Strut Into 2023 With 10 Of The Best Shoe Trends Of The Year

A few months into this year and 2023's best fashion trends have fully materialized. And that doesn't stop at the tops and bottoms that fashion's beloved influencers and designers are reaching for — this year's shoe trends are officially set in stone, too. Strap in, because things are a-changin' in the shoe world. Sleek pumps and stilettos are being swapped out for chunky platform heels. The clean white tennis shoes that have had a good run over the last five or so years are taking a break and letting their clunkier counterparts step into the spotlight, too. Even flats are considered "in" again.

If your current shoe assortment has seen you through a few years of use, it might be time to invest in these trends, many of which are surprisingly versatile (and likely not to lose steam any time soon). Ready to refresh your kicks? These are the 2023 shoe trends you'll be seeing on the street and all across shoe racks this year.

Slingback heels

Look familiar? Slingback heels are a classic shoe trend that's reemerging in 2023. The silhouette of this heel type usually consists of a strap around the back of the ankle and a pointed toe. This alone is enough to elevate any outfit, whether you pair them with plaid trousers or a flared jean. Though it's a hyper-trendy shoe this year, it's a safe bet to have in your wardrobe as it's essentially timeless. Slingback heels look great with more unexpected pairings, too, like when you turn pajamas into streetwear or are figuring out a way to incorporate a denim midi skirt into your look.

Chunky platforms

Anne Hathaway's Valentino outfit may or may not have kickstarted the Barbiecore fashion trend, but we'd argue that she also sparked the impossible-to-ignore chunky shoe trend that's everywhere this year. Stilettos started out as the shoe of choice, but platforms have infiltrated more than one style, which makes it easier to bring this into your day-to-day looks. Flip-flops, slides, sneakers, and even loafers have received the clunky platform treatment. While the '70s and '90s were synonymous with these stilts for shoes, 2023 is proving to be the start of its next cycle.

Balletcore shoes

Ballet flats are back, baby. In fact, ballet pumps and other balletcore essentials are all making waves. So pull those legwarmers out of your old box of dance gear and embrace this popular look inspired by ballerinas. A pair of round-toe flats (with or without bows or straps) is a sleek way to tie together an outfit. They're sophisticated and easier to wear for all-day events or an entire work shift than a pair of round-toe heels. If you want something a touch more eye-catching, you'll be happy to know that flats with accessories, hardware, and sequins are also trending up.

White and cream boots

Though neutral boots, like black and brown, are never not in, their white and cream counterparts tend to ebb and flow in popularity each year. In 2023, it's clear that the cream and white boot trends are back. This hue pops much more boldly against the dark shades commonly seen in the chicest cold-weather outfits. They also add lightness if your wardrobe is feeling a little heavy in the dead of winter. They're gorgeous in this instance but are equally as pretty featured in a monochrome white look.

Metallic shoes

Glinting and glistening, silver shoes have caught the attention of the fashion world this year. While the metallic shoe trend introduced itself last summer in the form of platform heels and slide sandals, it's boots that have taken the baton and continued carrying on the look for 2023. They're quite a statement, which might make you scratch your head when it comes to styling them. Even if you're not off to a glitzy party, you can use metallic shoes to level up a basic OOTD or add a flashy boost to an all-black look.

Lug sole loafers

What was once a standard part of office wear, has now become a chic statement. Though loafers are a constant in any classic wardrobe, the lug sole (more commonly seen on chunky boots) has made an appearance on them, and fashion insiders are loving it. It adds an edgier bit of detail to a basic staple and — unsurprisingly — looks fabulous with a blazer or a perfectly tailored pair of trousers. The preppy lug-sole loafer is a worthy addition to your shoe collection.

Chunky sneakers

Sneakers aren't going anywhere this year and though white kicks are still popular and soccer shoes have sprung up, there's one popular sneaker silhouette that's really blown up: chunky sneakers. Whether it's a pair of New Balance's 327s, Fila's Disruptor IIs, or a smaller indie brand's take on sneaker trends, it's impossible to ignore that this look has taken over. It's the epitome of street-style footwear and looks good with denim, sweatpants, and even midi skirts and dresses.


Wooden shoes might come to mind when you hear the word "clogs," but brands like Birkenstocks have made modern-day iterations of this kind of footwear that include slides, rubber versions, and colorful patterned options. This is one of those quirky shoe trends that's hard to not be thrilled about as they're just as comfy as they are cute. Having a few trusty pairs in different colors, whether wooden sole-clad or cork, means you have plenty of wear opportunities through most seasons.

Rubber and jelly shoes

The grunge era called and wants its shoes back. The cute jelly sandals kids wore growing up in the late '90s and 2000s have been adultified. Fresh versions like chunky platform jelly loafers are a fun way to add a little zest to a look, or you can rely on the tried-and-true laidback jelly slides that are part of this year's sandal trends roster. The best part of rubber and plastic-based shoes are how durable they are. Even if you're caught in the rain or have to clomp through dirt or mud, they'll hold up and only require a quick rinse off after.

Elevated flats

As previously mentioned, ballet flats aren't the only style of this shoe to get attention this year. Elevated styles of flats that feature a little more pizzazz (like buckles, sparkles, or intricate details) are joining the shoe closets of fashion-forward folks. Offering the same ease of wear that typical flats and everyday sneakers provide but with the flair of a stylish pair of heels, this type of footwear strikes the perfect balance. Rock them with balloon-style jeans, floor-sweeping pants, or a sundress for maximum effect.