The Cream-Colored Nail Trend Transitions Your Summer White Manicure To Fall

This fall, beloved sleek, white nails are getting a makeover. It's true that we had our fun with white glazed donut nails (courtesy of trend-setter Hailey Bieber), plain sheer white nails, and French manicures with stark white tips — all beautiful for the relaxed vibes needed for the summer — but these trends are shifting with the change of seasons. All these nail trends really need is some added warmth and a fall-toned makeover — think latte French tips and vanilla glaze designs.


However, you might be wondering why you should exchange your trusty white nails for their creamy counterparts. White nails have no problem taking over the warmer seasons due to the overall brightness of summer colors. That being said, fall trends tend to lean toward muted warm tones and creamy hues to match the season. This is why cream nails are the must-have fall accessory, and here are some tips to make them look dreamy and creamy in time for the changing seasons.

Cream, always

This take on cream fall nails is not only straightforward and sleek but also perfect for fuss-free manicure people. This one is for those of us who like quick, no-nonsense nail salon visits and solid-colored nails — who has time for designs? We have things to do, places to be, and we can't sit still for too long. Isn't it lucky you can pick one color and go? Solid, creamy nails will never fail you.


Whatever your preferred nail shape, cream nails are always complimentary and elegant. Plus, they match every outfit. Trust us — choose cream, always.

Odd one out

You might be torn between solid-colored nails and cute (but time-consuming) designs, and that's understandable. Nail design life isn't for everyone, and sometimes, you just want to dip your toes in without committing to hours at the nail salon. If this resonates, try this trend out.


The "odd-nail-out" trend allows you to adapt to the fall season with a warm, creamy polish while also boasting a cute design. For this look, pick your favorite cream polish and a design you love. The design will cover one nail on each hand, while the rest remain solid cream.

Gold leaf

Some people are faithful to plain nails, while others like to embrace the "forever jewelry" aspect of nail polish and nail designs. Nails are truly the one accessory you'll never forget since they're always on you. All you need to do is keep up with your monthly nail appointments.


You can also take the permanent jewelry thing more seriously by adding gold or silver detailing to your creamy fall manicure. Minimal "gold leaf" accents are our favorite for the fall, as their warmth matches all fall tones (and the falling golden leaves).

Milky latte nails

You've heard of latte makeup, but have you given thought to latte manicures? The concept is pretty much the same — stick to golden, creamy light brown shades to compliment the warm colors of your fall wardrobe. Sounds good, doesn't it? 


One way to dip your toes into this trend (literally, if pedicures are your thing) is to go for a classic French manicure. You can either choose a warm neutral base and creamy brown for the tips or a warm brown for the base and creamy off-white tips. Either way, nothing will match your daily coffee and creamer like these nails.

Pop of orange

If you want to try this trend for yourself but don't want to stray too far from the colorful manicures of spring and summer, you can always complement and enhance your creamy nail polish with a pop of color. Bonus points if the color screams fall like orange is known to do.


There is no wrong way to add your chosen pop of color — simply choose a design where your two colors can coexist and paint away. If you want to add even more warmth to the look, golden glitter details are always there.

Creamy chrome

If there's one trend that's guaranteed to stick around for several seasons to come, it's chrome nails. But creamy chrome nails? Those are pretty much all fall, and the best thing about them is their pearlescent look. This allows you to hold on to summer memories just a little while longer and still match your fall wardrobe.


While chrome nails look elegant and ultra-stylized — perfect for the clean girl aesthetic — they actually require minimal effort. Ask your nail tech to paint your nails with her creamiest eggshell nail polish and top it off with white chrome. Voilà!