; eclectic vibes, on the other hand, can pull off mixed gemstones. Thin bands make for a great delicate ensemble, while simple chunky bands can help you stay androgynous. Here are all our favorite ring styling tips because, honestly, ring styling is an art form — and you're about to master it.

Chunky silver makes a great androgynous look

Does your style tend more towards androgyny, or do you just try to keep your vibe gender-neutral? You can definitely still pull off rings — and in fact, you may find yourself wanting to wear a lot. Chunky silver fashion rings lend themselves well to androgyny. You may want to stay away from floral patterns and delicate bands and go for larger, abstract designs. On the other hand, plain, thick silver bands also make for a great androgynous look.

A big gold ring can accent finger tattoos

If you have a hand full of finger tattoos, you probably want to wear rings that hold their own but don't detract from your stunning finger art. When that's the case, don't wear more than one or two rings, and make those rings count. A big, bold gold ring on one finger is strong enough to stand on its own while still letting your finger tattoos shine in their own right. 

Pair thin rings with bold fashion rings

Sometimes more is merrier, and honestly, this is frequently the case when styling your finger rings. If you want to maximize the number of rings you're wearing while still making a coordinated look, a great trick is to pair big, bold fashion rings with thin bands. Stack multiple thin bands on top of each other, and let the bold rings stand on their own. 

Pile up some stacking rings

We love the viral TikTok ring-stacking trend, as it offers a great mix-and-match option that you can customize to fit whatever you happen to be wearing that day. For a fun, flirty look, stack rings of varying shapes on top of each other. To keep it coordinated, make sure your rings are made of the same metal. You don't have to wear them directly on top of each other, either — go ahead and wear one above your knuckle and one below if you want to break them up a bit.

Feel free to mix metals

Of course, there's no rule saying your rings have to all be made of the same metal. In fact, mixed metal is in, and we think the look can be pulled off especially well with rings. Take the above photo, for example. Silver rings are paired with gold and pink bands, which contrast enough for each to take center stage while still making for a perfectly put-together jewelry look.

Make one ring your focal point

When you're styling your rings for the day, it's always a good idea to make one ring your focal point and style the rest of your rings around that. Let your main ring sit on its own finger, and make the rest of the bands you wear more understated so you don't detract from it. 

Or wear multiple bold rings together

Maybe you can't pick just one ring as your focal point — maybe your jewelry box is full of bold rings, and you want to wear them all. If this is the case, we say go for it. If you mix metals, it's always helpful (but not necessary) to have one ring that incorporates both metals to tie your look together. Wear your bold rings a couple of fingers apart from each other to keep from overwhelming your look. 

Mix single loops with double loops

When you want to go delicate but still be noticed, opt for thin bands, but make one of your rings a double or triple band. A single ring with stacked thin bands will add some soft edge to your look, and you can still add single thin bands to other fingers while keeping a delicate vibe. 

Wear a ring above your knuckle

News flash: Rings don't only have to be worn at the base of your fingers. We're embracing rings worn above the knuckle because of the interest they add to any look. These smaller, snug rings offer a great way to wear rings on every finger without cluttering your look, and even just one or two can seriously enhance your outfit.

Match one to the rest of your 'fit

Your rings can always stand separate from your outfit, but when you want to be especially coordinated, it's a great idea to match a ring to the rest of your ensemble to really bring the whole look together. The above emerald ring is a great addition to the mint tones in the rest of the outfit, and it ties the whole look together nicely. 

Mix your favorite bright colors

If you love a colorful ensemble, you might find yourself with dozens of colorful rings in your collection and no clue how to wear them all at once. We say just go for it! When you're mixing bright colors, the biggest thing to keep in mind is to keep the colors in the same family if you want your look to be coordinated. For example, wear pastels with other pastels or neons with other neons. 

Match your rings to your other accessories

If you're wearing rings, we'd venture a guess that you're wearing other jewelry with your outfit, too. When you can't decide what rings to wear, match them to whatever other jewelry is in your ensemble. Chunky gold rings would go well with a gold link bracelet, for example, or you could wear a ring that has the same gemstone as your earrings or necklace.

Coordinate the shapes of your rings

When you want to take the conservative route with your jewelry but still wear multiple rings, coordinate the shapes of your rings. This look will be delightfully understated but still interesting, especially if you have multiple rings that arch up into a point (like in the above photo) or multiple hammered metal rings. 

Wear one ring on two fingers

We hear you — you want a look that wows and one that you're unlikely to see anybody else decked out in. However you style the 'fit for this vibe is up to you, but you can find an excellent accessory in a double ring. This ring will fit over two fingers and is typically worn over your third and fourth fingers, as those need the least mobility throughout your day. You could opt for a delicate double band or a chunkier one — just keep in mind that the thicker the band, the less you'll be able to move those fingers. 

Coordinate your rings with your nails

Not sure which rings to wear today? Here's an easy hack: Take a look at your nails. A beige manicure would look stunning when accented with gold rings, while a gray mani calls for silver jewelry. Glittery nails, on the other hand, might call for the most blinged-out rings in your collection. 

Mix and match gemstones

If you have an array of crystal rings in your jewelry collection, don't be afraid to wear them all at once. It helps if they're all a bit on the subtler side, but even if they're not, go ahead and mix and match gemstones to your heart's content. If you can match each of them to a color in your outfit, you'll really hit the jackpot.

Combine minimalism and maximalism

When you want a minimal look that's still sure to be eye-catching, find thin bands that are decked out in little charms. We love the floral and heart designs on the above rings — they're delicate enough to not overwhelm your outfit, but we bet you'll get compliments on them anyway. 

Don't forget about your thumbs

Too often, the thumb is left high and dry when it comes to ring styling; honestly, we don't get it. A thumb ring is a great opportunity to show off your favorite band or just to wear one that may not be super coordinated with the rest of your look, but you want to wear anyway. 

Multiple small rings can still be ultra minimal

Want to be minimal? "Minimal" is too often synonymous with "fewer," but not so when it comes to rings. That's right — you can still wear multiple rings and get it on the understated "naked jewelry" trend. The key here is to make sure all your rings are simple and that they match each other. Pair a few thin gold rings together, and let some stack on one finger. 

Keep it to just a couple fingers

You can also pull off a stunning yet understated ring look when you keep your rings to a couple of fingers. Wear whichever rings you want — big and bold, small and understated, or both. You can even mix metals here. As long as you leave a few fingers bare, you'll end up with a stunning look that refuses to overwhelm.

Wear clay rings for a bold fashion look

Is your style trending toward the bright, bold, and maybe a bit quirky? If so, you're in luck because big and bold jewelry is 2023's hottest trend. And there's a new ring trend you probably want to check out: clay rings. Clay rings tend to be chunkier and brighter and offer the perfect accent to a bright and bold outfit.

Pair chunky and thin bands together

Sometimes the only thing you want in a ring is the band, and other decorative elements just aren't your vibe. If this is the case, but you still want to mix and match rings for a visually interesting look, we have a simple solution: Wear thick and thin bands on the same hand. This will add some variety to your jewelry without requiring big, blingy rings.

Go maximal with lots of chunky rings

When you want to pull off a hand full of rings, a maximal vibe is probably going to be your go-to aesthetic. As far as maximalism is concerned, anything goes. You can follow some of the above tips if you want to stay coordinated, but at the end of the day, maximalism is about wearing as many rings as your heart desires.