Slasher Summer: How To Pull Off The TikTok Aesthetic Inspired By '70s & '80s Horror Movies

Summer's boldest fashion trends are here, but sporting metallic swimwear and lounging poolside aren't everyone's idea of warm-weather fun. So, what's the perfect summer trend for someone opposed to summer trends? Why, slasher summer, of course.

Naturally, you can thank TikTok for this quirky aesthetic. As you might have guessed, slasher summer takes style inspiration from classic horror films of the 1970s and '80s. Whether or not you count movies like "Sleepaway Camp" or "Friday the 13th" among your favorites, you're probably familiar with the vintage camp counselor looks worn in them. In the '70s and '80s, dolphin shorts reigned supreme, ringer tees were a vibe, and you wouldn't be caught dead without your curling iron by your side.

Although many slasher summer 'fits follow the camp counselor formula, the aesthetic can be tweaked to fit any fan's interpretation. Plus, a bonus of this chilling trend is that it's all about enjoying your favorite horror films throughout the season, so it's extra indulgent. So, why wait until October to channel your killer fashion sense?

Vintage camp counselor vibes

Whether you're more of a Camp Crystal Lake or Camp Arawak fan, this retro camp counselor uniform is sure to call your name. TikToker @liza.rayne slayed the look with a striped, summery polo shirt and mid-rise jean shorts, complete with a simple black messenger bag perfect for carrying video rentals in. Having trouble sourcing outfit components? Hit the thrift stores for some slasher summer-worthy pieces.

Relaxed slasher summer ensemble

Echoing the throwback camp counselor aesthetic, TikTok user @jess_eggers went all out for this outfit. They used a red one-piece swimsuit, followed by fraying denim shorts and a red, white, and blue satin ringer tee. Fully embodying the slasher summer aesthetic, the TikToker even has several VHS tapes of her favorite horror flicks on hand, from "Jeepers Creepers" to "The Blair Witch Project." We can't think of a more fitting ensemble for a midnight movie marathon. 

Slasher summery dolphin shorts

We couldn't forget a 'fit built on dolphin shorts in our '80s-themed fashion roundup. These retro gym shorts come in a rainbow of colors, though Instagrammer @mandicurls opted for a royal blue pair for her ensemble. They're the perfect bottom to pair with your favorite crop top, and the look simply screams slasher summer.

'80s chiller chic look

Instagram user @gracemarian didn't leave out a single detail in this slasher summer getup. From the perfectly trimmed bangs to the vintage Le Clic camera, the entire aesthetic is something straight out of a cult-favorite film. Don't forget to include some easter egg accessories as you style your outfit, like a cute neon wristwatch or a pair of extra-long earrings.

Slasher summer goes glam

With a few artful touches, Instagram user @thehauntina shows that there's a glam side to the slasher summer trend. Atop her period-appropriate, white-and-red ringer t-shirt, Hauntina wears a dashing, black scarf as a necktie. For a ghoulishly good end result, take a page from her book, and try painting your nails in a blood-red shade.

Hair metal-inspired slasher summer

Hair metal and horror films go together like peanut butter and jelly — just look at the 1986 cult-favorite film "Trick or Treat" for proof. That's why we love TikToker @metalhellion's alternative approach to slasher summer. This rebellious look is the ultimate tribute to the horror-meets-metal genre, from its acid wash battle vest to its sky-high perm straight from the '80s.