Cherry Gloss Lips: The Red Makeup Trend Partnering Perfectly With Summer Fashion

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Roses are red, violets are blue, cherry lip gloss is in, and it'll look perfect on you! With an emphasis on maximum shine, cherry-colored gloss is trending high in the ranks for summer 2023's most enviable beauty items. Undoubtedly, lip gloss is one of the most versatile makeup products as its relevance spans decades, from the first tube you likely acquired during your middle school years to the timeless ease tinted gloss provides in instantly elevating your outfit no matter how late you are rushing out of the door in the mornings. Lip gloss, particularly a tinted hue, like this summer's trending cherry gloss, can be worn from day to night and be taken from lounging on the couch to going out with friends. Putting on a new shade of gloss and being creative with your makeup regimen can even boost your mood, reports Insider.

A wellness routine built upon taking care of your body, skin, and appearance can benefit your well-being, which subsequently can be further enhanced by mood-boosting acts as simple as treating yourself to a new tube of lip gloss. It's becoming clear, with a tint of cherry, that summer 2023 is about self-love and embracing your beauty as you define it, so when you apply a new lip product or cosmetic item this season, please do so with admiration and appreciation for yourself at the forefront of your intentions. And if you need an extra boost of excitement this summer, cherry gloss is here for you.

A lighter take on the classic makeup mien

Lip gloss first came around in the 1930s for the film industry in the hopes of producing a glass-like appearance when actors' faces were captured on camera, reveals LoveToKnow. This could very well be why putting on a coat of gloss instantly makes you feel like a movie star. As summer 2023 gets off to a vibrant start, the lighthearted take on classic red lipstick presented in the form of cherry-colored gloss is gaining its own stardom for the subtly red and pink hues it creates on otherwise natural lips. 

It gives your lips a splash of color

For those who lean towards minimalist summer fashion, a single tube of cherry lip gloss is all you need for an uplifting color boost that is simultaneously elevating without being overwhelming. Sephora emphasizes the quickly increasing intrigue in cherry lip gloss on behalf of customers who are choosing the product for its rosy hue and versatility of options in regards to cost, brand, and how the gloss is worn. The lightly red-tinted shine provided by cherry lip gloss can be coupled with other lip products like lipsticks and liners, or adorned solo.

The flavor is summer-worthy refreshing

Cherry gloss lips are a cousin to the popular popsicle lips trend, a look designed to mimic the coloring of lips just after having enjoyed a cold, rejuvenating popsicle in the midst of summer heat, states Bangstyle. Like its kin named after a tasty summer treat, cherry gloss is equally as refreshing in both its tinted coloring and the cherry taste many brands include in their cherry gloss products. Sugar Cosmetics adds that cherry lip gloss can revive 90's summer nostalgia and enhance Barbiecore fashion, nourish lips with hydrating ingredients, and make lips appear fuller.

This versatile shade of gloss presents endless opportunities

Popsicle lips aren't the only summer refreshment cherry lip gloss is comparable to in its appearance and sensory experience. The lightly red-tinged gloss can be combined with the trending pairing of brown lip liner and subdued red lipstick shades that together comprise cherry cola lips, which are aptly named for their blended appearance of having a brown-red hue similar to that of the popular soft drink. If you aren't already feeling revitalized from the summer sun, then the only thing left to grab is a tube of invigorating cherry lip gloss.

Alternatives ways to achieve cherry-hued glossy lips

In case you aren't into lip gloss but still want the subtle red hue provided by cherry gloss, there are plenty of fruity alternatives on the market this summer. A famed DIY approach to avoid the stickiness of many traditional tubes of lip gloss is to apply Vaseline on top of a soft coat of cherry-colored lipstick for the appeal of a shimmering red-tinted lip, per The same hack can be used to create a glossy lip balm that hydrates your lips while delivering a pop of color akin to cherry gloss.